(Closed) Totally OT but I’m a bit panicky (contact lens wearers–help!)

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I’m pretty sure contacts don’t dissolve in your eye- the longest I’ve ever had one trapped behind my eye is an hour, I think- they usually tend to work themselves to the surface pretty fast. That being said, definitely go to the optomotrist as soon as you can- there may be a scratch/infection causing your redness. 

Too Much Information as well, I’ve had surprising amounts of… what can only be described as eye goop come out of my eyes sometimes. I especially notice it if I haven’t been as vigilant in tossing out my pairs every two weeks, like I’m supposed to.

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I honestly am not 100% sure if it could happen, but I’ve never had it happen in the 13 years that I have worn contacts. I will also say I am horrible about remembering to take them out and often fall alseep in them, not good but it happens. I’ve had times when my eye has become infected and I will take them out and there will be a nasty trailing thing. I leave them out until everything clears up and put new ones in.

I even had a time when my contact folded up and was under my eyelid. Man did that hurt, but no disintegration. I would leave them out, do some eye drops, and get in to the dr. tomorrow. Hope this helps and hope your eye is ok.

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are they dailies? those are the only ones i could see being thin enough to break down like that. i haven’t worn them in years, but when i wore contacts i completely abused my eyes (left them in for days on end, wore 2 week pairs for a month) and my eyes are still fine. i don’t think you’ll go blind 🙂 but if your eye doesn’t feel better by tomorrow then a visit to the optometrist is probably in order. 

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That sounds more to me like maybe an eye infection. Does it hurt to look in the sunlight at all or is it oozing icky stuff on the corners of your eyes?  I’m just mentioning it because one time when I was in HS I didn’t properly wash my hands before I touched my eye and got a HORRIBLE eye infection. It actually caused a scar in my eye and now sometimes it hurts to look in the sun.

I would reccomend not wearing them and trying to get to an eye dr. as soon as you can (especially if they have the same symptoms as above) because if it is an eye infection it causes swelling in the eye and can cause permanent impairment of your vision. (I’m sorry if that scares you). My mom always claimed she could lose a contact in her eye but I don’t think that they could disintigrate.

Also another idea is that maybe if you did get something in your eye (like a hair or something) your eye tends to make mucusy stuff to try to get it out. Maybe that is what you pulled out of your eye.

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I am a contact wearer also and i work for a Retinal Specialist. #1 relax #2 i suggest you go to the store use buy lubricating drops. My suggestion is Soothe XP. Love them use them with my contacts all the time. It’s a possibility your eye is just dry, which feels like something is in your eye. 

Sometimes for when people get corneal abrasion we put in a contact that is suppose to stay in the eye until the abrasian is healed which can be a week or so.

It’s possible what you pulled out of our eye is discharge. Use the drops if your eye continues to discharge, still itches and the veins become red and inflammed, you could have conjunctivitis or an infection associated with contact usage.

If you are really concerned, try to make and appt. with your regular ophthalmologist.

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Hey I’m so so sorry if I worried you!!

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