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I’m sure others have much more experience and info… but my quick tip…

Compression Socks! And stand up/walk a bit once/hr.

When we flew to Thailand my feet got SOOOO swollen.

I know I did not get up and walk around as much as I should have and did that more on the way back. I’ve started wearing the compression socks for all my airline travel over 3 hours. You can pick them up for $20 or less at any drugstore.

Have an awesome trip!

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Honey bee

In terms of jet lag I find it best to determine what part of the day I will be traveling in the time zone I am going to and try to replicate that. If I am flying at night, I will have a drink and try to sleep or maybe even take some Nyquil to help me sleep if its a little earlier than I am used to. Or if its a little later than my home time zone, then I will do what I can to stay away etc.

Definately stretch by taking frequent bathroom breaks, I like to do some leg lifts as best as I can under the seat to expel extra energy.

Obviously books and ipods are great for entertainment. On international flights they have TV typically which helps.  I like an assortment of books or magazines depending on my mood.  Possibly even a book of crosswords or sodoku etc.

I also bring with me snacks such as an apple, granola bar, even carrot sticks. And an empty bottle I can fill after I pass through security because I drink more often then the cart comes around!

I dress in layers and in soft clothing.  I actually really like long flowy dresses or leggings with a dress.  

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Rule #1: HYDRATE! 🙂 That’ll help you recover. For jet lag just try to stay up til like 9pm the day you get there, you’ll wake up a bit early but be fine.

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When you arrive do what you would normally do at that time.  If you arrive in the day time stay awake (no naps) until you would normally go to bed.  If you arrive at night go to bed and wake up at the time you would normally wake up.  I have to travel overseas for work sometimes so I only have a week and this enables me to adjust to the new time within a day.

I got noise canceling headphones and they make flights much more relaxing! 

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I agree with some PP:

Get onto the new schedule as soon as possible. Try eating meals and sleeping on that schedule.

Drink water all throghout your flight.

In terms of entertainment most airplanes now have tv’s in the back of the seat so you can watch movies the whole flight. But bringing ipod, books, magazines, etc is always good.

Bring your own snacks in case you dont like the plane food.

When you get there if you can get some quick exercise in it can feel realy great. Just a short run will get your blood circulating and I always think it makes me feel better.

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You can get the food wherever you want, as long as there aren’t any liquids (like salad dressing or water) – if you want to get that stuff, you have to wait til after you go through security.

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Remember to get up and walk around on a regular basis . In between you can do simple leg exercises in your seat-leg lifts, make circles or do the alphabet with your feet etc.

Make 2 copies of your passport and other travel documents- reservations, itinerary etc.

Take one with you to help getting replacements if you lose the originals. Leave one set with someone at home who will be easy to contact if you need someone to help out at this end at the passport office etc.

Also, forward copies of your online reservations to an easily accessible email like hotmail, gmail etc so you can access them if necessary away from home.


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I second the compression socks, especially if you’ll be starting your period and will be more prone to bloating and swelling. Hydration is key for this. I also reccomend devoting a little section of your travel bag to “first aid.” Things I would add would be travel sized advil, tissues, lotion, Alka-Seltzer’s “Emergen-C” (in case there are a lot of coughing people! It’ll also help to make you feel refreshed), gravel (for sleep or travel sickness).

To cope with jet-lag I reccomend going a natural route and picking up some Melatonin. You can get this in a tablet or dissolving wafer. You take it before going to sleep and it triggers your body to naturally feel tired. It helps to get you back on track when changing time zones and it doesn’t have any of the harsh effects of sleeping pills 🙂 You won’t feel drowsy after you wake up either.

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  Hi! I agree with all of these things. I would bring a neck pillow, those help me sleep on flights. The biggest thing…dress comfortably! I fly once a month, and while it’s a short flight (about an hour), I wear comfy athletic pants and a lightweight shirt. That makes the flight so much nicer!

  See if your flight has the charging ports on the seats or not. Pending on how long the flight is, you may want to invest in something that will let you keep your electronic items charged. That would be such a bummer, to have those things go out!

  I triple the snack idea. I am a picky eater, and if you don’t know what’s going to be on the plane, being stuck without food and/or water can be miserable!

  Have fun!

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