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I’m not crazy about waxing my underarms.  It is one of the more painful waxings and I hate growing out the hair and being a gross sweaty mess for a few weeks before the wax.  If you have a good photographer, they should be able to photoshop out the shadow but really how many pictures are you going to take with your arms in the air?

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@FutureMrsChaney: I feel your pain on the shadow…I think any time you have dark hair and lighter skin, it’s bound to happen. 🙁 I’ve found that using a men’s razor helps decrease the appearance of the “shadow” a little bit, though–they also tend to be of higher quality than women’s razors and you get a closer shave. I’d suggest trying that route, if you haven’t already, before waxing your armpits (OUCH!).

There are also depilatories like Nair and Veet that you could try, but be sure to test them on a less sensitive area first!

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@FutureMrsChaney: I’ve been considering the same thing, but I think I’m leaning towards laser hair removal. I don’t wear tank tops very often because of that problem, so a more permanent solution sounds better…I’ve had laser hair removal on parts of my legs and bikini and have found that there is a huge difference with just 1 treatment on the areas where my hair is darkest and the dark follicles are gone (yay!) It’s kind of painful, but I’m not sure how it compares to the pain of waxing- I’ve never had anything waxed.

I would think waxing would get rid of the shadow look, because you are pulling the whole hair out. I would do a trial before the wedding so that you’ll know how far in advance of your wedding day to get waxed (everyone’s hair grows at different speeds, so you’ll want to do it close enough to the wedding to be sure you wont have re-growth and far enough so you wont have redness/irritation.) 

Definitely take some ibuprofen (or something stronger) a little while before going for either waxing or laser, because I’ve heard from quite a few people that armpits are super painful compared to other body parts!

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I wax my armpits on a regular basis. I used to have that gross dark shadow in my armpits and waxing has solved the problem.

Its painful and was especially bad when I first started. I used to wax my legs with wax subsitutes, but only real wax works on my armpits. I had it done in a salon once, then figured I’d be able to do it on my own. The first time, I made the mistake of waxing a little, giving up and then shaving the rest. That meant that I had hair on different growth cycles!! After a couple of months (and one instance of letting it grow pretty long!!) I’m now on a good schedule. I wax usually once every week or two weeks in the summer and then maybe once or twice a month in the summer.

I’m a total convert. I used to be pretty self-conscious about my underarms, but now I feel fine. And even if there’s some small hair growth between shaves… I actually feel better about a couple stray hairs than I did about my dark spots.

I use the brand Parissa. Its awesome. Good luck!!

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I don’t know if you can get the brand in the States… but here is the website from their box:


Its the best kind I’ve found at drug stores… but I’m sure you’ll have access to great products at school! That’s awesome by the way! I do a lot of home beauty stuff… it’d be great to have formal training!

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im portuguese and have black hair too i even wax my arms even though they arent that hairy, but yes waxing your underarms gets rid of the shadow and it only hurts for a second, oh and parissa is the kind of wax i use, i buy warm wax works wonders! 

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I also had the shadow problem! I’ve done both waxing and now lasering.  I got a super good deal on the laser treatment through groupon (3 sessions for $99) and even though I’ve only had the 1st session so far, the difference is INCREDIBLE.  Totally worth it – once the treatments are done, I’ll never have to worry about it again, unlike with shaving, waxing, or other depilatory treatments.  If you can find a reputable place and can afford it, I highly recommend lasering your underarms. 

The one thing is that they require six weeks between treatments, so make sure you give yourself enough time before the wedding.

To answer your original question – waxing does work.  It hurts a lot, though, and for a day or so instead of the dark shadow you have a red shadow!  Or at least I did.  So if you’re going this route, make sure to schedule the wax for a few days before the event.

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Have you heard of sugaring? You can make sugar wax (AKA halawa) at home on your stovetop. I learned several months ago and it’s pretty easy to make. It’s just sugar, water, and lemon or lime juice. You can find recipes and detailed instructions online and videos of how to make/use it on YouTube.

It took me awhile to get good at using the stuff, because it can turn into a sticky mess if you don’t know what you’re doing… but you just jump in the shower and wash it all off. Once you figure it out, it’s great. I’ve never used hot wax before, but I’ve heard it’s much more painful than sugaring. You use the sugar wax at room temperature, so no burns!

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I am in the middle of laser hair treatments for my underarms (half-Italian girl here!) and it is fantastic. The cost is slightly pricier than waxing, but when you consider that you only have to do it about 5 times, versus a lifetime of waxing it is actually much more cost effective. It completely rids you of any dark shadow.

In terms of pain, I find it to be considerably less painful than waxing…and the pain actually decreases with each treatment as there is less and less hair to laser each time you go.

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