(Closed) To Have One Photographer, or Two Photographers??

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I think it depends on how many people you anticipate to have at your wedding.  I was told that one photographer can comfortably handle about 150-200 guests…imagine trying to be where everyone is at one time for all the action!  An assistant is definitely good for lighting purposes adn you should definnitely inquire about one, but if your photographer is used to working alone, take a close look at their work to be sure it is exactly what you’d like. Now to sound hypocritical….our package has 2 photographers and one assistant.  The main photographer will shoot in color and pretty much do all the portraits and our one on one shots.  The second photographer will be shooting only in Black and White and will be doing the "photojournalistic" pics so we don’t anticipate seeing much of him at all…or at least I hope not cuz I don’t want to feel like we are being attacked by papparazzi!  A scenario where it may help to have 2 photographers is during the ceremony, if you have one in the front covering that angle and another in the back, you are bound to get some beautiful shots, but again, I’ve seen plenty of nice shots with just one photographer.  So I guess the bottom line is, it’s really what you can afford.  Pictures will bring you many memories, but if you can’t afford 2 in your budget, you can be sure many of your guests will have cameras and there’s bound to be some good shots in there too! Best of luck!

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I would stick with one photographer, and maybe their assistant. I wouldn’t get two separate photographers unless they work for the same company. Otherwise they’d just end up getting in each other’s way, unless you defined their jobs VERY specifically.

I only had one photographer, but he was EVERYWHERE and we got back 2500 photos. So you can definitely get tons of pictures without shelling out the extra cash for another shooter.

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we’re getting two, but i had reasons: 1) i wanted pictures of both us and the guys getting ready, 2) i want one photographer to run the guestbook (guests will write on big pieces of paper and get their pics taken) while the other is taking pics of us after the ceremony, and 3) i wanted more choices when it came to the final pics. i figured, more photogs = more pictures = more opportunities to get better ones, right?

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I would really be sad not to have a second shooter.  This is crucial for your ceremony, because one shooter can only capture one of your faces at a time…its really important to me to see both angles of me saying "i do", him saying "i do" and also, me walking down the aisle, and his reaction shots walking down the aisle.  Because the aisle walk is pretty short, it would be difficult for one photographer to capture both angles without having superhuman powers. 

 Also, I like to see reaction shots of people at specific points in the night like during toasts and stuff which will be best captured by 2 photogs.

 Most photographers work with second shooters, and all good photographers offer them at no cost (already included).  You dont have to hire a completely NEW photographer, but see if your photographer includes a second shooter.

I LOVE my photographer, Sarah Chen


Out of So Cal (im flying her up I love her so much), she’s incredibly reasonable and her rates include all day shooting with 2 photographers.


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If it is within your budget to get a package that provides two shooters, this is ideal, especially if you are having a larger wedding or if your getting ready time coincides with you groom’s.

In addition, one photographer can then do attention to details and do a photojournalistic style (or any other style you prefer) and the other can capture another. 


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It depends on if this is your "top three" (aka most important). I’ve seen weddings done with one photographer and weddings done with two and they’re both wonderful. Generally, what I’ve observed the photographer is dedicated to the bride and groom, so most shots are about them (I’m not a photograher, so anyone who is, feel free to chime).

It wasn’t in my top three, but the platinum videograhy/photography package had two, so that’s what we got. I did like the different angles they captured and while one was photographing us, the other was capturing the guests’ reactions, my little sister making a friend, his baby brother looking cute etc. So if you’re looking for more photo options, then two might be good way to go. 

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Our photog comes with a second shooter, which I am totally excited about.  Two photogs, two angles, twice the pictures.  When looking for a photog, I didn’t know they usually had a 2nd shooter, so it was a nice surprise. We live in washington state, but are flying him up from San Luis Obispo.  So LA would work for him too. 😉 Here is his website and blog.



Check him out… he is AWESOME!!!!! We can’t wait.  I have spoken with him over the phone and through e-mail and he is so nice!  And so is his wife Anna.  Super sweet.  Good Luck!

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Ask your ceremony venue about any rules they have regarding photographers. In our (huge) venue, if there is only one photographer, he must stand in the balcony, 125 feet away from the alter. It will be very difficult for him to get any up-close shots from this distance. If we have two photographers, one is permitted to stand in a side balcony much closer to the alter. This is why we felt we must hire two. If your venue is smaller or has no odd rules regarding photographer location, one should suffice.

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Your photographer generally has an assitant, and I’d ask. It’s hard for one person to really be "everywhere" and I would highly suggest finding one with an assistant if the one you are thinking of now doens’t.

Mine will be in the room with me while I’m getting ready – but I also want some of Fiance getting ready too – well she can’t be in both places. ALso the different angles of the ceremony, reception. I just think that it’s too much work for one photog for my sized wedding ( I have 200 coming to the reception) and I know my photog, who’s a good freind of mine and been at this years and years – woulnd’t do it any other way.


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I am only having one photographer. We are having a small wedding and she said that she shouldn’t have any problem handling 40 people by herself. But if I want a second photographer I can always book one of her assistant for an additional fee. I’ve met with Dana a couple of times and I just love her personality. FSIL’s best friend used her a few months ago and she was very satisfied.



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Absolutely go with two photographers. I promise you will appreciate it later! They will get every angle of you and your new hubby on the most important day of your life! I am having Ave One Studios shoot my wedding! They are fantastic and travel! check out their website (http://www.aveonestudios.com) I know they are doing some website updates soon, but they have examples of their one photographer and two photographer packages! I wish you the best!

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This is such a great question, and an important one.  I myself am a Wedding Photographer so I can hopefully give you a good perspective.  Obviously, if 2 photographers doesn’t fit in your budget, it just doesn’t fit.  The company that I work for just provides 2 of us, and it’s the same cost either way… so that’s pretty nice.  The benefits to having 2 photographers are unbelieveable… so here are a few examples of why you SHOULD have 2 photographers:

 -As you are getting ready, one photographer can take photos of you getting dressed and the expressions on your face as you’re slipping in to your dress while the other is snapping detail shots of your bridesmaids / mother / Mother-In-Law zipping you in, putting on your veil, jewelry, etc.  

-Once you’re finished getting ready, one photographer can spend time with you and the girls, while the other can get photos of the groom and his groomsmen… don’t want to miss out on those photos.. they’re super fun and you can see what you wouldn’t have otherwise.

-One photographer further down the aisle to capture the look on the groom’s face when he sees his beautiful bride walking down the aisle. While the other is behind closed doors, capturing the last moments with dad / stepdad / grandpa, you know.. the kiss on the cheek, holding hands, encouraging glances, etc.  

-For posed photos, one photographer can be setting up the next group of people and getting everyone ready while the other is taking the photos.  

I’m sure you’re probably getting the picture.. ha, no pun intended.. It’s so nice to have a second photographer because we help each other out, we can get multiple angles on the day, one might capture photos that the other didn’t think of, and it helps to keep the day running along quickly and smoothly without snags.  If your budget absolutly doesn’t allow for a second photographer, then at least get an assistant to the one because they’ll help to switch out batteries, and download cards, change lenses, flashes, etc.  Which is also a HUGE help. I can’t tell you how happy I was to have 2 at my own wedding.. each one captured photos that are so precious to me…. photos that I wouldn’t have had if they both hadn’t been present.  

Good luck! 

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