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My concern would be taking a baby on a crowded airplane. I don’t know about anyone else, but I always catch a cold or some bug when I fly. As an adult, it’s inconvenient. But as a itty bitty one, it can become more serious. To be that far away from my trusted doctors with a sick baby would be very stressful for my husband and I. And on the return, if the little one gets sick and I have to go back to work because maternity lerave is over, it would make my transition back to work even more upsetting.

And just to add, you may end up with a c-section and not be physically up to flying at that time. It’s major abdominal surgery to recover from.

Do I think it can be done? Sure. Would I want to stress myself out by doing it? No.

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@LAZB:  So if you’re 10 weeks now, the baby will be born in winter, right? I’d share the same concerns about the airplane. Your little one will have received some shots, but will be nowhere near fully vaccinated. My little guy was born in November, and he ended up getting RSV, and we were SUPER careful about exposure. That’s just the reality of a winter baby. Especially with pertussis (baby doesn’t get fully vaccinated against pertussis for a few months and it can be deadly).

Besides the health concerns, I’m just not sure I’d have wanted to go anywhere when baby was 10 weeks old. I was still barely getting through the days with nursing and sleeping and such. On the other hand, you get help on the other side (your parents), so that might be worth it. 

But, if you decide you are willing to take the risk on the airplane (and trust me, I’m not judging if you do), I think an 8-hour flight is doable. Just be really prepared (plan to nurse or bottle feed going up/down). It’s probably easier than with an older baby. And as for Hawaii, make VERY SURE baby gets little sun. Lots of good sunscreen (I recommend Badger brand), hats, umbrellas on the beach, etc.

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@LAZB: I would NOT reccommend trying to vacation abroad while your baby is so young. Whoever told you that new borns are easy to travel wth haas clearly never taken them on a plane. Newborns do sleep a lot, but do you know what else they do a lot? Cry, get freaked out by loud noises, get sick (even if they’ve had their shots), become fussy and irritable. A small thing like your baby getting startled or their ears popping could have them screaming for hours and none of the other passengers will thank you. 

I’m sorry but 10 weeks is way too young to be travelling on a plane, not just for your sake but for that of the baby and the other passangers. Plus, the chances are you’ll be so tired with your new born that you won’t be able to properly enjoy vacation. So much could go wrong with this, it really doesn’t seem like a good idea. 

Could you maybe take a babymoon while you’re still pregnant?

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Hey LAZB, I actually totally disagree with the advice above. My best friend from college took her 6 week old on a one-stop flight from Santa Barbara to Boston without any major difficulties. (She was flying to my wedding–what a friend!) Babies that old sleep a lot so in some ways are significantly easier than, say, a rambunctious 2 year old. 

I think the health concerns are somewhat overblown. People can catch cold anywhere, and you’re probably not much more likely to end up with a cold on a plane than in your local supermarket. While I am a huge proponent of vaccinations (I’m a medical student), there’s no medical reason to avoid travel at that age unless your baby had specific health issues.

You might want to fly with an airline with a reasonable rescheduling fee, so that if you are four weeks out from the vacation and your baby crys 20 hours a day, you are able to do a driving trip instead.

Bottom line, a vacation with parental help sounds really lovely and if you want to do it, it should be manageable. Hope this helps!

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Honestly it can also depend on the child. My first born no problem such an easy baby, however my second was a nightmare and their was no way I would have been able to travel with him. 

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@LAZB:  I flew with my daughter when she was 2 months old and it was totally fine. She had all her shots and she was very well behaved. She slept the entire time anyway..

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If you’re going to do it, please buy a seat for the infant and put her in her car-seat in the plane seat. Don’t try to save a few dollars by taking her as a lap infant. It’s really not safe to have baby in your lap, especially on a trans-pacific flight where turbulence can be moderate to severe. Honestly I don’t know why the FAA even allows lap infants any more. 

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@LAZB:  im trying to figure out how early i can travel with a baby too. i want to go from mexico (where i live) to london (where my family live) but i dont thnk ill attempt it until the baby is at least 4 months old. just to give the immune system a chance to build up etc. saying that, for me it wont be a direct flight and the longest one will be 12.5 hours so its a bit more of a mission

some babies travel well,others don’t. its really hard to know how yours will be until you try it =S  id be interested to know other people’s thoughts on this!

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@Edilee:  I agree with your points – babies can pick up a cold anywhere.  When my baby is 10 weeks, he/she will be in daycare, which is probably way worse. I think since you won’t be paying for lodging, if you book refundable airline tickets, you should be in good shape.  That way if you or the baby aren’t up for it, you just don’t go, and there’s no harm done.  But I know someone who went from the Northeast to Florida at 7 weeks (also with her 2 1/2 yo and DH), and they loved getting some fun family time before she had to go back to work.  I’d at least consider it.

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@LAZB:  my sister flew wih my nephew when he was 3 weeks old. My concern would be planning the trip now. Who knows how you will be feeling, what will be going on with baby etc. I’d say, buy refundable tickets if anything. 

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@LAZB:  also, congrats!!!

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I am with the side that says do it. I have several friends who have flow across country soon after baby was born for holidays/visiting family. The baby was wrapped in a moby wrap or similar on the plan and slept most of the time.

Just nurse when you are landing and taking off to help equilize the baby’s ears. I think if the baby is immunized and caught up on appropriate shots/doctors visits and starts healthy there is nothing wrong with this. I think its easy to get caught up on being over protective.  

Its not an 8 hour flight, but I plan on flying 3.5 hours when my baby is about 6-7 weeks for Xmas this year.  I would book on Southwest or some airline that allows cancellations without penalty though just in case baby is not feeling 100%.

EDIT: Ill agree with other PPs that it does depend on the baby a lot. My one friend said it was easier to travel with her 7 week old than it was when he was 4 months.  

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