(Closed) To get the dog…or to wait?

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  • poll: Dog or Wait?
    Wait until you own your own home (3-5 years away) : (17 votes)
    19 %
    Wait just enough to make sure you can find a dog friendly apartment : (17 votes)
    19 %
    Wait until you're more financially sound : (5 votes)
    6 %
    Wait for all the reasons above : (32 votes)
    36 %
    Just go for it! Dogs=Happiness and the time will never be "perfect" : (9 votes)
    10 %
    Get the dog, you'll be fine and it will all work out! : (6 votes)
    7 %
    Other comments : (2 votes)
    2 %
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    I love, love, love huskies and so does my Fiance. Right now we have a Shetland Sheepdog and we would love to get her a playmate while she is still young, but we just don’t have enough space. I voted to wait until you had an apartment of your own that is dog friendly, but honestly, Huskies are not good apartment dogs and most places have a 40 lb weight limit. I would look into renting a house that would allow you to have a pet.

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    That’s a tough one.  Just keep in mind that dogs are expensive.   If you aren’t financially stable I wouldn’t recommend it.  In addition to the cost of the dog, there’s vet bills, training costs (quite possibly needed for a husky-  I’ve heard they an be a little difficult), food, flee & heart worm medicine, boarding if you go anywhere, and sometimes large and often nonrefundable pet deposits for apartments.  And some apartments won’t even accept pets or they require them to be under a certain size.  But if you are okay with all of that and your sister says its okay, I don’t see the harm in getting a puppy now. I certainly don’t think you should have to own a house. There are plenty of very well loved, happy dogs in rentals.  Just be prepared to pay extra- in my area it’s around $250 per pet, nonrefundable.  

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    We have a siberian husky and are absolutely in love with her! Fiance and I would literally do anything for her! I love having a dog and she’s absolutely wonderful. We live in a rented apartment and made sure to look for dog friendly apartments even before we had her. Some places do require additional security deposits or higher monthly rents. 

    We don’t have a cat, but SIL does and our pup is terrified of her! But our pup is a big scaredy baby! She’s not afraid of cats she sees on the street, just of SIL’s tiny kitten!


    ETA: Husky’s are very expensive, be prepared to pay around $400 a year on vet bills and food. I also highly recommend a trainer, while they are very smart dogs, they are also difficult to train. 

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    I’d recommend waiting. I’ve seen Huskies on the banned breeds list because of their energy.


    I’d also recommend a responsible breeder. Backyard breeders only contribute to the pet overpopulation problem. Homeless huskies are not uncommon, as they are some of the most striking dogs but they are very high maintenance. I’ve seen plenty that have been dumped off in shelters when people realize they need to run for MILES to be satisfied.




    That should steer you in the right direction for what makes a responsible breeder.


    At the very least th breeder should do health checks and have a contract stating they will take the dog back at any point for any reason.


    ETA: Getting a rescue puppy may be much cheaper if you are set on a puppy. I just looked up husky babies on petfinder in your state and they are certainly available.

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    @laurel946:  A responsible breeder would never just have a for funsies litter. Both parents would be registered and titled, even for pet quality dogs. Pet quality pups will actually make up the majority of the offspring anyhow. 


    However, as long as she does all the proper health and temperment testing on the puppies as well as the parents, it isn’t the worst option in the world. It’s just not the best either. 

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    @laurel946:  Yea, the daily walks wouldn’t be an option for us, but I hope everything works for you! I wanna see adorable husky furbabies.

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    I would definitely suggest also calling a few apartment complexes- you can say you are looking for an apartment in the future, and be vague. Make sure they don’t have breed restrictions for Huskys- I didn’t think of that. Sometimes apartments don’t have complete info on their websites.

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    How old is your cat?   

    Also, just please keep in mind the vet costs in case anything should happen to it.   Maybe start pet insurance from the start Or start a separate savings.

    I know so many people that have got dogs just cuz they have always wanted one, then when the dog was sick etc, they couldn’t afford to take it to the vet or they dumped it at the shelter.   

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    I love huskies too and always did as a kid… and now I have one. My situation reminds me of yours too. I had wanted a dog so badly and was planning on moving in with my Fiance (this is before we were engaged) and we went to a local shelter just to look at some dogs for fun… to dream… lol. Our friend worked there and knew we liked huskies so a couple weeks later she called telling us they had a husky in that wasn’t actually out for people to see yet. I told my Fiance we had to go see her and we fell in love! We had some problems with my Fiance having a dog where he lived, but we were so in love so I took her home to my Mom’s (She fell in love with her too, but she was always mine and my FI’s dog). Now my Fiance and I are happily living together with our husky pup and I always think she was meant to be. She’s like my child. haha. I felt irresponsible and second-guessed a lot too when we wanted to get her, but it worked out. (We still rent, but our next step is to buy a house. I did have trouble finding reasonable priced dog-friendly apartments).

    Also huskies require a lot of work! Crazy shedding. nonstop. I really should vacuum everyday. lol. They need a lot of attention and exercise. Fenced in yards are best, although we don’t have one. We take ours to the park a lot to let her run and she loves being in the yard (it’s hard to let a dog out as much living in an apt.) She doesn’t go as crazy as she used to, but even at 1-2 years old she was a ball of energy. But she’s awesome!


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    @laurel946:  I voted “other” because I do think the timing could eventually be perfect, and I don’t know that it will all work out…..however, I lean toward getting the dog.  I got my dog (Australian Shepher) when I lived in a house that I owned.  I have since moved cities twice, and have lived in two apartments and one rental house.  I paid a $1000 pet deposit for one of those apartments!  However, you can do this….you just have to realize that having a dog will limit your housing options, and you just have to accept that.  You will hopefully have this thing for the next 12-15 years.  You will probably move several times in that time period, go on a lot of vacations and do all sorts of things that would be easier without a dog.  I have…..but I have never once questioned my decision.  Realize what you’re getting into, but if you can accept it, go for it.  Huskies are great, and I’m glad to see that you live in a colder climate.  Down here in Texas it’s another story….my Aussie gets shaved five times/year and I can’t imagine what a husky would be like.

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    Sugar bee

    I’m leaning towards other/wait to get the dog. It isn’t just the immediate time of whether you can have the dog right now, but whether you can actually keep it in a few years. It may work out now, or at the next apartment, but if you aren’t in a financially stable time in your life now and something happens. What if you have to move apartments or your sister doesn’t think your dog is as charming as you do and doesn’t want to you keep her? 

    It just sounds like you are in more of a “lust” situation that very well could badly backfire. 

    I also agree with the PP mentioning responsible breeding practices. Even if the litter is not out of two titled parents, there should at least be one titled parent and both should be registered. There are a lot of great posts about responsible breeding practices and pet ownership on the pet boards, so I won’t harp on anymore, but I would encourage you to think very hard about this decision from a logical and realistic perspective before getting a puppy. 

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