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@MsGinkgo:  I wouldn’t travel to India while pregnant at all. I would also not travel to India if I wasn’t pregnant, but my health was fragile. If I were going to certain European countries and parts of Asia, I wouldn’t be fussed but India’s not known for their clean water and sanitation, to be honest. 

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I was supposed to have been a Bridesmaid or Best Man in a wedding in Ireland, which I had to miss as I was in my third trimester.  I would absolutely have gone in my second!  I’d be hesitant in the first tri simply due to nausea and the multitude of risky foods that could potentially be contaminated with listeria (lunch meat, soft serve, unpasteurized cheeses, etc) anyway, once the risk of miscarriage is lower those foods aren’t quite as dangerous so I’d live on the edge and go overseas.

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My mom travelled to India when she was pregnant with my brother in 1979 with no problem.

My doctor told me not to travel overseas after 28 weeks, so as long as you’re earlier on in your pregnancy I’d say go for it. Any opportunity to go to India is worth taking in my opinion. You just have to take the same precautions you would while traveling to any developing country.

The affluent parts of India are dispersed throughout the other parts, so you probably won’t be completely isolated from unsanitary conditions. My family lives in a very affluent part of New Delhi but we still have to take the same precautions that we do in other parts of the country. 

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2nd trimester, probably. 1st or 3rd trimester, no.

I went to Hong Kong (a 17 hour flight) at 8-9 weeks pregnant. It was brutal. Not sleeping, Puking on the plane (gross!!!!). Weird foods when all I wanted to eat was fruit and crackers. So it was really really hard.

But, I’m also not sure I’d go to India pregnant at all. As a PP mentioned, they are not known for their sanitation.

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I’d go in the 2nd trimester, probably not the 3rd or 1st.

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My doctor gave me the okay to travel until 32 weeks without restrictions (unless of course a health issue develops). That said, I would likely not travel as far as India in my third trimester at all. First and second, yes (but I’ve had an easy first trimester thus far in terms of nausea). 

I would be very, very careful about the foods and drinks I ate in India, or anywhere that had food preparation and styles I’m not accustomed to, really!

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@MsGinkgo:  It would depend what trimester. Second, I’d consider it.  I was supposed to go to Dubai for work when I was about 25 weeks along and I would have but my husband (and boss) wouldn’t allow me to.  The flight would have been torture whether I was pregnant or not. I would have sucked it up though, I’m still a little disappointed I didn’t get to go!

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What PP have said about food safety issues affecting even affluent areas, fancy restaurants, etc in India is true.  There just aren’t the same food safety regulations and inspections from the kitchen all the way along the supply chain that we have here in the west, so it’s easy for something to go wrong — from contaminated or poorly refrigerated meat to a single kitchen staff member not washing their hands.  There are also just different pathogens in India than in the West, so there can be food or water that fairly is safe for Indians to consume due to acquired immunities but can pose a risk to travelers.  And however nice an area you’re in, never drink the tap water! The sickest I’ve ever been while traveling was eating a medium-rare steak at a fancy and expensive restaurant in West Africa.

That said, I would absolutely go to India when pregnant! I’ve been before several times, and based on past experiences I think it would be safe and fine and fun. What PP have said about the 2nd trimester being the best time to go is true, though — less risk from food contaminants, and you’re not so huge as to be crazy uncomfortable.

The flights are really long from north america  (like a 7 hour flight followed by an 8 hour flight or so) so keep that in mind.  I see you’re in Ontario like me, so look at Jet Airways!  good deals, comfy flights and less painfully awkward itineraries than most other airlines.  Some people think they’re sketchy because they’re not a household name but I promise they’re actually really good.

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First world country like the UK, absolutely.  Second or Third like India, nope.

We’re attending a wedding in England in September next year.  we had to have the TTC talk a bit earlier than we expected because we needed to discuss whether we still wanted to start TTC next year or put off TTC until after our friends’ wedding.  The UK has excellent medical services so if I have any complications while there I know that my baby and I will be well cared for.  So we decided to still TTC next year but time it so that I will hopefully be in my second trimester during the trip since that’s safest time to travel and hopefully the morning sickness will have passed.

I now India is progressive and there are some affluent areas but you may have to travel through less desireable areas to get there and the logistics of peeing in a hole in the ground while pregnant scare me.

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bibbleskipIndia is a stunning place, but unfortunately you’ll find that being in an “affluent” area is not going to shield you from anything. (For reference, I got food poisoning from soup at the Ritz Carlton the last time I was there.) You can have a stomach of steel, but it’s going to be very, very difficult to avoid any sort of GI complications, and aside from any safety concerns for the baby, I can’t imagine anything more miserable than being pregnant and being that sick. 

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@MsGinkgo:  I wouldn’t travel in the first trimester, due to the heightened miscarriage risk; I would not want to be having a miscarriage in a foreign country.

I would travel in the second trimester and for part of the 3rd, but again, I wouldn’t travel close to my due date due to a) the risk of going into labour in a foreign country (and by that I don’t mean that I wouldn’t receive good treatment, it would just be the extra worry and stress of being in an unfamiliar environment) and b) the discomfort of flying while heavily pregnant; I can’t imagine it’d be much fun.

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wait until you are pregnant and then ask your doctor if s/he would advise travel or not.


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@MsGinkgo:  I think I’d go, especially if I was in my 2nd trimester or feeling ok in my first trimester….although I know I would’ve been worried about miscarrying and having to deal with that in a foreign country around a bunch of people. I’m 13 weeks pregnant now, and haven’t felt great, but not terrible either. I absolutely LOVE to travel, though! Honestly, I think you’ll just have to cross that bridge when you come to it, you won’t really know how you feel until you’re actually pregnant!

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