Travel Noob; Is a 32 minute layover too short for two first time fliers?

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Honey bee
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Yes, it is too short. Flights often arrive a little late. Then, it takes time to deboard. Finally, you have to find the new fate. Gong across a big airport can take time. An hour would be better.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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That’s going to be really, really tight. I’ve done layovers that short but it involved sprinting through airports I was already familiar with. I would probably try to change flights so you don’t have such a short layover.

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Helper bee
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It’s definitely a short layover, but it’s not impossible. It really depends on the timeliness of your first flight. If your flight is late getting in, then it’ll give you less time to get to your gate, or might even cause you to miss your connecting flight altogether. It also depends on how quickly you are able to de-plane. It can sometimes take a while to just get off the plane. People moving slowly, collecting their belongings, etc. 

Assuming that your flight gets in right on time or even a little early, half an hour may be just barely enough time to get to your next gate. For what it’s worth, airports are huge, but they’re pretty easy to navigate. There are signs everywhere, so it should be easy to locate where you’re supposed to be.

Personally, I would see if you can change your flight so that your layovers are longer. Flying in and of itself can be stressful enough. That short of a layover usually requires foregoing any bathroom breaks and sprinting at top speed through the airport. 

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Helper bee
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It’s tight, but if you sit at the front of the plane and have a carry on, it’s not impossible. a Lot of times connection flights are at the same concourse if it’s the same airline so you wouldn’t be dashing across the airport.

i.e. MSP is my home airport, and Delta is all in the same concourse, with the gates just being a few minutes from each other. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Too short for my liking. What if there is any kind of delay? Weather, mechanical, luggage transfer- many things could happen. I’d need at least an hour to be comfortable.

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Sugar bee
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I’d switch it if you could. I’ve had flights delayed because of bad weather 1300 miles away. It’s just too easy, and common, for flights to be late for that short a timetable, at least for me. 

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Sugar bee
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smalltownbigworld :  It’s pushing it, I’ve done it many times and only missed a flight once. Literally got to the gate right when they closed the doors, this was at the San Francisco airport and I had to literally run to another terminal.

If you can find out how far away your next gate would be that might help you figure it out, but if you can avoid having such a short layover I’d recommend it.

If you go with the short layover, I’d pay extra so that you can sit upfront and get off the plane ASAP if possible. If you’re sitting towards the back of the plane you’d really, really be pushing it as it takes a while to de-plane.

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Bumble bee
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No way.  Way too short of a layover.  The only way to do it would be if you don’t have to get off the plane.  

It takes awhile to get off the plane and then to find the gate to get on the new plane.    Sometimes planes arrive late, which would make you window of time even smaller.  

An hour layover would be the minimum I would do.  

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Bumble bee
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30 minute layover in Atlanta? That’s probably not going to work. 

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Buzzing bee
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i dont know about minneapolis, but Atlanta… you better learn how to sprint like usain bolt to the next gate if you think you can make it in 30 minutes. 

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Bumble bee
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30 minutes in Atlanta is reaaaallly pushing it. There is a same chance you could get lucky and be in the same terminal but I highly doubt it. See if you can change it.

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Bumble bee

It’s close but if it’s what the airlines website allowed you to book, it is a ‘legal’ connection. Meaning the airline believes it to be a adequate connection. 

Don’t make any pit stops between flights and you should be OK.  also I don’t think paying to sit up front will make a difference. If an airline has decided to wait and take a delay for 15 people connecting from flight 123, being off first from your previous flight won’t matter. 

Also is your 32 minute layover from when boarding STARTS on your next flight or is it departure?. Boarding typically takes 30 minutes for an average flight with doors closing 5 minutes prior. 

Who are you flying with? I’m a flight attendant 

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Buzzing bee
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Too short and stressful for my liking. At least an hour.

Love love Hawaii.  We went there for our honeymoon and im dreaming about returning. It is such a special place. If you need any tips, message me!!

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Sugar bee

While it may be technically possible, I wouldn’t do it. I’d feel much safer with a 1-2 hour layover.

Delays are very common, and even if the flight lands at the time it says it will, flights often taxi on the runway for a few mins before they can pull into the gate, and then it takes time for everyone to get off. If you’re in the same terminal you may be able to move quickly to your connecting flight, but if you have to change terminals in a big airport you could be looking at a 10+ min walk or a shuttle/airtrain ride.

I don’t think it’s worth the stress, and I’m a fairly seasoned flyer. I can’t imagine doing this for your first ever flight. Why put yourself through that stress? 

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