(Closed) To the cloth diapering mommies… What made you decide to use them?

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From a practical standpoint, they work better for us than disposables have. We have NEVER had a leak or a blowout in cloth diapers, and while they haven’t been super common in disposables, they definitely happen. Also, we never had any diaper rash or redness at all when he was only in cloth- now that he’s in disposables during weekdays at daycare, we really need to use creams and sprays to prevent redness (which still kinda happens anyhow).

Also, I don’t know about formula poop since I’ve never experienced it, but I honestly don’t find breastfed-poop as gross as I’d have thought. Now that we do it, I don’t find it any grosser to use our washer for diapers than for clothes that have been thrown up on, or have been seriously muddied, or something like that.

Also, once they get a little older (for example, around 3 months for us), they’re not pooping nearly as often (for example, for us it’s only about once a day) so it’s not such a big deal if you want to spray it off into the toilet before you put it in the washer.

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See, Darling Husband and I are reversed.  I would like to use them, but Darling Husband thinks it’s disgusting.  I’m interested to see some comments here, can you maybe lead me through the process, and tell me honestly how disgusting it is (or isn’t?)

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The thought of leaving a poopy diaper in a diaper pail in my daughter’s room makes me want to vomit.


Since we’ve been doing cloth, all the dirty diapers go in the washer and are washed every night.  I don’t have to worry about an odor next to the changing table, or in the kitchen, or anywhere else that Darling Husband decides he’s going to toss a diaper just because it was convenient (at the time).  I especially hated the smell of our trash cans in the garage and the flies.  I can’t believe I ever used disposable now, the thought repulses me.  I’d rather deal with the smell for five minutes taking it off, rinsing it over the toilet, and putting it in the washer, than every day from every trash can in our house.

Also we used to have diaper blow outs all the time.  We haven’t had a problem with cloth.

I may once have had an issue putting poopy diapers in the washer.  Then the repairman came and I saw the inside of the drum of the washer.  …  Trust me.  Poop is the least of your worries.  THAT washes away clean.

I also like cute stuff on my baby and I think cloth diapers look cuter.  Disposables look trashy no matter how many muppets or disney characters they put on them.

(Really we had to because MB is allergic to something in the disposables, but I like to come up with reasons to appreciate that fact.)

Now to be honest, there are some things I miss about disposables.  Like the fact that they are so thin.  You can pack 20 in a one gallon bag.  And your baby doesn’t look like she’s smuggling coconuts in her diaper.  Or the fact that you don’t have to plan ahead.  Going somewhere?  You can always drop by 711 for diapers if you need to.  And you probably toss the diaper in someone else’s trashcan and let them worry about the smell.  They are amazingly absorbant.  I once spilled a soda in my car and cleaned it all up with a diaper and a wipe.  Versitile! 

But all of these can’t compare to the fact that I never have to shop for more diapers.  We have plenty always.  MB is more aware of her body and when she goes which makes ECing easier.  We don’t have to worry about mystery rashes (in fact she rarely has diaper rash anymore).  We don’t have to buy diaper creams because we don’t need them.  And I secretly hate wiping diaper cream on a butt that I just saw covered in smelly poop.  Even if I did just clean it.

If your child gets “diaper rash” only when in disposables, it’s probably not diaper rash!  Have the pede check for skin sensitivity.  One of the absorbatives they use in diapers has been banned in tampons because it cause TSS.  My opinion is that if it’s not good for me, it’s not good for my baby either.  I get the idea of internal vs. external application, but I feel good knowing I’m not exposing her to something that our bodies obviously don’t tolerate.

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Mine are breastfed, and we use cloth up until about 6 months when they start solids. Once they start solids.. it can get pretty gross.

Breastfed baby poop doesn’t really smell. I put them into a bucket with a little bleach in it and run them through at night.

Look into http://www.gdiapers.com/ . They might be a good comprimise for you! They also sell them at Babies R Us now. They are a cloth diaper cover, but you have two options for your liners. One is flushable, and the other is cloth. Then if you leave the house, you don’t have to carry soiled cloths home with you.


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I think they look cuter on her, especially in the summer when she hangs around the house in just a diaper.

Poop and spit up happen when you have a baby, it ends up in your wash whether you cloth diaper or not.  But breastfed poop is soluble so it’s easy to just rinse away.

My dogs try to eat the disposables.  

She wears disposables at night but if I put her in them too often her hiney gets red.  


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I don’t use them yet, she was just born Friday and the plan is to use disposable until she’s about a month when she’ll fit into the one size cloths a little better. I’m planning on using liners so it should make it a lot easier, kind of the best of both worlds.

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For my husband, it was the cost benefit that sold him in the beginning.  For me I wanted to cloth diaper because that is how I was raised and for whatever reason, it was important to me to follow in my mom’s footsteps.  Since we’ve actually been using cloth, we’ve only had one blowout and zero diaper rash.  Doing diaper laundry every 2 or 3 days is not difficult and not a huge drag on time.  Heck, Darling Husband does most of the diaper stuffing and changing and he is totally loving cloth in comparison to disposables.  My opinion on putting poop in the washing machine is this:  we’ve used dispoables maybe a handful of times.  One weekend in particular I was traveling and we had at least one blowout per day, sometimes more.  If I’m putting clothes that have poop on them in my washer, what does it matter if I’m putting diapers in?  You can always rinse or spray them first if it really bothers you to get the majority of the poop off before putting them in the pail or bag.

Besides, once you are a mom, you might be surprised by how “into” your baby’s poop you are and it might not be the big issue you currently think it is. 

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I babysat for a little boy who’s mom used cloth diapers with him and I saw how easy they really were. Once I got pregnant I looked into them and I haven’t looked back since! When my son was first born we used disposables at night and we were constantly having leaks. We cloth diaper fulltime now and we don’t have leaks or blow outs unless there is some type of operator error (husband didn’t fasten diaper correctly or the insert wasn’t thick enough).

I agree with all of the points that the pp have mentioned.. they are cuter, easier to wash than you might think, and I really don’t think there is any more “gross” factor compared to disposables. If you use a pail liner you can use that to put the diapers into the washer and just push the diapers out from the bottom of the bag and not have to touch them at all to put them into the washer.

Plus, can I say how nice it is to not have to run out to the store every time you need diapers? Plus when you buy a small packages of disposables they are atleast 10.00 a pack and all of that money just goes in the trash after you baby uses them! With cloth diapers I know that i can save my diapers for future children after my son is done using them. Plus, I’ve had no problem selling or trading diapers that i bought and didn’t like.. so that is money back in my pocket instead of completely gone! Also, CDing can be as cheap or as expensive as you want to make it. You could spend about 300 dollars on a stash that would work for a baby through potty training or you could spend more and get some awesome diapers and at the end of the day still have spent less than you would have using disposables over the course of your child’s diapering days.

There is a sticky thread up at the top of the board that has links to a bunch of sites that have good info about cloth diapering. Good luck!

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when I was little, about 12 or so, my aunts used cloth on my cousins. I said I’d use them too because it’s cheaper. Call me a bad peson,I’m more worried about saving money than the enviroment.LOL I also can use them for the next baby as well.

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I love this thread… I’m one of those bees that has known I’ve wanted to CD for a LONG time, and have mentioned it to friends even before getting pregnant. Hence I know that they will look at me and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because I haven’t dealt with blow-outs, etc. Aside from the fact that I babysat for my cousins for years and they were in cloth and I do actually know a bit about poopy diapers.. I still feel like I need to have a lot to say in return to the comments. Luckily Darling Husband is on board as are my parents at least (not that it’d matter if they weren’t but it’s nice that my mom is so into it too) but I still know I need to be prepared for questioning friends/family. For example, one of my friends said exactly that… “How can you think of putting dirty diapers in your washing machine?” Thanks to this thread I have some good retorts!!! Thanks guys!! 

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We had a blow out in every single disposable DS wore so even if we didn’t want to be putting poopy diapers into our washer we would be putting poopy clothing. By The Way it comes off the diapers easier. Darling Husband had the same concern with the washer as you. Don’t worry. It comes 100% clean.

DS love his cloth so much more than the disposables. You can just tell. I was also going through so many with him because he is super sensitive to the wetness, so running to the store everyday for a pack of disposables just wasn’t worth it to me. Plus these are so much more cost effective.

I couldn’t stand the thought of putting SAP and other chemicals on my childs tush past the first few days/weeks. I also didn’t like the idea of tossing something in the trash that was going to take 500+ years to break down. Did you know your poopy diaper is still sitting in a landfill somewhere?! Gross!

These are just so much easier. The process is really simple and I would recommend them to anyone who is willing to think a little outside the box. It’s better for my son, it’s better for the environment, and better for our pockets!


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