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HaaaveYouMetTed:  Be careful with the Bridal Party cream.  My derm told me I couldn’t use Bridal Party once I was pregnant.

I decided to switch off of my Bridal Party cream when we decided to TTC.  My dermatologist switched me to a cream called Finacea Gel that doesn’t have Bridal Party in it.  I too have some cystic acne.  This particular cream works pretty good – not as great as my old Bridal Party ones, but still decent enough.  I have been on it for over a year now and I think it is a good compromise.


Good luck – adult acne stinks!!!!

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i am having the SAME problem and have posted before with some helpful responses if you want to look at my prior post. i have had bad acne since mirena removed in november but this last 1.5 months it is a daily ongoing issue. i am currently using Dermalogica acne line as well as Glam Glow super mud mask and I am finally ahead of the acne. There were days where I would get a nasty cystic pimple in 20 minutes. So frustrating. i will probably make an appt with derm in next few weeks to get some prescirption cream too.

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I have this issue too and and had many visits to the dermatologist with dozens of prescriptions, for things ranging from daily antibiotics to creams to soaps to masks.  I found the only thing that works for me is an OTC product line called Acne Free.  It’s essentially a generic (and fragrance free! since I’m allergic to fragrances too) version of Proactiv.  I’ve been using it for probably 5 years now and my skin is significantly improved over what it used to look like.


I buy it at Walmart, but I’m sure it’s available other places too.  I just use the regular 3 step kit, along with the “Terminator” spot treatment if needed.  I have also used the sulfur mask, which smells not so good but works fine.  For the first year or two, I was religious about using the 3 step kit, but now I mostly just buy/use the face wash and do the toner/moisturizer periodically or when my skin breaks out.

It’s such a pain to deal with acne as an adult!

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Have you tried addressing the root cause of your acne? Yes, I get that it’s hormones, but what is causing your hormones to be out of whack? If I were you, I would look into natural ways to balance your hormones, and see what works for you.

For me the answer was diet. The standard american diet wrecks my hormones, which wrecks my skin. I cut out all refined sugars, all grains, all dairy, and all sources of soy. For the first time in 16  years, my skin is clear. Also, my PMS is completely gone.

Oh, and I got rid of all commercial face products. I wash with raw honey, moisturize with oil (jojoba), remove make-up with coconut oil, and treat the rare blemish with tea tree oil. The more natural, the better for my skin. And lots of moisture!

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I agree with lovekiss:  get to the root of why your hormones are out of whack. I had this issue as well and it took getting on a couple herbs/natural treatments and treating an unknown under active thyroid in order to get my acne under control. Unfortunately, when I got pregnant, my skin went ballistic until about 16 weeks. Silver lining is that it was on my back, not face, so at least I could hide it.

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i use clinique foundation with sacycylic acid.. is that bad?  i also use sulfa medicated soap and Bridal Party cream

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Please google Vitamin D and Acne! Vitamin D is actually a hormone which most of us are deficient in! Once I threw out all my “Acne Fighting” products and switched to very mild face fash and moisturizer for senstive skin, and starting taking Vitamin D, my acne cleared up. Good luck!

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Go to naturalfoods or lifesource(whatevers health food store is in your area) and ask them. They are usually super helpful and then run it by your doctor. Primrose oil capsols help me, But I’m not sure about being pregnant so you could ask.

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I started taking a good quality fish oil supplement and noticed a difference in my skin for sure! I think it helps with hormonal acne because I’m pretty sure out-of-whack hormones is what’s causing mine. Give that a shot, plus it’s really good for you! 🙂

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HaaaveYouMetTed:  Since most medications aren’t reccommended during pregnancy, try taking a natural approach to treating acne now, so you won’t need to switch once you get pregnant.  I had many rx drugs for hormonal acne, and went off them simply because I hate taking medication.  For skin care, try things that say ‘non comedogenic’ right on the bottle.  I know cetaphil, cereve and Mary Kay make tons that are like that.  You want gentle things, not acne specific, since most of those acne solutions aren’t good for pregnancy anyway.   Also, add apple cider vinegar to your routine as a toner.  It balances pH so it will clear up acne, but won’t overly dry out your skin like most acne drugs do.  It really does wonders for my bi-monthly hormonal flareups, which have significantly decreased since using non-acne skin care oddly.  Also, ACV is amazing if you develop melasma (aka pregnancy mask).  I got it as a result of one of the rx my dermatologist gave me (not even from pregnancy), and ACV mixed with some sugar as a scrub really helped me!  You can also drink the vinegar – no it’s not too fun, but half ounce in some warm water (like a shot glass) each day does wonders for your insides, and is great for the skin too.  Lastly, check out your diet.  I have found that clean eating is the best way to keep clear skin, and when i don’t eat that way, it shows on my face first.  Look into the Whole 30 plan, or any diet that eliminates processed foods.  This all worked wonders for me, so good luck!

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