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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2007

I had my ring custom made, I used pics of 2 rings I liked and mashed them into my ring. I worked with a jeweler I heard of from reccomendations online, so I did not see my ring in person until it was shipped to me, and all my interation with he jeweler was through email. I had a great experiance, I got exactly what I wanted, it was easy and I would most definetly do it again. 

My favorite part of my ring is the bit of rose gold and pink sapphires. 

For refernce, her is my ring 🙂


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

@mrsmay07:  Wowwwww. That is beautiful.

Mine were custom. We went to a trunk show and I found a setting I loved. We ended up using moissanite in the center stone and diamonds and sapphires along the sides. The price difference was negligible.


I couldn’t pick a favorite part. I love the stone, it’s so shiny. I love the blue offsetting the white. I love that I didn’t plan ahead to get this ring, but when I looked a year back at old chat conversations, I had picked almost an identical style and commented that I wanted blue in it (I’m consistent)! I definitely love that my ring is unique to me. Other people might have it, but because it was designed for ME, the odds are significantly less likely.

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I love the whole thing, and I would definitley do it again.I think we got a good price, the only difference I would have made is to source the original stone from the jeweler.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2014

@mrsmay07:  Oh my, your ring is BEAUTIFUL!!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

@plumsugar:  Oh boy. This is going to be a long story..  So originally my Fiance gave me a solitaire which is beautiful but eventually we decided to change it. My dream ring has always been a Verragio halo.  I LOVE their intricate designs.  This was my dream ring:

But it was way out of budget.  The setting alone would have cost upwards of $4,000. (without the center diamond).  I thought there was no possibility but then I went to talk to a local jeweler about the possibility of custom making it.  She gave me 3 options:

1.  I could have her make a design from scratch by carving a wax mold. She this could be costly. Upwards of $2,000 depending on the design.

2. I could look thru a catalogue that she gave me that had a bunch of semi-mount rings (all-ready-made rings but without a center stone).  (I wanted to set the stone from my solitaire into a new ring, so I already had a stone)

3. I could find a semi-mount ring from anywhere else and bring it to her to reset my stone into it.

So I decided not to go with #1. Then I tried looking thru the catalogue but didn’t find anything I really liked so I didn’t go with #2.  So I looked around separately for semi-mount rings from Etsy, jewelery stores, Ebay, other local jewelers, etc.

I found a semi-mount that looked almost exactly like my dream ring above. So I contacted the designer of the replica and then worked more with him on perfecting the design.  He ended up making a whole new wax mold for me so that it was ecatly what I wanted.  He was great to work with and very reasonable in price!! The whole process took about a month.  When I got the semi-mount, I took it to the original jeweler that I talked to and she reset my stone into the semi-mount.

What would’ve cost me at least $4,500, ended up costing me about $1,170 total! Here are pics of the end result:

if you had your time again would you do it again?

Yep! It ended up saving us a lot of money.  It all depends on how you do it though and what kind of design you want.  I think trying to find a semi-mount and ordering a loose stone to set into is most affordable.  AND with semi-mounts there are SO many more options.

Cost compaired to similar premade rings?

Saved over $3,000! But I might be a rare case.  Going completely custom probably costs a lot.

… finally, what is your favorite part of the ring???

I love the side view and that I got exactly the dream ring that I wanted all along! <3

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2007

@MrsFutureG:  Thank you! Your ring is gorgeous, I love sapphires :-)!



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@Lfly:  Thank you!! 🙂

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

I had a horrible custom experience. Went with a very reputable jeweler but my ring ended up not looking like what we agreed on and on top of that had design flaws, symmetry issues, stones fell out etc. and it was very pricey! So after several failed attempts to correct their mistakes they offered me a refund. so I searched for a designer setting I liked “as is” because I was too fed up with custom. I am awaiting a Henri Daussi setting, very excited! I have known several people who had bad custom experiences. I would never go that route again.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

My fiance and I had my ring made custom.  I wanted a unique stone shape (oval), with a simple bezel setting, and believe it or not we could not find that anywhere in our city (FI wasn’t comfortable buying a ring online).  We went to a few different jewelers first to find the stone.  That was kinda frustrating – I seemed to know more about diamonds than the salesman at one store, so we left, and at another store the salesman had the nerve to tell me I didn’t really want an oval, I probably wanted a cushion (um, no, I said I wanted an OVAL, that means I want an OVAL.  I know what I want and don’t appreciate people not listening to me when I tell them what I want!  I’m a very very nice and patient person, except for in that setting…), so we left that store too.

Anyway, the ring shopping was getting very stressful until we went to the jeweler where we eventually had my ring made.  We had been avoiding them because their radio commercials are so annoying, but when we went there the saleswoman finally listened to me and made the process fun!  They must have brought about 20 ovals in for me to look at over the course of several weeks, but I eventually found a beautiful one.  We then had them do a custom (very simple) setting for it.

Overall it maybe cost slightly more than if we had found a pre-made setting, but I got exactly what I wanted and LOVE my engagement ring, and we stayed within our budget.


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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

My ring is custom made, it took my Fiance six momths to organise but that had more to do with the designer being very ‘artsy’ and not good with time management skills. When we had the ring appraised for insurance purposes it came in being worth $3000 more than what my Fiance paid for it. He was able to choose the exact stones he wanted and type of metals on the bands rather then being restricted to a ‘set’ design. Would definitely go down that path again in the future.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: May 2014

Used a highly respected online jeweler. Designed my ring based on a ring I loved that was not available pre-made.  I added some few modifications to it.  I was very involved in every aspect of it in conjunction with the jeweler, so it was VERY stressful at times trying to get my visions across. In hindsight, many of the stresses may have been of minutiae & my neurosis & likely drove the vendor crazy.  But he was amazing, patient, so talented and experienced.  I would totally do it all over again for my e-ring, that is.  For other rings in the future, it is definitely not worth the hassle.

Not sure if going custom saved money or not, since I couldn’t find a pre-made setting like it.  I still feel it was a good deal though!


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

I did not go custom for my engagement ring but have for several right hand rings and would definitely do it again. The main part isn’t choosing the ring design, it is choosing the right jeweler to execute the ring design. My rule with going custom is only trust jewelers with projects if I have seen them execute similar projects. I usually end up going with online jewelers rather than brick and mortar stores because the brick and mortars often don’t display their custom work OR keep photographs of it for you to look through (some do, but in my experience this is rare). I think that is very silly since the skills of jewelers vary and I don’t want to spend a lot of money only to find out in the end that the jeweler isn’t particularly skillful at a technique that was integral to the design. Online jewelers often have much more extensive portfolios and more reviews, which allows me to easily pick one whose aesthetic I like and who I can see has the skills to do what I want. Then I communicate with the jeweler about what I want, show them my inspiration pics, etc, and make sure we are compatible and on the same page. If I don’t feel like we are, I back out of the project, even if I have to leave my deposit, and start again with someone else. I’ve had very successful custom experiences, and mine were very reasonably priced too, though that part really depends both on what your design is and what your particular jeweler charges.


eta: Also, even if you are working with a brick and mortar jeweler, keep all your communication in writing. If you speak in person, be sure that someone writes down a summary and everyone agrees to it and signs it showing that they agree to it. This will save you a lot of hassle with them “forgetting” details or whatever.

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Bee Keeper

Yes, I would do it again (in fact I am now custom designing my FI’s man-gagement ring.)

It was more affordable than ready-made settings that were similar but not as nice. Mine’s a freaking work of art… I adore it!

My favorite part is seeing the angle or width of this or that aspect of it, and remembering my Fiance up late at the computer poring over CAD images tweaking it, a little thinner here… a hair higher there…etc. It’s the most personal “thing” I own, those memories of the time he took are worth so much to me.

ETA: We did not leave a deposit. We paid the full price only at the end. Less chance of problems with the jeweler this way, I think.

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  • Wedding: July 2013

My fiance designed my ring because I am in medical school and he knew prongs or pointy edges would just rip my gloves.  When he spoke to my mom about getting engaged, they went to my hometown and met with a very close family friend that is a jeweler.  That probably has a lot to do with why his experience was so wonderful.  We are working with her to make our wedding bands right now and it’s been a great experience.  We’ve definitely saved a lot of money (again a lot of that probably has to do with the family friend being the jeweler), but I feel like it is less expensive to get it made overall.  I also agree with joya_aspera.  It makes it so much more special when I think about every detail that was thought through!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2013

I’m on the fence with this, I loved a Tacori design so Fiance decided to buy a loose diamond and the Tacori setting.  He started researching jewelers and found one that gave him a better deal if he were to purchase the stone and let them make the setting. He went that route. 

My ring was perfect with very little variation to the original Tacori.  Since our engagement in August, I’ve had to send the ring back twice for minor repair.  This jeweler gladly paid for shipping and insurance ( they are out of my state) And repaired my ring.  FI and I both agree this setting is too delicate and neither one of us wants to worry about this happening again so we sent the ring back to the jeweler and are having them make a completely different More sturdy setting. I miss my sparkler:). 

Cost difference?  For my ring was very little comparing custom and Tacori around $1,000

Would we do it again?  We are doing it again, we feel our issues with the first setting was the design

My advice?  Research the Jeweler if you are planning to go the custom route, ask to see some of their work.  Most reputable Jewelers already have these prepared for reference.  If they’re excellent at what they do they’ll be more than happy to show off!!

IPAD isn’t cooperating putting these pics at the bottom of my post but the first pic is the setting I’m currently having made and the second pic is of my old setting.  

Good Luck!! 




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