(Closed) To the Bees who adopted Senior pets. Questions!

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  • poll: How do you feel about adopting senior pets?
    I wouldn't do it. : (2 votes)
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    I have, but wouldn't do it again. : (1 votes)
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    I have and it was a great decision. : (18 votes)
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    Adopting senior pets is even more rewarding. : (10 votes)
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    I haven't adopted a senior pet, but I say go for it! : (22 votes)
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    Other, explain below. : (1 votes)
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    Go for it!

    You get the fun of owning the animal, but without it going through the painful puppy/kitty/whatever phases where they are just buttheads. 🙂

    Just make sure you do a full physical before you adopt them, as it will give you more of an idea of what to expect with health care costs.

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    I’ve only adopted younger dogs but I say go for it! They might have some personality quirks but you’d be giving them a wonderful life.


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    I have never adopted a senior dog, but I would in a heartbeat. I have four dogs right now (one is almost 4, one almost 7, the other 11, and the other 16). If I were in a position to adopt another dog right now (I’m not) I would definitely adopt a senior. Yes, their vet bills are more and they may require more care, but those are the ones most often overlooked and some simply, because they’re old. I read an article about a senior dog who was surrendered to a shelter over the holidays because, this was the kicker, since he was old they were afraid he might die over the holiday and put a damper on the holiday since so many of their family was coming in. I wanted to travel to where he was so bad and bring him home with me. A senior dog can give just as much love as a younger dog, AND (hopefully) they’re past the chewing/training stage (granted as they get older it starts over with the accidents, but its just a like a person). Our 16 year old can’t go outside to potty anymore so we buy diapers and put them under him. Many would disagree and not want to, but he’s our baby and wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

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    I’ve never adopted a senior dog but I have one and couldn’t imagine life without her. I got her from the shelter when she was 6 months old and she’s 15 now. She’s my whole world! Thankfully her issues are more physical with her body vs internal. She’s got arthritis and doesn’t move as well. Our biggest problem is poop in the house because she can’t really hold it anymore, but that’s so small potatoes. She still has energy, is happy to go outside, loves to eat and still plays with her ball every now and then. She’ll even check our 5 year old dog if he gets too hype. It’s the sweetest. 

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    I’d be more worried about whether they would get along with rabbits.  I don’t know many dogs that would.

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    Once I adopted a 12 year old collie who was neglected by her owner– I cozied up to the owner, offered to watch the dog sometimes and then manuvered her into giving me the dog. That lovely, wonderful dog only lived six more months, but it was the best six months of her life: a warm bed with a heating pad, a vet to take care of her and a new family that always had time for her.

    Hell yes I would do it again!

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    I woud like to say I adopted a senior dog, but really he adopted me.  When I was younger I found a sweet adult Rottweiler walking on a busy highway and picked him up.  I knew he had to belong to someone as he was so well trained and sweet.  After posting signs around town a family claimed he was theirs and he had wandered off. Long story short, they ended up not picking him up from me and eventually admitted he had been a grandfather’s pet who had passed away.  They didn’t have “room” for him (although they lived in the country) and kept him chained outside.  When they asked if I wanted to keep him I jumped at the chance.  Several years later I can say it was the best decision to keep him.  I have no idea of his real age, but I can say that he is the sweetest and most well-behaved dog I’ve ever known.  He’s starting to have some minor health issues, and I know there will be some tough decisions ahead as he ages, but I would never regret adopting a senior dog.  I would say go in with your eyes open, but it looks like you’ve already considered the inevitable vet bills.  And as you correctly pointed out, all dogs are pretty big investments.  Adopting two that are so well bonded is especially kind, it would be so awful for them if they were separated.  Best of luck to you no matter what you decide.  If you do adopt them, I hope you post a pic and update!   

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    countingstars:  Do it! When I was doing my Master’s degree I would go to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday in the small town in which I lived. The local shelter always brought dogs who needed a home. This particularly Saturday they brought “Jasper”… he was an old (like 9 or 10) yellow lab. He had no teeth. He needed a nail trim BADLY. He stunk because he had chronic ear infections. But guess what, he was half price since he was a senior. And he was probably going to get euthanized because he was old and nobody else wanted him 🙁 Well guess who adopted him?

    He ended up being literally the best dog ever. He clearly must have been someone’s pet before because he was very well trainer. And smart. Unfortunately he ended up passing away this past summer due to widespread cancer. Although we only got to spend a short time together I was happy to be able to provide him a loving home for his final years. 

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    No experience with senior dogs, but I took in a senior cat and she’s been fantastic. I know her chances of being adopted were extremely slim because of her age and stereotypes about calico cats. She’s far and away the calmest cat I’ve ever had and she’s very content to take naps in my lap and snuggle. We’ve had some bumps in the road health-wise since I got her 3 years ago but she’s pushing 15 now and she’s still got it!

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    countingstars:  I haven’t adopted a senior pet before, but we’ve had them. Two of ours passed in the last 2 years. They’re sweet souls who need some gentle handling, but I haven’t encountered a dog more loyal than my DH’s senior blue heeler. Do it!

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    My first senior pet I adopted was my maine coon and I adopted her about 3 years ago, she was 7 or 8 when I got her but she is so incredibly playful and sweet! Then, I recently (like as of December 23) adopted my senior coon/bluetick hound mix. When I got him he was 7 years old and had never been an inside dog excpet for being at the shelter, aside from the peeing on my christmas tree the minute he was brought into my house (I have to admit it was really funny) he’s honestly been the best dog I’ve ever had (don’t get me wrong I love my other two furbabies, but my hound just holds a special place because he is so petted on me and adores the cat–it’s adorable!!)

    All this being said, I voted adopting a senior pet was honeslty more rewarding for me. Not that I don’t love baby animals, I’ve just learned that I prefer older ones!! But here are my two seniors:

    This is my hound, he literally falls asleep like this almost every nightlike this while I’m working on photos or playing around on here:


    And this is who my mum refers to as “the princess” when she comes to visit lol


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    countingstars:  Are you on instagram? You have to follow wolfgang2242 he adopts senior dogs and has the cutest family! It’s chihuahuas up to an irish wolfhound, a pig, duck, and a rabbit! Too cute, check his page out.


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    countingstars:  I have adopted a 16 year old cat and it is awesome. He is so well behaved and all around great animal. And somehow he has really turned the house around with his great attitude. So fun. You get a much better idea of their character and personality early on when you adopt an older pet. (young kittens are generally all play. You find out later if they are cuddly or standoffish… with dogs, I have no experience, maybe similar?)

    Yeah, it breaks my heart that we may have less time with him, but it is still worth it. And it breaks my heart more thinking about all the older animals sitting in kennels and waiting for adoption. Nobody deserves that, especially seniors who have literally lost everything and really deserve peace and loving homes in old age. 

    I say go for it!

    here is a completely gratuitous pic of my Shiva. He has only like 4 teeth and asthma, but I swear, he is the best!!

    Foto am 22.02.16 um 14.56

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