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Helper bee
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@Kacey23:  so she met up with someone she knew in real life, but lost contact with them? She also took her 9 year old daughter along for this trip? I mean she’s an adult… She doesn’t really need permission to meet up with a friend from her past. Maybe taking her daughter was a little weird… But I don’t really see what the problem is Or why you think this is irresponsible. 

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Sugar bee
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@Kacey23:  she’s 32 years old her parents don’t really have a say in what she does anymore. She shouldn’t have taken her daughter with her, but like I said she makes her own choices not her parents…

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Busy bee
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@ToTheRiot:  +1

Also, super weird and inappropriate for HER MOM to be posting on facebook about it.

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I don’t really think this is  irresponsible. She knew this guy and just reconnected with him. I also don’t think something like this is really her parent’s business. Why do you think this was risky?

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Bee Keeper

@Kacey23:  I don’t see the big deal, she is an adult… and airing out all of this on Facebook seems more irresponsible to me. People need to mind their own business, that includes well meaning family.

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Buzzing bee
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@Kacey23:  Yes and No….Yes its irresponsible to just meet up with some guy from the internet….but she does know him from the past…..and ya know shes in her early 30’s divorced, 2years its not like 2 weeks divorced….she has the right to not be lonely….but i do agree that just meeting someone from the internet is a little risky esp being so far from home…and I have never been a big fan of people pushing everyone they go on a date with on to their kids no matter how old the kid is….and that is just a personal opinion….but i do think her parents may be over reacting alot….esp to drag all that on facebook about being dissapointed speaks alot about the maturity of the gals mom!! seriously call her and say I dont agree with this dont blast it on facebook like a 14 year old girl would do….the gal was trying to be private with her life wich is respectable and whose to say they didnt meet, still hit it off and then since shes stuck for the weather say hey…lets talk more….

*the main thing I disagree with is bringing the daughter and the fact that everyone feels the need to air every grievance against someone on facebook! I mean really your daughter is in her 30’s so your at bare minimum mid-upper 40’s (if you had a teen pregnancy) but most likely in your 50’s! WTH! SMH! she shouldnt have put that on facebook….nor is it really anyones business besides her daughters and the families….whose to say they hadnt been “dating” for awhile and just put it on facebook…..my sister was married 4 months before she changed facebook….* UGH END RANT!

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Bumble bee
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@Kacey23:  Do a 32 year old grown WOMAN’S family have a right to be angry? Not…really. I mean, I guess you have a right to your feelings and all, but I think concern might be a more productive emotion to convey. I would be concerned about the 9 year old girl, absolutely. 

Sounds like they’re all being quite childish and meddling in each others’ business inappropriately. Why would parents be angry about their grown adult daughter’s choices? Why would her sister tattle like they’re kids again? Why does the grwn daughter feel a need to sneak around? 

Yes, anything could have happened to them. It definitely would have been better for the mother to go with another friend. But those risks are around us all the time, should she hole her and her daughter up in grandma and grandpa’s house until they die? There should be a balance, and as the 9 year old is not the child of the grandparents, they can express their concern and IMO beyond that, they should butt out. 

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Bumble bee
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@Kacey23:  Well, she is 32 and can make her own choices. I’m assuming where ever she went, she probably knew people, since this is an annual event for them?

Without knowing all the details of what happened there, I wont necessarily say it was irresponsible. Here is why, she went to high school with him, so she already had an idea of his character, they chatted/reconnected for a few months before actually meeting, her sister was in the know(should something have happened) and presummably people at the location were likely aware as well. 

Bad things can easily happen close to home, so I dont think the proximity necissarily makes meetings any safer. Did the guy stay with them? or just meet them there?

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@Mrs_Amanda:  +10000000!! this woman is probably in her 50’s!! why the heck is she being childish enough to put this on facebook!! something that really dosent concern her…let alone something that should make her feel hurt and betrayed! her daughter is divorced and will move on….its natural she dosent have to be alone!! some people!

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Bumble bee
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@Kacey23:  She’s an adult and can make her own choices.  Her parents should not have gone on facebook and said anything. Was it weird to take her daughter…sure.  Is it her right to do so?  Yes again.  Some people think its irresponsible to have people over for a few drinks (not a party mind you) with kids in the house and some people think that’s ok. 

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Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal to me. Certaintly not an “irresponsible parent”.

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@Kacey23:  I’m not sure I see the huge deal, either. I had great friends in high school that I’ve lost touch with. If they wanted to meet up I definitely would, and I’d bring my daughter. Granted, it wouldn’t be from a romatic standpoint, but I still don’t think this is too different.

I also don’t understand why her mom would post on FB. How strange.

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I’m so confused by this. What is there to consider irresponsible? Is reconnecting with someone from your youth irresponsible? Or is there something shady about this guy that we don’t know?

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Busy bee
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@Kacey23:  I am so puzzled… I can’t figure out where the ‘irresponsible’ part comes in. Why is a 32 year old’s mother even concerned/posting garbage about her on fb? Sounds like a dysfunctional family to me.

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