(Closed) Traveling while leaving a 4 month old at home… Would you do it?

posted 6 years ago in TTC
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    Everyone is different, but I would.

    I know several people that had to travel internationally soon after baby was born whether for personal or business and for more than a day.

    Some people may find they just simply dont want to, but logistically you can definately do it with some planning. It may be a bit more difficult than you intend once baby is here, but you could do it.

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    I wouldn’t. But I’ve also done some traveling before, and I know I will in the future. That’s just too soon IMO to leave the baby and make daddy do the work of 2 people. But if he’s gung-ho about supporting you and taking care of the baby, do it! 



    The vaccines would be a worry, though, either when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. I’d be super careful. You might not need too many, though.


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    I don’t want to vote, but my little man is 4.5 months old right now and I personally could not leave him. I wouldn’t judge you for doing it, I just think I’d have a panic attack and struggle to enjoy the trip. I think you know your personality best, though, and if you think you’ll be relaxed about it, then go for it. Even though I trust Darling Husband and my mom (who watches him occasionally), the comfort I know he gets from having me around would be hard for me to deny him (that sounds really judgy, I promise it isn’t in my head…) So it may also depend on the personality of your kiddo (my guy is really attached and it throws him off to not be around me–other babies, it doesn’t seem to bother as much). I think if your kiddo is already used to daycare by then, it would be easier for both of you.

    You also say you are planning on nursing. What will you do about pumping while you are gone? You can’t just stop pumping, and you’d probably struggle to store. You could have a big enough stock before you leave (maybe), but you also need to make sure you’d be okay with switching to formula, because there’s a chance you wouldn’t have enough stored and/or your supply could drop significantly while you are gone.

    Also, remember that TTC can take awhile. If you decide to go, will you try for awhile and stop if it doesn’t happen right away and the baby would be too small? 

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    If I had someone I really trusted to leave my child with, I would. Nine days isn’t a lifetime, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate the treat. But, I do know some women would be miserable leaving their little one behind. Tough call, but I stand by my first sentence- yes! 

    ETA: I read the OP as you and your husband going. If my husband is staying with baby, then sure, I’d go. Good bonding time ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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    I would. It’s only 9 days ๐Ÿ™‚ I know some people are not as comfortable with this so it really is a personal decision, but like I said, I would!

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    I don’t have a problem with people having a “normal” life after a baby and if there are work trips/once in a life time trips that involve not bringing baby along for a day or two I don’t judge that either.

    I’m just not sure you’ll want to go once a baby arrives, 4 months is still pretty young to leave a bubba for 9 days

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    More power to you! I wish I had that strength!! 

    My baby is 5 months old, rolling over, starting to sit up, eating solids.. I couldn’t leave for 9 days. I’d miss to much. Ecuador will always be there.. My baby won’t always be A baby! 

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    @onyx81:  I say go. Helicopter moms will tell you its a bad idea – but it’s actually good for the child to spend time with others while young. How else will you send them to school.

    I have seen a lot of children attached at the nipple to their mothers they can’t even sit in the chair NEXT TO THEM or they throw the loudest, most horrible fit. It’s terrible when you have raised a child that you can’t take in public or if you do – everyone has to listen to it be terrible.

    My mom and aunts left their children for weekends. My cousins and I LOVED spending the time with our grandparents and we even developed a special bond with them becouse of it. I take my nieces over the weekend so my sister’s can get out and breathe and if we had not done this from and early age it would have been horrible.

    Keep a little independence. Go on the trip. You only live once and this trip is one of a lifetime. Let you parents or his parents (if they are willing split the time between them so they can get a breather – involve aunts and uncles. Keep an emergency line open and call back as much as you need for check-ins. You won’t be a horrible person/mother for living your life. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I absolutely would. My parents would love it, and I wouldn’t want to miss out on that kind of an opportunity.

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    I would vote to go but I don’t know that I could. My only concern right now is that you’re TTC, you’re not actually pregnant yet, you can’t truly plan for when you will be pregnant or how old your LO will be until you’re pregnant. Yes you could get pregnant right away and he could be 4 months, or it might take you 3 months to get pregnant and he would only be 1 month, it might take you 6 months to get pregnant which would put you in late stages of pregnancy when you take your trip. You mentioned that you were originally going to TTC this summer, maybe you could hold off just a few extra months so that if you got pregnant right away you’d only be 6 months? 

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    I say GO! amazing opportunity, and if you see that once the baby is born you’re really not comfortable doing it, you can cancel


    awesome of your husband to support you in this ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I think its easy to say “go” until you actually have a baby. I wouldn’t have left my daughter for that long @ that age. The other concern is who knows how long it’ll take to get pregnant. You could be pregnant during the trip, or just had a baby or baby could be older or could still not be pregnant. You just never know. 

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    @onyx81:  My friend  just came back from Colombia, leaving her baby behind also.  It was also a nice opportunity and she took it.  Of course, her husband and her discussed it very well before making their decision.  The baby stayed home with her husband and her mother in law, she called everyday and she did just fine.  She survived, her baby survived and she had a good time.  Its a personal choice.  If you and your Darling Husband arent okay with it, then dont do it, but if you two can handle it for 9 days then go for it. GL

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