(Closed) To those that are married , can you share any registry tips ?

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  • Wedding: June 2009

Things I’m glad we registered for: Nice everyday dishware (ours is Fiestaware, and has held up really nicely), glass mixing bowls, KitchenAid stand mixer, new luggage set, air-tight kitchen storage containers.  

Things we probably didn’t need: Tea pot (we use the tea kettle all the time, but have only used the pot a few times), ice cream maker, 100-piece cookie cutters (that’s a LOT of cookie cutters to store, lol).

Things I wish we would’ve registered for, and purchased later: Garlic press, salad spinner, more cookie sheets (we only registered for two), more lasagna pans, round casserole dish, and ice bucket. 

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  • Wedding: August 2013

Glad we registered for new plates, nice pots and pans, dutch oven, nice blender, nice new towels

Somewhat glad we registered for a KitchenAid mixer

Glad we didn’t bother registering for fine china

Hm.  I’ll keep thinking and update if I come up with anything else!

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Glad we registered for the every day dishes and flatware (they actually do see every day use).  Kitchenaid mixer was worth it simply because I bake frequently enough – it’s amazing to stumble on a recipe for cream cheese brownies and not have to schedule a day and time to borrow my mother’s.

The most surprisingly useful thing we registered for was an electric kettle.  It sees almost daily use.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

Kohl’s registry sucks, but I sent them an email about it and they said thankyou.  Now whether they fixed it…  

take time to research your items. Like if you need a pot set.  First, do you really need a new pot set?  Second, you can get anyting from copper lined stainless steal to Heavy aluminum to hard anidized, and the list goes on.  I personally have heavy aluminum pots and pans that were handed down by my grandparents.  Only aluminum tends to leak out in the food when you cook anyting acidic like tomatoes, and has been linked to alheimer’s and who knows what else.  non-stick coating: poisionus.  The five safe materials are”  stainless steal, hard anodized aluminum, clad, ceramic, glass, and a few on the list I’m weary of: green pans and emaneled cast iron, only because I don’t know that much about them.

Be consience of your plastics, too.  This is a great time to “splurg.”  A $10 glass tea pitcher may sound like alot for a pitcher, but I guess not if your like me.  I have more kitchen gagets than anything else in the house combined.  (can you tell?)  A plastic tea picture likey has chemicals that can leak into the tea, and I can steep the tea in a heat resistant glass.  but I guess what I’m trying to say is, start with what you need, do research, because the only thing worse than a crapy gift is a crapy gift you asked for.  I have done alot of looking on consumerreports.com over the years.  They claim to be non-byist.

Put a complete span of price ranges on your registry at each store.  Keep store registries to a minimum. 

It wasn’t on my registry, because I had already bought it for myself (one of the drawbacks to getting married later in life LOL!) but my favorite thing I have is a REALLY GOOD knife set complete with butchers block.


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things i love:

crock pot- we use it at least once a week. it’s my favorite thing in my whole kitchen.

pasta boat- this thing is so handy! no more waiting for water to boil or stirring pasta, etc. just throw it in the microwave!

our dishes-we got fiestaware from bed bath & beyond and vida by eva mendes from macy’s- they’re both awesome.

mixing bowls of various sizes- my husband didn’t think we needed so many, but they’ve all come in very handy.

salad spinner- my husband has never seen/used one before and was very impressed by it, haha. ours can also be used as a storage container and it keeps our lettuce fresh for a really long time!

things that we should have skipped-

rice cooker- i think we’ve used it maybe twice.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

@asb983:  Glad I registed for fine china and only got one.  I actually didnt want it but I was able to return it and get my kitchen aid mixer!!! 😀  Glad I didnt register for a vacuum, they ended up coming out with the new version right after we got married and I bought that one with the GCs to BBB.  Glad I registered for the H2O steamer. LOVE IT!!!!!!  Everyone mentions how shiny my kitchen floors are 🙂 

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  • Wedding: May 2013

Oh lets see…

Glad we registered for- new everyday dishes (hated my college ones), new silverware (granted I had to return them for rusting but got new ones that are great so far), new glasses, nice wine glasses, Bissell Green Machine  (MUST HAVE if you have carpet and plan to have kids or pets or you’re a klutz like me!), copper/stainless pots and pans w/o teflon (they’ll last forever), only 2 teflon coated skillets, two generic bathroom sets, the best towels around, new coffee pot, new toaster oven

Should have passed on this dust buster/vacuum contraption DH couldn’t live without. We use it a lot but its kind of crappy for how expensive it was. We should have jsut done a normal dirt devil.

I passed on most everything else…..sheets, bedding, any other kitchen gadget, spoons, spatulas, decor items, serveware, etc.

Don’t bother registering for odds and ends like measuring cups and frames that you must have. People will buy those but there will be strays.


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  • Wedding: August 2012

Make sure you have a variety of price points.  We had everything from towels & sheets to a Keurig.  We use our everyday dishes, well, every day haha.  I use the Keurig every day too (a group of coworkers pooled money together to get it for us!)  

We did mostly upgrades of our kitchen items as we were combining two independent households.  We had a big spring yard sale to get rid of our old pots & pans, mismatched dishes, and old coffee pot.

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  • Wedding: November 2013

I am so glad that we registered for our blender, the Calphalon pans, and my Le Creuset/bakeware things (Silpat, cookie scoop, cooling racks, etc)

What I wish we hadn’t registered for are all of the serving platters (like a chip and dip stand, turkey platter, etc) and entertaining crap because a) our house is too small to have more than like 3 people over and b) it’s taking up a ton of space in my hall closet now and I can’t even use it. I might eventually, but I have two sets of friends with much larger houses that loooooooove to entertain, so apart from taking my wares with me, they probably won’t get a lot of use. =

I also could have done without our new towels. I do like the shower curtain and bath mat, though. And the towels match. But I stupidly registered for different colors and now I have one complete set of towels in every color on top of the towels we already own. TOO MANY TOWELS! And I never use those small hand towel things. They’re such an awkward size.

I say register for what you need and what you’d like to upgrade (my blender was a POS, my nonstick coating is coming off some of my cookware, stuff like that). And I desperately wanted Le Crueset bakeware and a cookie scoop (I hate using a spoon) so I’m super thrilled that I got that stuff. XD

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  • Wedding: October 2013

Bed, Bath & Beyond registry was great. Easy to use, and we got a ton of stuff from there. Target was kind of a pain and we got less stuff from there than we had expected.

Top Items: Plateware, silverware, pots and pans. Bedding, shower curtain, curved shower rod (Seriously I’m in love with it), new towels, behind the toilet bathroom organizer, vacuum cleaner

Things we registered for and got but have been less useful: Blender, crock pot, pyrex, dust buster, storage containers

Register for the things you think you will use most. We do a lot of cooking, so we did a lot of kitchen goods. The basics that we use everyday are the best, by far (plates, silverware, cookware). We did not register for fine china because we would never use it.

We did bedroom & bathroom basics that we use everyday (bedding, sheets, towels). We didn’t do stuff for our spare bedroom or spare bath. Guests can use the old stuff. haha 🙂

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@lilchicana:  OMG The Fiance is making it our personal mission in life to return our salad spinner (we didn’t register for it but my friend got it for us anyway.)  I was originally going to register for it but decided against it because they seem kind of big and bulky and odd to store.  

Now that we have one (haven’t used it yet because it’s in my homestate at my mothers) I’m glad but he thinks they’re so unnecessary.  He likes soaking wet salad, apparently.

Good to know you like your so much!

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  • Wedding: September 2012

Things we loved: TOOLS (circular saw, clamps, large tool chest, staple gun,  misc. stuff we needed), every day dishes and glasses, and our camp kitchen.

Things we registered for but probably shouldn’t have: Pressure cooker

Things I wish we would have registered for: Nice bath hardware (waste basket, soap dish, toothbrush holder, etc.).  They have some awesome stone ones at BBB, but I felt bad putting a $45 waste basket on our registry.  But looking back, I wish I would have done it.


Just make sure you are realistic when you register.  Sure a pressure cooker or bread maker is really awesome, but how often are you really going to use it?  You also probably don’t need 10-12 sets of towels.  Also think about space.  Do you have room for all of those kitchen gadgets and linens?

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  • Wedding: May 2013

I loved everything I registered for! I used Bed Bath & Beyond, and Crate & Barrel (online option & store locations made sense for our guests). I was very careful in registering things that we really will use though. I was so glad to register for luggage; neither of us had good luggage and we loved toting our new suitcases to travel together! Loved getting some bigger items like our dyson vaccum cleaner & steam mop. 

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