(Closed) Told A Stranger Off Today and Did Something I Probably Shouldn't Have

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@Olive12:  this made my evening. I’m glad you stood up for yourself. People can be assholes. 

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@Olive12:  wow. I have taken the park and ride out of Cypress and it is never quiet…You have every  right to be irritated!

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Lol. We have all had moments where some stranger pisses us off. TGIF!

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🙁 Boo for rude people. Yesterday I was getting off of the interstate and I was in the far right lane to get off at the next exit, and it’s one of those areas where people are getting on. There was a car going slower than me in the lane to the left of me, and I was going the speed limit already, but this car was flying down the entrance ramp and expected me to slow down to under the speed limit to let their speeding ass on. I obviously didn’t because that is dangerous and kept going. They almost hit me flying behind me and swerved through two lanes to the left then swerved back into the one next to me and proceeded to honk and flip me off. And then she sped off. As I got off of the exit ramp and drove on the overpass, I saw a sheriff fly after them and pull them over. They had seen the whole thing. Beeotch got what she deserved 🙂

Sorry you had to go through that, but he will get what is his. They always do. Someday a bird is going to shit right on his head.

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Jerks like this seem to just enjoy upsetting other people.  If you see him on the bus over the next several weeks I would sit one row behind him and make another phone call even if it’s just to your cell phone provider to check on your service.  Next time he says “do you mind?” you can smile and say “you have a nice day!”

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@Olive12:  I applaud you for standing up for yourself with poise and civility. I am sure it would have escalated if you had chosen to be much nastier or used far less dignified words (as I *sigh* likely would have). 

And LOL at you following him like a creeper! What exactly did you plan on doing with this info? 😛

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@Olive12:  Psssh, I say kudos to you! This jerk had it coming. I’m sure he’s used to just assing his way around the world, and I hope it DID scare him a little! And you’re right, he prolly he thinks he can step all over women especially. So glad you stood up to yourself.

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Nice, good for you, that guy was super rude!  I will say though, sometimes people talking on the phone in public places piss me off because they talk soooooo loudly.  Like 10x the normal volume of a regular conversation.  So when that’s the case, I definitely give people long and dirty looks.

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I never understand the logic behind the “unspoken” rule of no phones on the bus. As far as I’m concerned so long as you aren’t being louder than usual conversation noise then it’s fine. Good for you for telling him what’s what!

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@Olive12:  What a jerk! Good on you for standing up for yourself! I don’t know why people have an issue with people talking on their phones on transport/in shopping centres etc. if your friend was there with you, rather than on the other end of the phone, would they have an issue? I doubt it!

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Etiquette Snob here… (comes with my job)

So I’ll address those issues first…

And I’ll tell you right off… you are not gonna like what I am about to say… (sorry)

From an Etiquette point of view, sorry but you’d be in the wrong here.

It is not polite to take phone calls in public (Phone Calls = Private Communications).  You really should have told your friend that it was an inconvenient time, and either ask her to call you back, or get her contact details.

— — —

As for taking a pic of his license plate and following him (what did you think you were doing… intimidating him ?)

Sorry, but that is just borderline cra-cra behaviour…

He’d certainly have a case if something had happened (such as you had somehow not braked hard enough at a light and rear-ended him).  “Officer this wacky woman confronted me when I got off the bus, and she began to follow me home”

Honestly you need to re-read your post sometime in the future after you’ve calmed down and ask yourself if this is “normal” behaviour

(Reverse the roles… think how you would have felt in his shoes… and some guy from the bus following you down the road, taking a pic of your car etc)


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