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  • poll: Would you use a leash type device on your child?
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    If I was going somewhere busy and crowded or where I had reason to be worried about losing them, honestly probably yeah. Totally worth looking stupid. But then I’m not having any kids and one of the reasons is that I am already an anxiety ball and would be utterly shit-terrified pretty much one hundred percent of every second of every day for the rest of my natural life about things happening to them and for me it’s like…


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    As a parent whose kids are well past that age… no we didn’t. It just didn’t seem right, and we felt it was more effective long term to get them into good habits. In a store… nah, let them run sometimes. In genuinely dangerous situations (like crossing the road) we were of course super vigilant, and “you must hold mummy’s / daddy’s hand” was drilled in from a very early age.

    I appreciate that some parents have kids with behavioural issues and feel they are essential. But I think for the majority of kids they should not be required.

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    NO! wrong in many levels. how freaking hard is to grab the child’s hand, like 99% of people do?

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    Please, oh please, no. They’re humans, not animals. 

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    To be fair, I’ve met plenty of dogs that were more well-behaved than children. I think a leash is just a sign of a bad parent though. If you can’t control your child in a crowded place, then don’t bring him/her to a crowded place! Or don’t have children (sarcasm… maybe).

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    @ImagineDragon24:  I would never do that simply because I think its ridiculous and unnecessary. 

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    Umm no. I say this tenatively though, because when I am a desperate tired mom with a rowdy toddler I may change my mind.

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    oohh noooo.  i don’t think i could ever do that to my child,  that being said when i was little my younger sister was an absolute ninja at getting lost whenever we went to a shopping center so my mum bought a leash type thing that was two wrist bands attached by a stretchy elastic thing. she made my sister wear it and be attached to me so i could feel if she ever tried to run away.  worked very nicely.

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    I would if the situation needed it. One of my customers has a baby and a toddler and they walk everywhere. So the mom is pushing the stroller while the toddler is walking along and they’re by a busy road. She uses one of those backpack leash things just in case. 

    Also, when I was a kid we used to go to these huge religious conventions with thousands of people. People used them all the time there so they could keep the young ones close at all times. In huge crowds like that you could lose a small kid in just seconds of looking away.

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    My brother was a terror as a toddler and would escape at the slightest chance. So if he ever wrenched his hand out of mommy’s death grip, he was gone. My poor mother, with two bad knees, didn’t have any hope of keeping up with him. In certain situations, she used a child harness. I thought it was great; it meant he was able to move around instead of being strapped into a stroller, but he wasn’t able to run away. It was win/win for both of them.

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    I think that I would only use a leash if I had a child that was hard to control, or maybe in a super crowded area like an amusement park or something. I would much rather embarrass my child than lose them or get them killed or hurt. But, I do think they should be a last resort- don’t subject your child to that if you don’t have to, or because you want an excuse to play on your phone (I’ve seen those mothers and they infuriate me!). I also don’t believe they’re neccessary past maybe three years of age, unless your child has SERIOUS behavioral problems. I just don’t think a child leash is neccessary every waking moment your child is out of the house, but for kids who like to play the escape artist, or for areas where it’s hard to keep track of children, I definitely wouldn’t look down on someone for using one.




    My best friend and I are taking my two neices and nephew on a mini-vacation this summer. Not gonna lie, we’ve considered buying a leash for the nephew because he is rowdy, easily distracted, and would likely wonder off without even thinking about it. It’s more that we’ll have three kids on our hands why we’ve considered it, and we can’t just leave him at home; it’s not fair (we’re not worried about the girls wondering off). Honestly, we’re just going to have to be extra diligent and hope we don’t want to tear our hair at by the end of this trip (I love my nephew, but he is a handful!!!). Frankly, though, if it does become an actual issue, we would both rather leash him than lose him!




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    When I read the topic I expected it to be in pets.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I realized it was in parenting. 

    I’ve seen kids leashed, and I think it might even be worth considering if you have a runaway, as in explorer type kid (like I was), but only to something like a major event with oodles of people … like Disney World/Land… even then I think only if the parents can’t manage or a special needs child that works well with one.  I was one of those runaway kids but they didn’t have cute leashes back then and it was frowned on to make your own… usually involved a safe child visit to the home and some counselling/parenting advice.

    My parents always kept me in sight or attached by holding my wrist when running off wasn’t safe.  Much better than holding hands… that’s great (where it’s safe).  I’m a kid magnet and kids always like me (no kids of my own) but I’ve used the same tactic on escaping kids of friends more times than I can count.  You can hold losely and add pressure if they start to wander but still have grabbing room if they bolt (wrist smaller than hand).  One 6 year old daughter of a friend even told me “You are fast, when I started to run your grip got tighter.”.  Kids are awesome and know so much more than we think, for that reason alone I wouldn’t lease one unless it was an extreme necessary situation.

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    At a dinner party the other week we had a huge, heated discussion about whether or not to leash kids.

    I have seen parents drag their children along the ground with leads, and try to make them heel like they are dogs…I think that’s awful.

    But on the other hand, if you have a child that runs away all the time, and you are worried they are going to get hit by a car, get lost, etc. then a lead is good for backup. 

    Provided you’re not relying on the leash and actually communicating to your child, holding their hand when you cross roads etc, and telling them that running off is wrong then I think they are fine. 

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    No, I doubt I would ever do that, unless there were extreme circumstances or something.

    FI’s older brother used to run away as a kid and he had to wear one, so his mum made Fiance wear one too. He said he felt horrible, like everyone was staring at him thinking he was naughty, he said it made him feel like a dog too. So no, if I could help it I would not.

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