(Closed) To those dieting: What does a typical nights dinner look like?

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When I was trying really hard to keep my weight down before my wedding I’d usually eat some sort of fish (shrimp or salmon usually), salad and lots of veggies. I made sure I wouldn’t be hungry and binge later but I seriously cut back my carbs and sodium.

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Well there are two ways you can go about losing weight which affects what you eat for dinner. For me personally I have been able to stick to my healthier lifestyle for almost three years because nothing is off limits, I just eat less.

The popular way seems to be limiting to a huge degree what you can eat and cutting out all sorts of things that taste good and that we as women typically enjoy. My way (and the way I lost 120 pounds) was limiting myself on portions and making up for those smaller portions of naugthy things with larger portions of good things (steamed vegetables, dark green salads etc).

Oh and try using smaller plates, it tricks you body and mind into thinking you are eating more than you really are by having less empty space on the smaller sized plates.


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One serving of lean meat (chicken breast or fish) and two different veggies or veggie and salad.  No starch or starchy veggie.

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Mostly veggies and seafood.  Fruit for the sweet tooth.  Minimize starches.  

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@Treejewel19:  yup I totally agree.  I eat whatever I want, I just limit my portions.  If I want pizza, I’ll have one slice of cheese or veggie pizza and a bunch of salad or veggies to go with it.  Same goes for dessert.  The only things that I really consider off limits for me are donuts and cinnamon buns.  Also, I eat 5 meals a day.  Yup 5.  they are small meals and I basically space them out so it feels like i’m always eating, (so there’s no urge to munch or snack on unhealthy snacks).  I break my lunch and dinner up into two servings.

I lost 20 pounds this way in about 3 months two years ago and have maintained it.  

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I have been having mostly burritos/wraps and salads for dinner and snacking on fruit and other healthy stuff during the day.

You asked about dinner, so over the weekend and tonight, it was/is burritoswraps. This weekend, I made white meat chicken Ceaser wraps. Just the chicken, lettuce, fresh parmsan, and and enough dressing to coat. Tonight will be shredded beef on a layer of refried beans, with shredded cheese, tomatoes, green onion, lettuce, and a dollup of sour cream.

I have been tracking my food on SparkPeople.com, and have been doing really well with my choices. I have found that if I keep track of what I am eating, i.e., serving size, calories, fat, carbos, etc., it really helps to keep things under control.


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@Meowkers: Congrats on the weight loss!! I also eat several meals a day (around 4) to keep my metabolism going, I am never hungry. Oh and I gave up donuts several years ago, why are they so freaking delicious!?!

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I agree with @Treejewel19: on that using smaller plates/bowls makes them seem fuller, therefore tricking you into feeling like you have more.

I agree sometimes you run into ruts with food and it gets boring. I am not dieting but try (and do for the most part!) to just live a generally healthy lifestyle. I am also a veggie, so I dont eat meat. I usually have some type of rice with veggies done however or pasta with veggies. I do stir fry (rice with lots of veggie) or we make a quiche type thing (potato crust with eggs and lots of veg), make curry with lots o veg and rice, sometimes I have salad. I try and eat a heartier lunch so Im not starving at dinner time and can pick something healthy (if im starving I only want mac&cheese ;), but i also have pizza or whatever sometimes and thats fine with me. I also always have snack with me at work – fruit! crackers, cheese, hummus, yogurt.

eating a good breakfast is really helpful in my opinion. I know a lot of people watch their carbs or dont eat ‘starchy’ veggies like some above, but i dont do that. Really, all veggies are healthy, even if they are starchy. hell, if i have a salad i make a piece of toast to get my carb fill. I just try to eat fresh, whole foods – not processed junk. I also dont make things like ice cream, etc off limits, food is a joy in life, right?

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Fiance and I eat pretty bland at night, dinner is always meat (lean beef, chicken or fish) and vegetables.  We either have potato or kumara (think that is what you call sweet potato?) and then just mixed frozen veges.

During the day I find it harder to eat better, but as pp have said eating smaller portions is working for me.  I also don’t deny myself something I just eat a little bit of it – otherwise I will end up bingeing and it is way worse!

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i try to just eat some sort of meat and a salad of vegetables and try not to eat any carbs to cut down on the calorie intake, I also make sure i do not eat anything after dinner..


some meals we like to eat are wraps, healthy home made pizza, stir frys, souvlaiki’s (sp?), soups, cous cous salads, quite like potato bake or scolopped (sp??) potatos…


http://www.healthyfood.co.nz has the best ideas for healthy meal ideas i always look on it before i do my shopping every week

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I have been doing the online WeightWatchers just because I need the structure to keep an eye on my weight, and I LOVE it.  I had szechwan pork with rice and red peppers last night, and it was delicious!  They have a lot of good recipes that have been doctored to make them healthier…so good!

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eat smaller portions, use lunch plates, and if you can, leave some on your plate. 

snack on raw veggies and fruit instead of chips and chocolate. 

Keep hydrated! Water is best, but Crystal Light, etc, works too. In fact, before each meal, drink 2 glasses of water so you feel fuller faster. Stay away from juice and pop; they’re liquid sugar. 

Every meal should have 1/4 protein, 1/2 veggies, 1/4 starch. Corn and potatoes count as starches, not veggies. Choose whole-wheat whenever possible.

READ THE LABEL. I cannot stress this enough. Yeah, Becel might be ‘lower in cholesterol’, but have you read the ingredients? It’s one away from being plastic wrap. On the other hand, butter has two: Cream, may contain colour. Full fat milk is better for you than skim milk. Ask yourself – if they took away something (fat free, /light etc), what are they adding to make it taste good? (Hint: it’s usually salt).

Weigh out/measure your food. 3oz of meat isn’t as big as you think it is, and yet that’s a serving.

Treat yourself to a day “cheat” day to jumpstart your metabolism into burning more calories. Plus helps with the “deprived” feeling. 

For me, I always eat protein first. I’ve swapped out ground hamburger for ground turkey (don’t even notice a difference, really), only eat whole-wheat/whole-grain products (pasta, bread, etc), ALWAYS have a drink in my hand. I eat a variety of foods – for example: a poached egg on toast for breakfast, turkey sandwich with tomato & lettuce on whole wheat bread for lunch, sliced tomato with fresh mozza cheese for a snack, and then dinner is always something with the ratio I described above. And yes, I do eat a cereal sized bowl of air-popped popcorn with butter and salt nearly every night. It’s my chocolate!

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If you’re anything like me, tons of veggies and salads just don’t cut it! SO makes fun of me because I’ll snack all night after eating a “healthy” dinner. Stick to lean cuts of protein, but limit portions. We’ll just make a few lbs of chicken breast ligtly seasoned with olive oil and some spices, and that lasts for a few nights. We can make salads, wraps, or eat it on its own. Fish is also low cal and high protein. Here’s the kicker – substitute in good healthy grains for pasta and other starchy sides. My new favorite – whole wheat couscous from Trader Joe’s. Not healthier than veggies, but a small portion with diced peppers and onions mixed in seems to fill me up. Quinoa is also amazing, try making a greek quinoa salad with feta, spinach, olives, and lemon juice. SO’s mom has been making something called wheatberry salad recently, which is just delicious. I’ve never heard of wheatberries before, but they are high in fiber and are slightly crunchy and oh so fulfilling. Try some of these recipes:




The key is to lay off any unecessary seasoning – a tbsp or so of EVOO is fine, but don’t pile on the salt and cheese (though I’m a sucker for cheese, but a little can go a LONG way!) Again, portions are important. You can also add these sides onto some mixed greens during the week for a healthy lunch if you bring your lunch to work. Hope this is helpful!

@bebefly: Totally agree with the popcorn! Though I don’t air pop, I’ll use a tiny bit of olive oil on the stove and throw in some dried red pepper and dried chives. Sounds weird, but is SOOO good. And much much healthier than the microwave popcorn.

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