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It’s like that with my family and the names William, David, and Emily. I know what I won’t be naming my future kids!

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@crisy003:  two of my very good friends have the same name as me (Jill)  and DH’s very good friend’s wife is also named Jill.  including me, there were 4 Jill’s at my wedding. 

i didn’t think Jill was that common of a name.

 usually there are 3 of us Jill’s together, we also have nicknames for each other but don’t always use them.  we typically know which jill the other jill wants.

i will usually just say the last name or Jill and last initial if I am talking to someone else. 

i’ve had people call my name many times and i didn’t answer because i assumed they were trying to get the attention of the other Jill.


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My twin aunt both married guys named Joe. As did 2 aunts on the other side of the family. I also have two great uncles named Joe. Also 2 uncle John’s and 2 cousins named John.

Then I have 2 cousins who are named after their mothers’ maiden names.

My family clearly isn’t big on finding new names.

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  • Wedding: May 2014

We have two Kevins and two Mikes in the wedding party.

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@crisy003:  Alot of my family try to keep names different so I haven’t had that problem (although my dad did tell me once if he could he would have named both his sons after him -2 different mothers…yea so thankful that didn’t happen). But wanna hear confusing in my bridal party my Maid/Matron of Honor and a Bridesmaid or Best Man names are Krysta & Krystal and 2 other Bridesmaid or Best Man names are Domnique and Domnique …yea with the 2 “Domniques Fiance and I say Domie for the younger 1 and Dom/Fano wifey for the next. For my Maid/Matron of Honor we just call her K and the other Bridesmaid or Best Man has a funny way she says her name that’s been used as a nickname for years now. Nicknames are my bestfriends lol.

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Oh my gosh, my dad’s whole side of the family are the worst for keeping names “in the family” so to speak. 

My Dad and his siblings are Paul, Robert, Brian, Mark, Annie and Robin. 

Robert – Married an Annie

Mark – Married an Annie, seperated then married a Robyn

Annie – dated a Brian back when my Mum first started seeing my Dad

Plus now my dad and FI’s dad have the same first name (thankfully FI’s dad goes by his middle name), but we are planning on using that as a middle name for our first son. 

Aaand to top it all off, my Fiance shares a name with one of my above uncles. 


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In our family it’s “Michael”.


My aunt married a Michael.  Well, technically his name was Joseph.  But in HIS family, Joseph was the name too many people had, so he went by Michael.


I have 2 first cousins named Michael, two uncles named MIchael, and my cousin’s longterm boyfriend is named Michael.

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@crisy003:  I don’t have this problem, but I died laughing at the possible initials being A.S.S.! XD I better be careful with choosing my kids’s names since my future last name will begin with an S!!! And I liked the name Andrew… LOL

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Oh man! I totally feel you on the common name dilemma. My dad’s name is Steve, my brother’s name is Steve, my fiance’s name is Stephen, my best friend’s brother is named Stephen, and my boss’s name is Steve. It can get annoying because the Stephen’s are sometimes called Steve.

My mom wanted me to name my daughter (if I ever have one) Stevie! I told her that she is out of her mind. I must have a weird magnetism to everyone named Steve.

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We have a plethora of Mikes and Jims. My fiance, and 2 of my uncles are Mike. Both of our dads, his brother, and my MOH’s partner are Jim. It is both confusing and easy, lol. 

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@crisy003:  Haha my Fiance and my brother share a name as well. It does get really confusing sometimes! And awkward when I accidently text my brother a message thats meant for my Fiance or tag the wrong one on facebook lol


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On my mom’s side of the family we have 3 Joe’s (DH, my uncle and my sister (she goes by Jo as a nickname), 2 Glen’s, 2 David’s and almost all of the rest are either names starting with T, J or M.  It’s annoying. 

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We have this problem at my DDs house.  Her husband’s name is Dave.  Her Father-In-Law is Dave.  Her SIL’s Darling Husband is Dave.  Their son is Dave.  We all get together for bday parties for the gkids.  Just walk in and say “Hi Dave!” and you will get a chorus of “Hi” back at ya.

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@crisy003:  my dad’s side of the family has a total of five names for twelve men/boys. I’m talking those five names are used for first and middle names! So the two youngest are similar to Robert Alfred and Alfred Robert while having fathers with one or both of those names and uncles with each. It’s so annoying. 

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My Cousin in law is greek.  Her children are paul and maria.  Her mum and dads name are paul and maria.  The childrens cousins names are paul and maria.  Two of the cousins are paul and maria.  I think like 70% of people in their family are either paul or maria haha.  I don’t have much to do with them as they are not my immediate family but the couple of times they’ve had a family event for my second cousins, it’s been so confusing!  Easy to guess someones name if you forget though 😛

bleusteel:  I noticed the way they seem to know automatically which one is being referred to! Spooky 🙂

On another note, my housemate and his girlfriend have the same name (Ashley and Ashleigh) 

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