(Closed) Traumatized by attempted IUD removal

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Wtf. If I even wince during my pap my doctor pauses to make sure I’m ok. 

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Omgosh bee you need to find a new doctor. I am a doctor and we do some similar procedures that require dilating the cervix and we NEVER do it when the patient is awake because it is too painful. We always use anesthesia. I am so sorry you experienced this. Please ask your friends or family to recommend a new OBGYN to you.

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Wow, Bee. I am so sorry and physically feeling pain for you! You are right to feel assaulted and you can report her. If you live in the US, every state has a medical board where practitioners are required to register. Google “state medical board of [your state]” or go to your state’s department of health website. This very well could be medical malpractice. 

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JFC that is horrifying. Never go back there, report her, and if there’s any way to review the practice online you should broadcast your traumatic experience far and wide. 

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No, that’s not normal.  Document everything now while you remember and file an official complaint.

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Yikes, Bee!  That sounds absolute terrible! I’m so sorry that you experienced that from a physician.  Was she part of larger physician’s association where they normally have a department where you can lodge a formal complaint?  I’d definitely have some things to share with them and on their facebook page and google.  Doctors HATE poor internet reviews!!!

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Holy shit, that’s terrible! I would not go back to her! Look for another OB who talks you through all body work and respects your pain tolerance level. My best OB/GYNs would warn me before doing anything that I “might feel ___” and respond if I was feeling cervix pain (which is right up there with labor contractions on the pain scale for me) with apologies or suggestions of alternative methods. 

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berry6774 :  I would for sure report her.  If you asked her to stop twice and seh didn’t stop until the second time after you were screaming in pain for 30 minutes she clearly didn’t care.  Also why was she manually openening your cervix?  If she used the proper tools it should be a very simple procedure, (note I didn’t say painless).  And she should have done an ultrasound FIRST to see where it was located and then tried to remove it.  That’s what my doctor does, for removals.  And for lost IUD I’m surprised she didn’t do an ultrasound first to visualize where it was instead of digging around there

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Holy cow, that’s terrifying! My first IUD removal was so quick I barely felt it. My OB/GYN just grabbed the strings with the giant tweezers, had me forcibly cough, and he tugged it right out in time with my cough. No pain whatsoever. 

What your OB did was NOT okay. It was absolutely wrong. Even though you had a “lost” IUD, she should have respected your pain level, communicated clearly what was happening, and stopped immediately when asked. I know this sounds crazy, but if you’re still bleeding, I would honestly go to a clinic or even the ER and get your injuries documented. And I second PPs advice to write everything down while it’s fresh. If anyone went with you, like your husband, record their perspectives on the situation to vouch for you. Then you have ammunition to file an official complaint and make sure she pays the consequences for basically assaulting you. Find a new OB, and don’t hesitate to lawyer up if you have to delay TTC to recover from this experience. 

Please keep us updated!

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berry6774 :  

I am really sorry for what was done to you.  If you go forward with a complaint, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of support here.

I’ve never had an IUD, but I did have an in office procedure done with no local that really required local.  Like you, I ended up screaming bloody ass murder.  I’s an experience you never forget.  The powerlessness you must have felt had to have been unbearable.

Be gentle with yourself, Bee.

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I can’t believe she told you that most women would call that mild pain. That is total BS. When I had my IUD put in, it was excruciating. I can only imagine that what you went through was absolutely horrific. I can not believe they wouldn’t stop. I am so angry at them for you. No health practitioner should put a person through pain and not stop like that. Please give them a bad review on every site available including your health insurance site. And definitely report her. 

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berry6774 :  I’m so sorry to read that you went through that, it actually made me angry. That dr sounds very unprofessional and her claim of ‘mild pain’  is bullshit and should never justify that sort of behaviour.

I’ve had the Mirena coil twice. Both insertions were agony and I would say my pain threshold is high but my IBS affects my uterus/womb area so it’s a lot worse. Removal was very luckily painless. Women are all different and they should be more aware of that. I was told it would be ‘mild discomfort’ well it was not. My friend is super strong and she was in tons of pain too…

I’ve broken my wrist and it was nothing by comparison.

You were incredibly brave OP, and I’m glad you challenged her. I’m not surprised you feel violated. Can you make a formal complaint? I really hope this doesn’t taint your TTC journey. Maybe have a nice weekend with your partner where you feel relaxed and pampered to represent the true start of TTC instead of the memory of neglectful drs.

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If you said stop then they should have stopped. Unless it was a medical emergency (which it doesn’t sound like it was) they have no right to continue a procedure without your permission. Also it is not for anyone, medical or otherwise, to comment on your pain ‘threshold’. We all have different thresholds for different things – I got through a long labour on just gas and air but I’m completely floored when I get period pain despite childbirth being more traditionally painful. There’s no logic to pain sometimes and doctors of all people should understand that. Please don’t be put off complaining OP as you have every right to feel treated badly and unprofessionally. 

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