(Closed) Took a personal day off work.. Anyone else take a day off they dont really need?

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I have a job where it isn’t really feasible to take days off without advanced planning, since I see patients and can’t reschedule their appointments without some notice. I have definitely had days where the absolute last thing I want to do is go to work, but I always make myself go. 

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I’m in a job that if I take off it’s not that big of a deal.  I definitely try not to inconvenience others when I take off.  But in a former job I really didn’t care about taking time off because I hated the job that much.

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I have the kind of job where if I don’t show up, my work sits undone and I still have to do it when I get back, so taking a mental health day is really just making the day I came back an extra hard and stressful day. Plus, I have to hoard my PTO days because it seems like at least once a week, one of my kids gets a fever or some malady that gets them sent home from school/daycare.


I do plan to take a day off soon, but I am waiting for the weather to get nicer. Inevitably I’ll schedule a day off, get all my work done in advance, look forward to having a Me Day for weeks, and just as I am happily skipping off to do fun stuff, I’ll get the dreaded call from daycare that one of the kids has a 101 fever and has to go home. Bonus- they can’t go back the next day either, so now not only is my Me Day ruined, but I’ll have to try and work from home next day while entertaining a sick and crabby 2 year old. It happens so much that I’ve basically given up on ever getting a day to myself.

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Absolutely.  You shouldnt only take days off work just because you have something on the go.  Everybody needs time to relax.  Sometimes you can book a vacation but then your body needs a break before that.  I have called in on mornings when I had a fine day at work the day before but I knew I just wasnt able to go in a work a good days work.  I used to work a job where it was my job was to review paperwork that engineers submitted and enter data into a database.  There were a couple days where if I went in then I would not of gotten anything done.  After I did call in I felt absolutely no guilt and neither should you.  We cant always plan when we need a break.

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As it happens I took this afternoon off work. My mum threatened to commit suicide on Monday. No attempt was made but obviously worried about her state of mind. She’s been sending me ghastly emails about our wedding for a little while, all with a similar theme of “you should do this because I’m not sleeping with worry” and I’ve been mostly pacifying her. She’s also screamed at me and been rude about Fiance. At the weekend I sent a polite but firm message saying enough was enough and she needed to get over it. At lunch today she sent another email blaming me for her wanting to commit suicide and I just can’t focus on work right now. It sucks that she feels like this. And it sucks that it’s affecting me too.

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I’m taking a personal day today!

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LOL at least once a month. Sometimes just working from home, sometimes doing nothing at all- usually if I notice a day is particularly light and I don’t have a ton going on I will just rearrange a bit and take the day 🙂 

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I’m a firm believer in mental health days. My parents actually started the practice by giving me a couple of them each school year, starting in high school. I think it’s an extremely necessary thing.

Unfortunately, I started a new job back in November and can’t take any time off for the first six months. Counting down the days until I can re-claim my mental health days!

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Not usually. But now that I have work at home capabilities I just stay home and work if I feel that way. I don’t really interact with anyone at my job either and work solo but I still really NEED to take my job home more than a few days a week.

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I usually fall into a slump after working a couple months with no extra time off.  When this happens I usually “preschedule” personal or sick time off.  Our PTO is set up as personal time, sick time and vacation time.  We have far more sick time than personal time and I hate to use my vacation time for anything other than vacation. Due to the nature of my work it is easier to preschedule (but not tell anyone) time off so I don’t come back to the office with even more work to do.  

I usually take a sick day 2-3 times a year for mental health reasons.  I also use sick time for doctors appointments and will sometimes take an appointment in the early afternoon and then not go back to work (I am an hourly employee).  This helps keep me sane and focused at my job.

I actually plan to take a sick day next week.  It will be the 1 year anniversary of my dads death and I know that I will want some time to myself, so I am not scheduling any appointments at work and will call in sick that day. 

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Oh man kitchens are SO hard. I’ve worked in/around the restaurant industry for years – as a server in uni, now in marketing & management – and cooking is one of the most gruelling and stressful jobs I’ve seen. Even being a server was far more stressful than my management jobs have been. I don’t know if it’s the same where you live, but the crazy hours, high tension, and culture of assholery and suck-it-up-ishness is extreme. I don’t blame you!

I think it’s important to give yourself a break now and then. Just remind yourself that it’s better to take a day off now than to push yourself to the point where you burn out and have to give it up entirely. You’ll be a better worker as well if you can come at it fresh. 

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I personally haven’t taken a mental day or a sick day for myself, but last week I took a sick day to spend time with my husband because he wasn’t feeling well. We spent the day cuddling and watching Netflix 

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