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@Cwoodward:  OK it’s been a while for me but I’ll play. HATED:

1. Morning sickness. Better named “all day sickness”.

2. The swelling. OK I knew my tummy would swell. But my fingers, toes and face?

3. Trying to sleep.

4. Constant peeing, I’m with you there.

5. Constant comments of “are you due this week?” (or variations thereof), from 6 months. I guess that comes from being short.


1. Feeling baby move, I agree

2. License to eat what I want, I’m with you there too!

3. My boobs! I’m normally an A cup so it was nice to get bigger

4. The excitement and anticipation.

5. The attention πŸ™‚

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Is also been a while for me too 


1. Feeling the baby move

2. All the extra love you receive from everyone

3. You can indulge a bit more

4. It just made me feel so happy all the time


1. Feeling fat

2. Sore back towards the end

3. Hard to sleep 

4. Going to the toilet all the time

5. Leg cramps at night

All in all the good definitely out weighs the bad. I loved being pregnant:)

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1. Feeling baby move around
2. Not worrying about belly rolls when I sit down ;P
3. How it has made my husband and I even closer
4. People are generally more friendly to me
5. Buying baby stuff!

1. Less range of motion :/
2. Thighs getting bigger
3. Heartburn!
4. All-day sickness in the first trimester
5. Back pain! 

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1. Feeling baby move around. It’s the most incredible sensation

2. Buying and prepping for baby

3. The round preggo belly

4. Watching DH talk to the baby (belly)

5. Growing closer to DH


1. The upper back pain

2. The attention from strangers (I’m slightly introverted it makes me uncomfortable sometimes)

3. Heartburn

4. The fact that it’s now a chore to put on socks/shoes or to get in and out of the car. 

5. The cost of maternity clothes! 

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Constant peeing

Back pain (has decreased a lot since I quit my job, yay!)


Watching the number on the scale keep creeping up

Difficulty breathing



Baby dance parties

Buying and registering for cute baby things

Eating whatever I’m craving and not feeling guilty

Watching DH “interact” with baby – talking to her and feeling her move

Not having to button my pants

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1. Feeling baby move, and knowing that the tiny human my DH and I created together is constantly growing in my belly.

2. The way DH looks at me, and has fallen even more in love with me. He said the sweetest thing the other day and it made me cry. He said I don’t understand how any man could ever be upset or unattracted to his wife when she gains weight, or gets stretch marks from carrying his own child. That pregnancy is beautiful and that a woman’s body is a miracle. He rocks!

3. The attention, and not in an attention whore kind of way but I love all the love that is already there for our baby.

4. My belly! It’s super cute, and I feel pretty great most of the time.

5. Getting the nursery ready and driving myself crazy dreaming about whether this little one is a boy or girl.



1. The crappy symptoms like heartburn and fatigue that I can’t seem to shake.

2. Not being able to breathe when I bend over to do anything like put shoes on, or being unable to get out of bed or a chair easily.

3. Lack of sleep from the million pee breaks and being uncomfortable, and always being warm!

4. Giving up foods I like and drinking and being worried about contamination, or avoiding people who are sick, or being worried when someone uses chemicals near me.. just the general concept of having to avoid so many things.

5. Even though my anxiety hasn’t been horrible.. worrying that something is wrong or will go wrong with the pregnancy or the baby during birth. So many good people have sad things happen to them and I just hope we don’t have any issues. Although I think giving birth will only be the start of my mommy worries!

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Bump – not pregnant yet but it is so nice to read the top 5 loves πŸ™‚ 

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1. Feeling my baby move, i can understand why so many mom’s say its the number one thing they miss about being pregnant. Seeing how much our boy has grown every time we have a scan. Hearing his heartbeating.

2. Listening to my husband talking and singing to our boy. It’s the most touching thing and I love how he ends off by kissing my belly and saying I love you.

3. Seeing my body changes – i love that i finally look pregnant.

4. Smiles from everyone, especially other moms to be, its like you joined some secret club.

5. Daydreaming about what it will be like when he is here. Actual dreams of holding him, feeding him and cuddling him.

I’m going to add an extra one because it’s important

6. I love all the other July Momma’s to be – our little group rocks!



1. My SIJ dysfunction – im thankful that it has mostly been under control for the last few weeks, but i can tell that i’m in for a rough few days after my latest growth spurt.

2. I hate that I dont really have any clothes that fit and maternity wear in South Africa is awful so I dont know what i’m going to be wearing when I eventually have to stop squeezing myself into my old clothes. 

3. The peeing – i only really hate this when my SI joint is acting up and it’s hard to walk to the loo or when we’re in a public place and there arent any loo’s nearby

4. I hated the first 12 weeks of pizza face, but that has since cleared and now I hate the marks all the pimples I didnt even touch left on my face.

5. Anxiety – i try to only focus on the positives, but sometimes can’t help but worry about all the what ifs


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Fun thread πŸ™‚


1. The attention. I’m an introvert and people constantly asking me questions and touching me just skeeves me out, whether I know them or not. Plus a lot of my answers lead to criticism and ‘helpful’ unsolicited advice.

2. The weight gain. Its a little hard on the ego.

3. Hip/pelvis joint dysfunction that’s landed me in physical therapy 3-4 days a week. I’m unable to exercise until 6-8 weeks postpartum. Makes me sad!

4. Heartburn! Ouch.

5. I can’t come up with anything else πŸ™‚


1. Feeling our baby kick and wiggle around

2. Working on the nursery with DH. We are having so much fun!

3. DH talking to my belly trying to solicit a kick from baby boy

4. Buying baby clothes and tiny cloth diapers, especially when my husband picks them out because he gets a HUGE kick out of baby boy clothes. Its adorable.

5. My hair is AWESOME. Its grown probably 4 inches and is super thick, shiny, and less oily. I wish I could keep it!

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Fun thread! I’m only 7w5d, so don’t have much experience yet, but so far: 


1. Keeping it a secret! It’s so hard, especially when talking to other PG moms, or when talking to my best friends and wanting to complain to them about being constantly tired/hungry and just share my good news!

2. Not being able to button my pants–love/hate since I know it means I’m getting ready for the LO but it’s so uncomfortable!

3. Being anxious about doing everything right–I ate Brie the other day and I feel like it’s hard to find that balance between being paranoid and being responsible.

4. Giving up coffee both because of caffiene and because I feel nauseated at the thought of drinking it. Used to love me my coffee!

5. Not being able to fall asleep at night–I had trouble sleeping pre-PG and now it’s even worse.


1. Being hilariously hungry all the time and just going for it

2. Going on power walks and feeling like I’m keeping relatively fit despite getting bigger all the time

3. Great talks with my mom about her memories of being pregnant and having us kids, and her total excitement about the baby

4. DH being so excited and happy and going out of his way to be helpful, asking me if there’s anything he can do to make things easier on me

5. Seeing cute babies around and looking forward to ours arriving!


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I’ll play!


So far……..



1.  Contantly waking up at night to pee or because my hips hurt.. I’m a back sleeper and this side sleeping is for the birds!

2.  Having to look up so many things to see if they’re “ok” to eat or not.

3.  No wine!!!

4.  The worry of not being a good mom and the pain of actually giving birth…

5.  Stairs



1.  I won’t lie.. I like the attention too!

2.  Feeling him move.. at least I THINK that’s him moving. I’m not feeling it as much as other posters due at the same time as me but I’m a “fluffy” girl

3.  Not having to suck in my gut even when DH touches it:)

4.  MATERNITY PANTS.. can I wear them forever? Please?

5.  Just the knowledge that I’m pregnant.. I waited a long time for this:)

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 HATE: (in no particular order)

1. The acne! I wish I got the glowing skin instead. I don’t have much on my face, but it’s all over my back, chest, and now I’m even getting some on my stomach. πŸ™

2. Being afraid to eat or drink certain things, having to avoid some foods (I want a COLD turkey sandwich from Subway so bad!).

3. Anxiety. I had a bit of anxiety before getting pregnant but it’s really bad now.. Not sure if its because of the hormones or what.

4. The “advice” I constantly get that I do not ask for.

5. Hated the first trimester.. The fatigue, nausea, food aversions, and lack of appetite.

LOVE: (in no particular order)

1. Feeling him move! 

2. Seeing DH talk to my belly and how excited he is.

3. Wearing maternity leggings and yoga pants all the time, and not feeling guilty about it.

4.  Having a baby belly. πŸ™‚

5. Buying baby clothes

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Hate (only 5 really?):

1. The acne. It was bad and it was everywhere.

2. My swollen face, hands and feet.

3. The jokes about me looking like I was ready to “pop”

4. No alcohol

5.  The heartburn


1. Feeling her move

2. Hearing her heartbeat

3. Knowing she would be here soon

and thats it….honestly (and this is going to sound bad) I really did not enjoy being pregnant. It is not something I am particulary wanting to go through again right away.

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This is so fun! I’m sure my loves and hates will change as I get further along, but for right now…


1. Feeling the baby move! I just want to lay around all day paying attention to every little flutter.

2. My husband. The way he looks at me is so much more intense and I feel like our love is so much deeper since we found out.

3. Not having to button my pants.

4. Having a good excuse to eat all the freakin time with absolutely no judgment!

5. Getting a little belly! Well, it’ll probably only be little for now… I think it finally started growing!


1. The crazy dreams…

2. Feeling fat and ugly and not in control of my body when I was just bloated all the time.

3. My back breaking out.

4. The judgement whenever I do something “crazy”. Eat sushi, go to the gun range, lift anything heavy, etc.

5. The increased heart rate and respiration. I have to stop and catch my breath when talking sometimes!

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