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From what I understand the whole 8-10 glasses includes water you consume in your food. Unless you are incredibly physically active and outdoors all day I see absolutely no reason why you should be drinking 11, 12+ glasses of water a day. It’s literally causing you physical discomfort. That should be sign enough. 


But to answer your question – yes. You can drink too much water. While you’re not at this point, people have died after excessive water consumption.


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Bee Keeper

From personal experience, it takes a lot of water to overdose… I drink tons of it and have zero problems. However, I think you are dramatically increasing your intake in a short time and your body doesn’t like this big change. I suggest you taper it back to your usual amount and slowly increase your water intake. Don’t drink when you’re not thirsty. Your body will get better and better at telling you when you’re thirsty. Don’t force water down.

I think the cause of the cramps is probably electrolyte imbalance, in other words, you are not getting enough salt and potassium to balance the water you’re drinking. Again, by gradually increasing your water intake to match your gradually increasing thirst, this won’t happen. I don’t want to give you the impression that I eat a lot of salt or anything, I really don’t, but my body always tells me when I need water, and when I haven’t eaten for a while, it doesn’t want as much. It figures out the balance perfectly by itself.

A sign of thirst you may not recognize: mild headache

A sign of “no more water, thanks” you may not recognize: The water tastes particularly flat and unappealing.

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@mattsgirl813:  I have been going to my doctor for stomach issues– she recommends 2 liters a day.  its a lot but its safe.

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@joya_aspera:  agreed. I also drink absurd amounts of water — over a gallon a day usually. Since being pregnant, I have been having some dry mouth and my OB recommended that I may want to even INCREASE that amount of water, since my body needs more because I’m pregnant even though the amount I drink already bordered on ridiculous.

When I drink too much water, I simply get a stomachache from the volume itself. I have never ever experienced negative effects from too much water like what you’re describing — and I’ve had days where I probably put down closer to 2 gallons, seriously. Is there anything else that could be causing the pains you’re having? I’d be more inclined to blame food than water.

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@mattsgirl813:  I try and drink at LEAST a gallon of water a day, and I know a lot of people who do the same.. You definitely might just be needing to adjust. I know that drinking enough water is supposed to help with digestion and prevent constipation..So maybe your extra water is just helping you move things along a little bit quicker than usual and is upsetting your stomach. Hopefully it will settle down soon!

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I was following a diet plan where it recommended drinking 3 litres of water per day! I managed to do it, but I was literally having to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes. I have heard you can ‘drown’ yourself with too much water, but I dont think the stomach cramps are from the water. As one person suggested, it might be an electrolyte imbalance. If you are worried about your water intake, try eating fruits and vegetables with higher water contents to balance it out. 

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OP,is the water too cold? It can cause cramps if too cold and pains if gulped too fast.

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If you’re drinking it all really quickly (say 12 cups in 30 minutes) that could cause electrolyte imbalance, but drinking that over 8 hours shouldn’t be an issue. I drink between 12 and 20 cups of water during my work day (it’s not necessary, but I’m thirsty a lot) and have no issues (other than having to pee lol).

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@mattsgirl813:  rule of thumb, drink half your body weight in ounces.

so, if you weigh 100lbs, you would need to drink 50 oz.

if you exercise, drink more.

it is possibly to drink too much water, but if you are eating food, you won’t have a problem. Drinking water dilutes the sodium in your body.  But as long as you are intaking salt, you will be fine.

Ice Cold water sometimes gives me cramps.  I only drink room temperature water.



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