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@MrsJuneBee:  Were you previously on the pill (or some other hormonal birth control)?  How long since you’ve been off it?  Your cycles very well may still be regulating themselves.

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Did you just stop hormonal birth control?  If so, it can take a few months or more to normalize.

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I would bring up these concerns with your doctor. I second the idea that your body could still be regulating your cycle. This is my first month off the pill and I’ve had cramps all month, my ob-gyn told me that it could take up to three months to be ‘regular’ again. 

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May I see the link to your chart?

It being two months and that you only spot for only a few days before AF and that you have had a healthy pregancy before without progesterone supplementation, I would say try to wait a little longer. (says the girl who went to an RE at super early- I did wait 9 months of charting to give my cycle a chance to regulate, and we had been TTC almost 7 cycles when I met with him)

Spotting CAN be serious (like in my case, I have an LP defect) and it can mean nothing. I spot for 10 days before my period! lol. At the same time, Luli29 was a spotter and she is now like 8weeks =)

What is your LP length? You could try just progesterone supplementation on your own, like progesterone cream after ovulation? Or try Vitex for a few cycles and see if it gets better?

Also definitely try switching your thermometer, my first 2 were Target and Walgreens – charts were much more unclear until I upgraded to the one sold on early-pregnancy-tests.com

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@MrsJuneBee:  I think it’s a bit too early to start worrying, but you could always mention this to your doctor. If you’re coming off the pill or other hormones, I think this is all pretty standard.

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@MrsJuneBee:  I would be willing to bet money that if you switched your thermometer it will be much clearer. Your temps are erratic, but they are much higher than the coverline. When they dip, they are often white dots, which tells me that you may not have taken at the same time, so that could explain the erratic temps.

Medically, there isn’t much they can do about your CM. You can try herbal/home remedies such as FertileCM, Mucinex or Royal Jelly. I personally drank green tea before O and take Royal Jelly and my CM changes also became much clearer =)

Hope that helps! I defnitely think you should try switching your thermometer to one with 2 decimal places and a .01 accuracy, and it will make things clearer.

ETA:  You could TRY to ask your GP for a lab for Progesterone, and get it drawn when you think you are 7DPO, and have the labs sent to you for your own records. I just don’t know how much work-up they would do when you’ve been TTC for that amount of time – most won’t do under a year unless you have a diagnosed problem (PCOS, anovulation, LP defect), they will start at six months. A lot of doctors don’t believe in BBT, I was fortunate that I found an RE who understood BBT, but he was lead to the diagnosis of an LP defect based more on symptoms (10 day LP and spotting throughout). For me the spotting started when I would have temperature dips, which also indicated to me I had low Progesterone. He proved it using an endometrial biopsy showing my endometrium (which is controlled by the progesterone in the LP) was not where it was supposed to be at that point in my cycle.

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@MrsJuneBee:  Yeah that’s the thermom I use. It has the 1/100th accuracy, but because of that, it takes a SUPER long time to read the temp – some people hate that. I don’t mind, it’s worth the accurate temp to me.

I tried Mucinex and it didn’t yield much for me, but green tea (I do decaf 3-4 times per day and only before “O”) does. Royal Jelly REALLY changes things, but other people swear it does nothing. Everyone is different =) Hahahaha. 

I’d say do one full cycle with the new thermom, and if your temp still dips in the LP, then I would do the Progesterone. You gotta be super sure on your O date because if you haven’t actually O’ed yet, it can prevent O from happening.

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I’m a spotter and got pregnant on my second try. So, if I were you, I would probably try a little longer and keep charting. I do recommend the B Complex (as did my naturopath) as it helped extend my LP by a few days after taking it for three or four months. Good luck!

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@MrsJuneBee:  I just started temping and when I started, I bought that Target thermometer too. I suspected something was fishy with it though, and bought one at Walgreens instead. Holy hannah! Totally different results. The Target one would be give me hugely different readings even if I tested twice in a row without moving. I mean, like full degree differences. The numbers on the ‘9’ for 96 or 97 stopped working within a week too. And it gave me three temperatures that were always the same…either 96.33, 96.18 or 96.48.

SO, I don’t know that much but I do know that you should throw that Target thermometer into the trash and get a different one.

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