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Just start keeping an active, healthy lifestyle NOW so that it is nothing but a routine by the time your wedding comes around and you’ll be beautiful in it.

<br />We had a 2 and a half year engagement and I bought the dress 2 years before the wedding date. I just went in for my final fitting and everything was perfect, but it was LITERALLY 2 years of me trying to make better decisions. Good luck!

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Mistress_K:  how many dress sizes does the dress differ from your size? If it’s like one dress size then it’s reasonable and nothing to stess

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All you need is the right mental state. If you want to do it, there is NOTHING that can stop you. I’d start by joining an accountability site, read up on changing your favorite dishes to accomodate more veggies and just make small changes. Get Fiance on board!

I’m on Myfitnesspal.com. I lost 20 lbs just hanging out there and getting motivated by the men and women who have made DRASTIC changes over time.

If you believe you can do it, then you can. Don’t let excuses get in your way πŸ™‚

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Mistress_K:  I have lost 13kg over the last few months, despite having exams for med school and having medical conditions which predispose to weight gain. There are reasons here there and everywhere to not get started, however at some point you just have to if you want to achieve your goals.

I have changed the way I eat and changed my attitude. I still have some way to go, however I am well on my way. I have now started ordering a meal plan to again change the way I eat and increase my weight loss.

I would suggest go see your GP. Get some support in place. Or join a program which will assist you in weight loss. Just don’t go it completely alone..

I can honestly say that seeing the changes in my own body and the number reduce on the scale is the most amazing feeling. It is motivation in itself.

It is entirely up to you whether you “leave it too late”, you are in control. But if you really want to achieve a positive and maintainable weightloss, there’s no time like the present. And as for falling off the bandwagon because of social events, it happens, but you are in control of how often. And finally, with regard to you Fiance, don’t use his weight or emotions as an excuse. Instead encourage and motivate him – be his and your own cheerleader!

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Mistress_K:  well I’m not going to lie you do have some work to do. First off though, you really don’t know how much weight you really need to loose to fit into the dress. THere are many factors in weight on a scale, from muscle mass, to where you carry the weight. What you really need to do first is to find the sizing chart of the designer and take your true honest measurments and know how many inches you need to work your body into…don’t worry about the scale, that wont help you.  You need to know your bust, waist and hips. As for empowerment, well nothing more motivating then not being able to fit the dress…so maybe try it on every once in a while to check your progress…I think you do need to be selfish a bit in your path to being fit, it would be better if your Fiance did it with you though. I know you can do it. I lived in Australia before, so I am familiar with the sizing, I think your goal is still realistic, but you still have to be goal oriented. 


Do you mind showing us a pic of the dress? Can you get into the dress at all (even unzipped). The sizing difference doesn’t seem that bad

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Mistress_K:  Rather than going on a diet, just make healthier eating choices and increase the amount of exercise you get. The weight will come off.

If you are doing the cooking for the two of you, by default he will also be making healthier eating choices.

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Mistress_K:  If you’ve got until September 2016 you do have a bit of time and I honestly think it’s doable. This varies greatly depending on a variety of factors but very generally speaking, eating properly and exercising should be able to shift .5kg a week (you will have some weeks that are better than others but when you even it out that’s about right – and that’s a fairly healthy expectation, too much more can be harmful on your body.) Slow and steady wins the race!

I know it feels like a lot right now but if you can give it a really good go and you start to see results, your motivation will automatically increase! Don’t leave it too late otherwise you definitely will have to be strict! If you start early you can also allow yourself a cheat meal here and there without ruining all your hard work πŸ˜‰

I also struggle with dieting because I love my food.. It’s taken me months to finally get in to the swing of things and see a difference on the scales (I always thought that my wedding would automatically give me the willpower to lose any unwanted weight.. that wasn’t the case, i’ve had to work as hard as ever!)

I also pre-ordered my dress in a smaller size than I currently am (I think maybe 2 sizes smaller?) luckily that’s just what they’re working off for now and when it get’s closer they’ll do more accurate measurements – if yours is as is (factoring in some adjustments) your best bet is to start to get serious about it now so you’re not worrying later. It just suddenly clicked for me recently that I had no choice but to lose the weight and thankfully i’m finally getting somewhere (I have 9 months to go but I don’t want to be freaking out and have too much to lose in too little time!)

Just stay focused on your goal and make eating healthy a priority – think of it as fueling your body with the right stuff rather than ‘dieting’.. it will also help SO many other things like the look of your skin and the strength of your hair and nails. There are lots of benefits to sticking to healthy eating that you’ll be greatful for on your wedding day other than slimming down πŸ™‚

Good luck! You can do it!

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Mistress_K:  I had lots the bulk of my weight before getting engaged and going dress shopping (22kg) but it was certainly in my mind and caused some stress in the lead up to the wedding that I needed to maintain and tone as I chose a sheath satin dress that was unforgiving if I put weight on.  It took me around 7-8 months to lose the 22kg and then I toned and lost another dress size after having bought the dress, so I definitely think if you are committed it is possible to lose 25kg by the time your wedding rolls around in Sept 16 (why would you be getting a dress fitting in December though for a wedding that is still so far away?) I’m not going to lie though, maintaining is still tough and it’s easy to let your guard down and have weight slowly creep back on. It has to be a commitment to a healthy lifestyle with just the occasional treat.  The bulk of weight loss is in what you eat. When I was overweight I still went to the gym 6 days a week but it was food that was keeping the weight on (in conjunction with my insulin resistance.) So I understand you can’t do much/high impact exercise at the moment but if you watch your food intake you will still be able to lose the weight. Good luck! I found the Michelle Bridges 12WBT worked really well for me as it kept me accountable by weiging in every week, great meal plans and recipes and a range of exercise programs to suit every level and ability of fitness. Maybe look into something like that? 


ETA – support from your Fiance is important! Do not let the fact that he is unhappy with his weight prevent you from succeeding. Ideally this is something you will do together, enjoy the same healthy foods etc. My then Fiance was always cheering me on.  Also tips on snacking at work = don’t bring change for vending machines to work with you, leave it in a jar at home. Bring your lunch as much as you can. Don’t buy unhealthy snack foods for at home – if it’s not in the pantry then you can’t be tempted by it!

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Talk to your FH and tell him your concerns. Tell him you want to lose weight and get healthy before the wedding and that you need his support. 

Now for some tough love:

You sound fairly defeated already, and you’ve listed a number of reasons why you don’t want to/can’t/will find it hard to lose weight. This will play out in one of two ways: you lose the weight and wear your dress, or you don’t, and will need to buy a new dress. It really is that simple. So, if you want to wear your dress, you need to make some changes. They don’t need to be drastic or dramatic, but you do need to make them to reach your end goal. 

  • Make some small changes to your diet. Can you cut soft drinks or excess sugar from your diet? Maybe limit yourself to one takeaway per week. Or swap one snack per day for a healthier option. 
  • Start walking. Get an iPod with some fun music on it and only let yourself listen to it when you work out. Aim for one long walk per week then gradually build up. 
  • Keep your goals realistic and achievable. It sounds so daunting to say “I need to lose 25kg”. Instead you could aim to lose 1kg per fortnight, or aim to lose 5kg by the end of August. Then tell someone – your Fiance, your family, your friends, even use this forum – so you are kept accountable to your goal.

Best of luck! Take care of yourself and keep us all posted πŸ™‚


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