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I took DS on his first road trip (4hrs) at 4 weeks in preparation for our drive/flight (NY to FL) at 5.5 weeks for my sister’s wedding. The road trip went fine. He was young enough to sleep a lot and we stopped twice along the way. I was exclusively nursing, and nursed him at a rest stop during the drive.

The flight wasn’t bad. I was wearing him in a Baby Bjorn and we pushed the stroller/carseat in the airport. If you wear baby through the airport, they will pat you down, but it wasn’t too intrusive. They had to do a visual search of our stroller for the flight back, since it was a smaller aiport and the X-Ray machine was smaller and the stroller didn’t fit. Allow extra time at the airport for things like that. I took some pumped milk on the way down just in case, and they opened the bottle and held a stip above the milk (no one/nothing touched the milk).

I kept DS in a sleep in play outfit for all traveling, since it’s easy to change his diaper that way and he was warm enough on the plane. I nursed him during take off and he slept until after we landed (on all 4 flights) so that worked well. If you fly, remember to pack an extra bra and shirt for you, as well as change of clothes for the baby. DS was in the Bjorn and spit up on me. I changed my shirt, but didn’t have an extra bra, so Darling Husband was holding DS while I tried to rinse it out in the bathroom sink.

I had a vaginal birth and thankfully my recovery was pretty easy. I know a C-Section is a totally different recovery, but I think by 7 weeks you would be able to go without too much discomfort (if any) assuming things go well. I’m the type of person who always likes to get out of the house, so I started taking DS to a new mom’s group and a LLL meeting when he was 1 week old. So for me traveling was more exciting and I didn’t worry too much about it.

DS did fine in the new environment too. Night 1 we were in a hotel with our pack n play, and the other 2 nights we were at a guest house, also with out pack n play. Bring a monitor (my big mistake was not bringing one) so you don’t have to sit in the room with your baby while they sleep.

I’m not that modest, so breastfeeding wasn’t a big deal for me. I just found a quiet spot and used a blanket to cover up. Once DS was on, no one could see anything. I nursed him in the airport, on the plane (middle seat between brother and DH), in the hotel, in the living room, etc…

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Recently some parents provided bags with candy, earplugs and “sorry” notes to passengers on the plane they took with their infant.  I would try to schedule the flight during a time the baby normally sleeps and then make sure to keep the baby awake until the flight in hopes they will sleep through the flight.  Plane would probably be way more comfortable and definitely take less time than a car or train.  Check with your doctor to see if there are any restrictions on flying but I am guessing after 6 weeks you should be in the clear unless you ahve complications.

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@Jenn23:  I don’t have any advice for recovering from a C-section, but I DID drive from Arizona to Indiana with a 9 week old baby.  I will never do it again.

While she DID sleep a lot of the time, there were a lot of times when she woke up, ready to eat, and there was nowhere to feed her.  I fed her at gas stations, rest stops, off the beaten path places where Darling Husband said it was like “The Hills had Eyes”.  My point is, it’s not like I was picky, but there are just times where there is no safe to pull over for MILES, at least on that drive.

Dear Daughter was sleeping through the night before we left, and when we got to Indiana, it was two months before she slept through the night again.  When it was time to eat, she didn’t fuss, she screamed, with full on baby tears every time.  DH and I fully believe it was leftover from those times in the car when she was not able to eat when she wanted.

Obviously, not everyone’s experience is going to be like this, but just based off of ours, I wouldn’t do it.

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I didn’t have a c-section so I cannot speak from that aspect.

However, I did travel by car a lot with my son when he was a baby and for the most part, he did well. The best thing about a 7 week old baby in that situation is that they are used to sleeping a lot so I would use that to your advantage. I would always drive through the night because my son was a natural night sleeper. I would suggest driving during the time that your baby has the longest stretches of sleep. Allow plenty of extra time for breaks. Take the baby out of the carrier and move his little arms and legs around from time to time.

Personally, since my son grew up with road trips being somewhat a normal thing, he’s pretty much fine with them even now at 4.

I’ve never taken him on a plane before, though, so that may be an entirely different process.

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We didn’t fly until Dear Daughter was much older, but her first road trip was at 4 weeks, I think.  DS’s was at 2/3 weeks.

I thought traveling by car was fine, since we basically made our own schedule and could stop when we needed to.  Actually, we road trip a lot, and we’ve generally had great experiences.  The key is to stay organized (it sucks to have a screaming baby and you can’t find the nine pacifiers you stashed around the car) and to stay flexible (because it probably will take much longer than you’re expecting).  Otherwise, I found traveling with a newborn much easier than traveling with a toddler.  🙂

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I don’t have a baby yet so no tips on them, but my brother found a site that you can rent play pens, swings, etc and have it delivered to where you are staying.  That way you don’t have to take everything you think you would need to make baby comfy.  I think the site was called Baby on the Go.  or something like that.  He used it when they took my niece at 3 months old on vacation.  He also found a site that you can buy diapers and formal and have it delivered to where you are staying.  They didn’t use that since they planned to go to the store when they got there.  But good to know about it.

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