(Closed) Toronto Public Health wants Jenny McCarthy off The View – Vaccine Debate?

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There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that vaccines cause autism, and it’s incredibly irresponsible not to vaccinate your children, then send them to school or other public places to spread diseases.

I don’t think the public should hold her wack-job views against her in an unrelated career, but if she starts going off about vaccines while in such a prominent role in the public eye, I don’t think she should be allowed to keep the position.




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The research that her position is based on is fraudulent:


As an infectious disease scientist, this type of fraudulent research is particularly infuriating. Scientists peer-review eachother and essentially self-regulate; I don’t believe there are any credible scientists remaining that objectively support this theory. 

Vaccination not only saves lives, but prevents serious suffering and the other bad effects of infectious diseases. It is true that some people will have adverse (and even fatal) reactions to some vaccines. The solution to this is to invest resources in the investigation of the human immune system and the contribution(s) of individual genetic backgrounds to vaccines (ie personalized medicine). Many people have become spoiled and blasé to the deveatation that wide spread vaccine preventable diseases can cause, which combined with a massive failure in science education in the general public is a dangerous cocktail of ignorance and naivite. Successful vaccine strategies require high coverage in the population overall, which means that this is not purely a “personal” issue.

Autism, ADD are spectrum disorders and the case definitions of both diseases have been expanded in the last 2 decades. Additionally, improve access to healthcare and a substantial increase in familie seeking help for childhood behavioral issues (which in the past would have been shamefully kept private) means an increase in reports of these diseases. It is possible that the actual incidence of these disorders has not increased, but rather that an expanded case definition and an increased frequency of reporting the disease is responsible for the perceived rise of autism and ADD in children.


I can’t stand Jenny McCarthy. Way to blame your personal misfortune on medicine that you don’t understand and then promote an irresponsible personal philosophy on a national platform. Ugh. Check out: http://www.jennymccarthybodycount.com

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As someone allergic to certain vaccines, and immune compromised due to medical treatments it really pisses me off when people dont get themselves or their children vaccinated. I studied microbiology until I had to drop the major due to having to start immune supression drugs. There is a thing called herd immunity. These innoculations are very low risk and have a very high pay off in keeping disease at bay. This is one of the main reasons our children survive to adult hood! The point to having everyone that can be innoculated vaccinated is to cause herd immunity. This keeps the pathogens from spreading to those who honestly cant be vaccinated because it isnt being carried, and it also keeps the pathogens from mutating because people arent hosting them. Its extremely irresponsible for a parent to do this. Autism is on the rise because we know what it is now and can recognise it and because parents are older than they were before not because we are protected your child with a vaccine. Uhg makes me so mad we vaccinated both my husband and daughter for flu since I could not be due to thimerosol allergens to form herd immunity in the house. It worked, I still came down with pneumonia and had to be vaccinated again Monday but it was better than flu and pneumonia which probably would have killed me. I’m sorry if you dont want to vaccinate your child fine but dont drop them into the public school system causing the risk of infections not only spreading but mutating. If your kid cant be vaccinated that is a different story and the percentages we can vaccinate help protect these people too, but adding to that number because of you are afraid of something that has been proven incorrect is just negligent towards not only your own child but their peers as well.


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I mean, didn’t the guy who put forward the fake research linking vaccines to autism GO TO JAIL FOR IT? And yet people still believe it/him!??!?!?! HE ADMITTED THAT HE MADE IT UP! GOOD GRIEF PEOPLE GROW A BRAIN!

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@MrsPanda99:  but, back to the topic … anyone who takes parenting advice from jenny mccarthy is a giant flaming idiot in the first place, so maybe it’s for the best if their bloodlines die off from preventable diseases.

Except it doesn’t work that way, of course — they won’t be the ones that die off. They’ll just infect babies too young to be vaccinated and it will be the innocent ones that end up dying. Sigh.

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People who don’t get vaccinated are the reason so many diseases are beginning to make a comeback. You don’t see it much in the news and it’s been a long time since I knew exactly which diseases are resurging (I learned about it in college for anatomy & physiology as well as a botany class). But not vaccinating is a very bad idea and that autism thing is bunk.

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@MrsPanda99:  LOL what can I say; I’m a Darwinist at heart. I’ll be vaccinating my kids, and letting them eat dirt and not making them use antibacterial hand wash every five minutes. My kids are going to live forever goddammit! As will I!!!

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@iarebridezilla:  Yep, anyone taking notes from her should be be deeply ashamed of themselves! Honestly, people are so gullible!

 @dewingedpixie:  Yep! Many people don’t understamd what vaccinations are designed to do ie, herd immunity. They don’t understand that old virusses that we no longer fear can crop up and become more virulent and dangerous than before. People are so paranoid and sensation seeking. It makes me LIVID too. We have horse sickness here and we have horse owners claiming the vaccinations kill the animals and that they don’t work and all sorts of rubbish and then telling people to use herbs or concoct their own ‘remedies’ (read old wives tales). It infuriates me.

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@MrsPanda99:  You’re correct in that there is zero scientific evidence linking autism to vaccination.  Also somehat correct in that children are supposed to be vaccinated before entering school (in most jurisdictions), but there are a few ways around it.

The major problme with not vaccinating, and probably the reason Toronto Public Health is taking such a stand, is that it compromises herd immunity (the immunity of the total population) and puts others at risk.  Your unvaccinated 4 or 5 year old can get an infant (too young to be vaccinated) fatally ill.  The down trend in vaccination is allowing diseases we thought were irradicated to come back, measels and pertussis being among the most worrying.

Public figures advocating against vaccination really worry me and I’m glad Toronto Public health is responding, I wish more health agencies would do the same.

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Frontline did a really good show about the vaccine debate, called The Vaccine War. It’s on Netflix streaming if you’re interested, or you can watch it for free at pbs.org. I found it be very enlightening. 

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@iarebridezilla:  I’m with you. My kids are older now (14 and 12) but I didn’t worry in the slightest when I took them for their shots. They even got the (at that time) controversal chicken pox vaccine. Good thing too, because my oldest caught a really mild case and the baby didn’t get anything. A couple of the kids had really really bad cases, so I think the vaccine helped. 

I never stopped my kids from doing things like playing in the mud and eating dirt. At most, it’s a bit more protein and they won’t be allergic to everything under the sun.

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