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My mom has a sapphire RHR and she has had it since befroe I was born. It’s held up well. Sorry I don’t have any pictures. Congratulations! 

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jessjlstar:  I’m afraid I don’t have a picture either. I know, big help, huh? Lol! I had considered a white sapphire myself and I think it’s a really good choice! I saw some natural ones that were to die for, truly. Very sparkly! The only thing I wasn’t crazy about, and it was really no biggie, was there was a little windowing in the one I saw up close. It was a loose sapphire, though.

Then today a lady tried to talk me into buying a lab created white sapphire and I didn’t really know how I felt about that. It was NINETY DOLLARS for 2. No lie. They were super sparkly, too, but jeez. $90? I know nothing about the quality of stones, but somehow that just seems really cheap.

I’d have to say the only reason I didn’t choose one is because I couldn’t get an OEC, that I know of. So I chose moissanite.

Good luck and hey, someone post some pix, will ya?

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I had an oval blue sapphire with small diamond side stones for my engagement ring for my first marriage. I loved it but I did manage to chip it somehow (gardening? housework?). I suggest getting a bezel setting to protect the edges, though I guess it depends on how active you are, what type of work you do, etc.

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I have a purple color change sapphire. She;s always sparkly but I clean her atleast 1 time a week with jewelery solution and a sonic cleaner. Sometimes its twice a week.


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jessjlstar:  I have a white sapphire! I am in love with it, and there’s no way I’d trade it in for any other stone. I have had my e-ring for amost two months, and it still looks brand new. Sapphires are really hard, so I don’t expect it to change, haha! Mine is a solitaire, so it’s just the one stone. I do clean my sapphire with a toothbrush and hand soap once a week to keep it looking fresh. I think it probably gets dirty faster than a diamond, but even when it’s dirty, it’s lovely. I just clean it a lot to keep it at maximum sparkle! I do not feel that my stone is cloudly or milky. It has so much depth, and I have tried it on next to my mom’s diamond e-ring, and I can’t tell the difference. A lot of people like to snark on sapphires and say you can always tell the difference between it and a diamond, but I think if your sapphire is of a normal size (a carat or less) it is difficult to tell with the naked eye. The problem some people run into is buying a very large white sapphire, which can look too clear and glassy. Mine is a little over a half carat, and I have never felt that it looks glassy. My one caution is that they don’t photograph well. My ring is a hundred times more beautiful in person than I could ever capture with a photo. For some reason, my iPhone camera has a hard time catching all the flare, facets, and sparkle. That is my only real complaint with them, though. I think that in person, my ring has tons of fire, and people compliment my “diamond” all the time. I always correct them and tell them it’s a white sapphire! I can’t wait to pass my beautiful e-ring down to my daughter one day. I definitely encourage more bees to go for white sapphires, because they are lovely. 

My one other caution is to make sure you look for VERY high quality if you are going with a lab-created white sapphire. Mine is natural, so I did not run into as many problems, but with the lab-created ones, the quality is going to really vary. Some are created more for costume-type jewelry, but others are true engagement ring quality. You need to make sure you’re getting an excellent cut, because the cut is going to make all the difference with the sapphires. I really recommend a round brilliant, I have looked at a lot of sapphires, and I think it showcases the quality of the stone best. I have seen a lot of emerald cuts or pear cuts that end up looking glassy. Always get a second opinion from a jeweler you aren’t purchasing! 

Congratulations on picking out a white sapphire! My fiance and I are also in college, so I understand the struggle, but seriously, after he put my ring on my finger, I never thought about having a diamond again. I stare at it in different light like an idiot all the time. I hope he gifts me with more white sapphire jewelry in the future, and we are even thinking about a white sapphire eternity band! They are truly lovely gemstones with a beauty all their own. 

Typical iPhone pic of my ring:

Trying to catch a little more of it’s color (fyi, anyone who tells you sapphires won’t throw rainbows is full of it):

Jeweler’s photo:

Let me know if you have any questions, I love spreading my white sapphire love all over the Bee! 🙂

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Sapphires are great stones….  

Part of the mystery of sapphires is that many bee’s don’t talk about white sapphires anymore.  I’m a research girl for sure.  And I’ve haunted the bee one long time.  There are much more posts on white sapphires if you look back 2 – 3 years ago on the bee.  It’s become somewhat quiet lately about white sapphires specifically.  Maybe less women are buying them.  But I don’t think so only because sapphires are such fantastic stones.  Maybe Bee’s with white sapphires like to pass them as diamonds so they don’t like to talk about them, I don’t know.  

The cut…

White sapphires are fantastic stones.  I was talking to  a fellow bee not to long ago about ‘windowing.’  This is the process your talking about that happens when a stone will look like costume jewelry.  Let me tell ya…  Windowing happens when you have a poor cut stone.  The cut is everything.  If you have to spend a little more on a smaller stone to get a better cut please do get a better cut.  It makes all the difference!  You can even locate cutters on pricescope who have rough and will cut the stone for you.  How cool is that!  I would never EVER go for a cut below ‘excellent.’  Look up how they label diamond cuts to help you communicate about what cut you would like.  Cutters label sapphires the same as diamonds as far as cuts go from what I understand.  The cut makes the difference between a piece of crap and something that can give ANY diamond a run for its money.

Keeping it clean…

I don’t know…  I’ve never had a problem with keepimg it clean.  When it gets dirty I drop it in water and scrub it with baby soap.  And I dry it off with a blow drier.  The blow drier is key to making it extra shiney cuz it gets all the water spots off.  In my experience I feel the smaller stones – like the real real small stones get dirty easier because the dirt and oil gets under the prongs and makes it look smeary.

Mixing it with other stones…

I would never mix a white sapphire with white diamonds because you will notice a difference. But, I would mix it with any other colored stones found on earth.


Sapphires are harder than hell.  Don’t stress about the hardness.


I know people always compare diamonds to sapphires.  But, they are 2 separate stones.  Sapphires to sparkle a great deal.  In my experience they show more cool tones.  My guess is because even in white sapphires there is a blue tone of sorts to it.  My jeweler tried to explain it to me but I didn’t know what she was talking about.  Anyway, ya cool tones.  But, I have been known to see yellow and orange at times although rare and about 4 times I have seen a red sparkle for an unknown reason.  Most of the time the sparkle is white, blue and green in my experience.  

Again, the cut will determine how much the stone sparkles.

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I’m super late, I know, but I just wanted to post my white sapphire/rose gold baby I just got a few days ago!!  My husband and I have been married for 4 years and we finally saved up enough money to buy an “engagement ring.”  I’ve never been a big diamond fan; they just don’t do it for me. A white sapphire throws blue and green colors. Sooooo pretty, imo. I looooove having something a little different and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. 

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snwsnw:  Your ring is just stunning!  I’ve been thinking about getting a white sapphire lately, and yours makes me want one even more!    Love it!

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beckib:  Thank you!!! The thing I love most about it is how simple it is. It really showcases the sapphire.  I had never even really thought about having one until I found this site. I think they are super unique. We will probably have a custom curved band made to go with it. I really want rubies set in rose gold for that. Kind of reminds me of a tiara! 

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I got a white sapphire engagement ring the second time I was engaged, so I’ve had it for a while now, but I don’t really wear it. (Been engaged 4 times, different people; long story.) If you want an elegant, classic piece that will last, get a white sapphire set in some kind of quality metal, so, not sterling silver, if you can manage it.

If you want a more aesthetically pleasing, low maintainence, sparkly piece, and you can’t get a diamond or moissonite, try getting a high quality cubic zirconia. I know people hate on them, but after having white sapphire and smaller, lower quality diamond 3 times, I really wanted something sparkly and bigger. My cubic zirconia has held up better than my white sapphires did, not because white sapphires chip, but rather because they become very cloudy, very quickly, even with twice weekly cleaning. The longer you have it, the faster it gets cloudy. When it’s cloudy, it can look VERY cheap.

So, long story short, if you want the white sapphire and are set on it, get it, but get it in a durable setting that’s easy to clean around and under (not a bezel) and be prepared to clean it about every other day if you want to keep it in top shape. If you don’t care so much about whether it sparkles a lot (which it won’t when it’s cloudy) or you like the look of a less polished, old looking stone, then this could also be a good option.

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I know this thread is super old, but as PP mentioned, there’s a lot less discussion re: white sapphire these days. My guess is because there are so many new and varied moissanite options these days, but who knows. Anyway, I have a lot of different rings, but my original e-ring that I wear most frequently, as well as many of my alternative sets, are white sapphire. I just love it! For my engagement ring, I wanted a clear stone but also wanted a stone that was natural (not really sure why, it just felt important). Anyway, to answer the original questions:


  • How long have you had your ring (or set)? Does it still look like new? Almost 2 years, and yes, it still looks new as long as I clean it regularly.
  • Is your ring (or set) made entirely of sapphires, or did you mix stones? The center stone is white sapphire, the tiny stones in the halo/setting are diamond.
  • Do you find that your ring gets dirty very quickly? Yes, pretty quickly. I clean it 1-2x/week.
  • Have you ever felt your ring was “cloudy” or “milky?” Yes, when I first got my ring, I didn’t know I had to clean it reguarly and didn’t clean it once for like 6 months. It goes really cloudy. I took it to a jeweler for re-sizing, who cleaned it and made me realize that I should be cleaning it reguarly as well. No cloudiness since.
  • Do you regret getting a sapphire rather than a different stone (Moissy, Asha, diamond, etc.)? No, although I have some other moissy rings.
  • Does the ring have any “fire?” (I understand that the sparkle is different from a diamond, but I just wanted to make sure they sparkle!) Yes, some, but definitely not as much as diamond or moissy. It glows more than sparkles.

And here’s a picture after not having been cleaned for about a week:



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