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  • poll: Would you/have you traveled overseas during your second trimester? Should I go to Israel?
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    I think you can do it, but just be prepared not to overdo it and to need some recovery time when you arrive and return.  I traveled home just three hours at seven months and my feet were incredibly swollen.  

    The general nausea and fatigue should go away by your second trimester, but it’s different for everyone.

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    bestbuddies:  I will be going to Thailand and Japan in my second trimester. We will book as soon as we get pregnant. As long as you are smart and safe (bottled water, no street food, get up to walk every hour on the airplane, and know where the hospitals are), it should be fine if you have a normal pregnancy.

    For us, there was no question. We would go.

    ETA: We also will have over 24 hours of flying time which I have done 4 times before in the past 4 years (and Darling Husband has done more than that). What I finds best is to plan layovers smartly– we want to go to Bangkok and can have a layover in Dubai or Tokyo. We are doing Tokyo and making it a 3 day layover so we can get out and enjoy the city. I get a day or two to recover before my next 7 hour flight. We have done this for 3 other trips and it worked out so much better than flying straight through=– especially on the way there!

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    I think it depends on the individual. I was nauseated well into my second tri (17 weeks), and was overall pretty miserable. I did fly from North Carolina to California when I was 28 weeks and 30 weeks. It wasn’t that bad, but it was a much shorter flight than yours. I think I’d also be afraid to go out of the country, but that’s a personal preference.

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    bestbuddies:  I am a nervous flyer and I personally wouldn’t fly more than 3 hours while pregnant. I just wouldn’t put that stress on my body. Just think about how you normally are when you fly. Lots of women fly long distance while pregnant are are absolutely fine. 

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    I’m 21 weeks at this point and I’m having a hard time with sitting still. My legs are always itchy and crawling and I have to constantly change position. It’s OK if I’m in a car, then I can put my feet up on the panel in front of me, but going to the cinemas doesn’t work that well anymore. Normally I would fly across the North Atlantic at least once a year, but I’ve cancelled all further trips for the time being. I just can’t imagine sitting in a small airplane chair for hours at a time.

    Also… “But, my Dr says the best part of pregnancy is the second trimester. You arent sick, your fatigue isnt as bad and you start showing but arent huge yet

    This might just go for me, but while I’m not as awfully sick anymore (I’ve been able to cut down, but not quit, my nausea medication) I wouldn’t really describe the second trimester as this wonderful time. It’s LESS BAD, but that’s about what I have to say about it. I’m still way more emotional than usual, I have to get up to pee all the time and I’m making these huffy sounds every time I’m getting up and down from the floor. Totally looking forward to the day baby is here so that I can start my journey back to normal!

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    I traveled for work throughout my pregnancy until about 33 weeks. My longest travel time was probably 13 hours to Hawaii (two flights) when I was about 20 weeks, but I did a few 9ish hour flights later than that. I had a pretty straightforward and easy pregnancy, and no issues with flying, but nearing the end it was just so uncomfortable to sit in the seats for a long time. 

    Talk to your doctor, but I certainly think it’s doable. 

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    I live in Shanghai and will be heading to the US to visit family next week. I will be 22 weeks pregnant. Travel time is estimated at around 30 hours. The doctor gave me the all clear and told me that this was the absolute best time for me to travel. I plan to milk the “I’m pregnant” thing as much as possible and get as much help from the airport and airline staff as I can since I’ll be flying alone. 

    My recommendations are to book aisle seats so you can get up frequently, make sure you stay hydrated, wear extremely comfortable clothes and loose shoes like flip flops, and try your best not to get too stressed. If you’re going to be too stressed it’s not worth doing it because that’s bad for you and baby.

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    My MS let up about 18 weeks. From 19-27 weeks I’ve felt great. I’m just at 28 weeks and exhaustion is starting to return. For me personally, if it was a shorter trip I wouldn’t hesitate. But a full 24 hours of travel time is a LONG time. And if you know you get sick easily when you go on trips, that’s no good bc your body is even more prone to getting sick while pregnant. How many weeks will you be?

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    bestbuddies:  I know this thread is a bit older– but I figured I’d chime in anyway– for future viewers LOL

    My hubby and I were planning a trip to CO (which is a considerably shorter trip than Isreal)– this was before I got pregnant.  Then I was feeling so sick so I wasn’t sure I wanted to travel…..and then at my twenty week ultrasound, I was told I have a low-lying placenta.  I wasn’t prepared for this (and this is my second pregnancy).  I wasn’t put on any restrictions, but I also decided that with that information, I didn’t want to travel. Period.


    My only advice would be:  consider your general confort level with the place you are going to.  Would you be comfortable going to a DR in the place you are traveling to?  If you make the plans before your 20wk ultrasound, for example, are they refundable?  Can you move the dates?  Would something like a low lying placenta/placenta preavia make you re-think travel plans?  Those are things each individial person needs to take into consideration before booking a trip.

    If your morning sickness continued through the pregnancy, would you be able to handle that while traveling?  If you have food aversions (I had serious ones this pregnancy, but not with my son), will be able to find food you’re ok with while traveling?  All of those little things need to be thought of, IMO.

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    I’ll be flying to Aruba when I’m 17wks. So far my pregnancy has been easy except for 3 weeks of extreme lower back pain in first tri. I fly well though. I might be concerned if you say you tend to get sick and don’t travel well. I can’t imagine having a cold and not being able to take cold medicines : (   Good luck and be safe. 

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