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I have the same problem and have my wedding coming up in about two or three weeks now.  I think a lot of the anxiety has to do with the fact that I don’t yet have everything in place and I’m beginning to feel the physical stress by the acne I’ve been getting.  My fiance suggests that I try Melatonin.  It’s supposed to be a herbal supplement you can find at any drug store and it’s supposed to act as an agent to help you sleep better.

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Nothing worst if someone can’t sleep. I have experienced a sleepless night a couple of days ago too. My wasn’t related to a wedding, I am just stressed out on things.

Try to have a nice bath before bed and if you can listen some of your favorite music when you can’t sleep. Try listen the words in the song or the instruments, that will relax you enough to keep your mind away from thinking anything else.

Please let me know, if is worked for you. It’s worked for me so far.



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I just try to get into an end-of-night routine.  Brush my teeth early, get in pjs and do something to relax (usually tv, computer or magazine reading). 

If EVERYTHING fails, I listen to my iPod (mellow, calming or classical music)…and if I REALLY can’t sleep (which fortunately hasn’t been the case recently), I don’t fight it — I get up and start doing stuff, ’cause ultimately, that helps tire me out!

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Busy bee

Have you ever tried progressive muscle relaxation? I have intermittent insomnia (not related to stress or anything…it just happens), and sometimes I don’t have enough time to sleep off an Ambien. Concentrating on tensing all of your muscles from your toes to your head and concentrating on your breathing might work.


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Sugar bee

You can completely eliminate caffeine products… and also, work out very hard.  Both will greatly help you fall asleep! If all else fails, Unisom is a very safe sleeping pill.

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I second the Melatonin idea.  I have used it and it works for me.  It is also has B6 in it.  Both of these are what your body produces naturally for falling asleep and keeping you asleep.  I have some freind that actually have to take it just becuase they dont produce enough melatonin due to low B6 levels.  I just take it if im having a rough night.  I can start and stop taking it without "needing" it every night, which is great.  I love being able to fall aslep by myself, but sometimes my mind is racing too much and I need a little help.  After I take it I will usually take a nice hot shower just to wind down some and relax while it takes effect, then I am out for a nice 8 hours of sleep.  Oh how i love sleeping…

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I will third Melatonin. I took it a lot during college semesters because I was the same with things running through my head but instead of wedding things, they were formulas and information to remember or my brain would decide that at 3 am would be a great time to start up the ole to-do list…lol.

I have tired a lot of things: running, getting up and doing what I was thinking about, music, yoga…but all in all: my brain just decided to think no matter what!


It actually giving to deployed military to help with the hour change and you can take it without being dependent on it. 

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I have had insomnia since i was 13. However, over the past year it has gotten a lot better. However, recently I started to have it periodically = like staying awake in bed till 5am when I am totally exhausted. I also tend to design wedding stuff in my head when I lay down. Anyways, these arent the safest remedies but they have worked for me. Worst case scenerio, go see your doctor.

1. No caffience after 2pm ( unless I am working out after work & know I will burn it off)

2. Glass of wine at dinner or rum drink (vodka makes me incredibly hyper and mean)

3. Benadryl or Nyquil (Like I said, use at your own risk – don’t abuse it or anything)

4. Don’t read or watch anything to complex a few hours before going to bed. It tends to get by heart and mind going for some reason.

5. Watch soft music/videos or a cmoedy show before going to sleep. (MTV/VHI, Jon Stewart)

Also consider working out – this helped me alot when I started law school & releved a lot of my insomnia during the school year.

Good luck!

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Maybe keep a pad by your bed, if something wakes you up, jot it down. That will give your brain a rest because you will know it’s written down for the next morning. Also stretching, is very calming. Lastly, sometimes i drink tea to calm me down, I hate tea but the Tazo Calm, really helps soothe me.

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These sound simple, but they really helped me!  I’d have a cup of chamomile tea about 30 minutes before heading to bed.  I also kept a small notepad and pen on my nightstand.  As those crazy little reminders/worries started to pop into my head, I’d jot them down and vow to deal with them the next day.  The last bit, which is ironic to post online, is to step away from the computer and power that baby off.  (This article helps to explain why.)  Basically, I found that hopping online when I couldn’t sleep only made me feel more like a zombie.

I really hope that you’re able to get some rest!

(@BrightShiningStar:  Ha!  I guess we’re a bit alike!)

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Ooo reminds me of my grad school days when I couldn’t ever sleep.  Here’s things I found that helped:

  • No caffeine after about 2 or 3 pm
  • Melatonin does help
  • A gentle yoga routine followed with progressive muscle relaxation right before bed.  I like Shiva Rea’s DVD ‘Yoga Shakti’ and I did the nighttime routine, it is great and relaxing.
  • Do some active things during the day so you’re physically wearing yourself out.
  • Don’t watch TV or go on computer about 1-2 hours before bedtime, these things are overstimulating.
  • Agree w/ other bees on having a nighttime routine, such as bath, taking care of teeth, doing the yoga, burning a nice smelling candle and then bed.
  • Also- carry a notebook with you, ALL THE TIME and keep it by your head at night.  If you wake with these thoughts, fine.  Just write them down and go back to bed.

Good luck!  Hope you get a good night’s sleep soon! 


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