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  • poll: Would you use a leash type device on your child?
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    No. My kid is not a dog.

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    Have never leashed dd & would never. She’s a child not a puppy. 

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    I have strong feelings about this, but its due to the scars on my legs resulting from a leashed child whos parents used the leash as an excuse not to watch their kids. 

     I wrecked a bike because of a child on a leash.  I was biking on a designated bike path and a child on a leash ran across… it was either hit the kid or a chainlink fence.  I crashed, was picked up by some guys walking by, who then defended me when the mother came screaming at me for almost killing her child (not the case at all). I had to walk home bloody and shaken. if you’re going to leash, can they be shortened depending oN where you are?

    this was a thread last year, similar spread of opinions http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/kids-on-leashes-thoughts/

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    Good parenting and needing your kid tethered to you are not mutually exclusive,  sometimes it doesn’t matter how well you parent,  children are curious amd wander. If my.kid likes to run off despite my best efforts you bet them looking ridiculous <6ft from me on a harness is my first choice over one who bolts and is lost in a crowd or into the street. People can keep their judgements all they want, I will keep my kid safe until they really understand how to keep safe themself. 

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    I think a lot of people in this thread are being really judgmental about it. I don’t think you can always prevent kids wandering off even if you are the best parent. They are small and fast, can wrench their hand away and be gone. Or you are in the grocery store and let go to bend down to get a case of something and boom they are gone. So no, I have no problem with leases, even if they look silly.

    It depends on the kid too. With me, my parents never even considered it because I was so cautious, I never tried to wander off. With my sister though, she was fast and she would just be gone, so they did wind up using a leash with her (which we tease her about it these days). I think it’s being a better parent to risk looking stupid and leasing your kid than to dismiss it so easily. At least leash parents are trying to keep their kids safe!

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    I was placed on one when I was younger. My mom had three kids under five, it had to be done since it was hard to run after three little brats.

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    I always tought that I was a NO leash person, but as I don’t have kids yet, I really don’t think I can answer truthfully. I spent an afternoon alone with my 2.5 years old nephew and he, devilish demon with no control, deserved one… I was so afraid I would lose him!

    Some bees sugested holding hands? Impossible mission! (with that kid, since his parents cleary don’t hold him) He rolled on the floor and refused to move until he was free, and when I hold him in my arms he would move like a fish and cry :O

    Definatly, leash on some kids. But I don’t think I would put them in mine.

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    Oh god, eyeroll, overreaction much?  It’s not like you’re crating your kid – it’s a device for keeping track of them on infrequent and very crowded occasions.

    My parents would use one on us when at airports when we were little.  When you’ve got a bunch of luggage to deal with, two little toddlers trying to toddle off into the crowds, and a gazillion people everywhere, hell yes it makes sense.  I was not traumatized in the least, I’m fully aware that I’m a human not a dog, I have a loving and respectful relationship with my parents, and I would definitely consider doing the same in this situation.


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    @lolot:  It’s not like you’re crating your kid


    +100 on serious points, though

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    I am not a parent, but I have seen kids running amok in all kinds of public places so I get why people use leashes. However, it looks kind of weird in the grocery store. Disneyland, sure. It’s a crazy busy place. 

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    I’m not having kids, so I can’t answer from that side, but my parents had leashes for us when we went to Disney Land or any other amusement park. It was never an all the time thing because we were always taught to stay with mom or dad. We got in trouble if we didn’t. 

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    I don’t have kids. I travel a ton, and the parents I see with kids on leashes in airports consistently seem less frazzled than those without. They have their hands free to carry whatever they need, and don’t have to worry about getting separated from the little ones in a crowd. Second least frazzled seem to be the parents who put their multiple kids in identical, brightly-colored shirts and hats, making it easier to do a quick head count (or shirt count) in a busy airport. 

    FWIW I see lots of kids crying because they can’t find mommy or daddy, probably because my home airport is always packed with business travelers rushing around. Real easy place for a kid to get separated, no matter how well-behaved they are.

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    Lots of leash hate in this thread!


    I used to not be keen about leashes. But now that I nanny two kids, I absolutely can see myself using one if I had to. I would only use it if my child was too old to constantly be in a stroller and if we were in an extremely crowded place. Kids can take off like lightening, so I’d rather put a harness on them than lose them.


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    I can’t say 100% yes or no on this… but if necessary I will. I don’t find it cruel and I see it as a REALLY good safety product for those who need it. Plus how cute does this look. I have a little cousin who is the king of sneaking away… They got him the monkey one… and he loves that thing.. he often wears it when unneccesary and holds the ‘tail’ himself. If Mom and Dad need to make sure he stays close, he hands over the tail instead of grabbing hands.

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    I put all 3 of my kids on leashes when I took them to visit friends 6 hours away by myself. Oldest was almost 4 and twins were almost 2 – so I had 3 kids 3 years old and under. We had to go into the gas station restrooms a couple times and the leashes were very useful at that point. 


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