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i’d think if you came from a family of 5 girls, it’s in your favor to end up with a girl. There are outlyers, but genetics are genetics.

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@Kate0558:  We’re currently TTC. I really thought I would be very specific about which gender I wanted but to be honest, I go back and forth. Part of me really wants a girl first but then about a week after I want a girl, I think how much FUN a boy would be! I love the idea of one day being a “football mom” and going to games. LOL! I’m bipolar like that ;-p

My husband really wants a boy, so he definitely has a gender preference. I know deep down we’ll be happy with either one and the most important thing is that the baby is healthy in the end, but I always tease my husband that because he’s so desperate for a boy we will have ALLL girls!

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@Kate0558:  I think wanting a certain gender is fruitless. I have never spoken to a friend who said “Johnny is great, but I still wish he was a girl.” It’s usually more like “I can’t even imagine if I had a girl.” I always imagined I would have girls, but I truly didn’t have a real preference. I was suprirsied when I found out it was a boy, but not disappointed at all.

Go into it with no expectations and hope for a perfectly healthy baby of either sex!

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I don’t think it matters AT ALL that you have 5 girls in your family.

You give an X no matter what and the other X or Y will come from your partner. If anything, his genetics matter. I’ve heard that men can have stronger X or Y sperms but don’t know how true it is or how much it really affects things.

DH is from a family of 4 brothers and there is only one girl on that side going back 150 years! So you would think his Y sperm might be stronger…

Well we don’t have ours 100% confirmed but we’re pretty sure it’s a girl (it looked like a girl at our 16 week ultrasound and the tech said she thinks it’s a girl but wouldn’t confirm until our next one at 20 weeks).

But I undertand how you’re feeling…I want to at least have one of each. But I think you get what you get! Feel free to try out that method though if you really want…can’t hurt at least.

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You have a 50/50 chance of getting one or the other. It’s pointless to get so obsessed with trying to have one or the other.

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You pretty much have a 50/50 shot.  Yes, I think everyone to some extent has a preference, but it’s really best not to get obsessed because at the end of the day you have no choice.

We weren’t TTC but are pregnant with a girl. We had sex on or very close to O day.  Shettles isn’t a guaranteed science.  

Regardless of what you have, you’ll love your baby.  Boys are great! My nephews are my world.  I’m actually nervous about having a girl now since I’m so used to boys!  My sister really wanted a girl before she got pregnant with her first – she has 2 boys and wouldn’t trade it for the world.  She’s just made to be a boy mom.  

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If there were any reliable way to control/influence the gender, trust me, we’d all know about it by now.

The only thing that seems to make any sense is what runs on the male side of the family. My uncle comes from a family of 14 — almost all boys. He had three boys. His boys have had three boys. I’ve seen this happen NUMEROUS times. I think there might be something to that but again, that doesn’t mean you can influence it. Just maybe make a more informed prediction.

Best of luck to you. I wanted a girl, had a boy, and can’t imagine it any other way. Little boys are wonderful. Read these responses if you don’t believe me:

Tell me what's great about having a son!

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@Kate0558:  I don’t think we’d “aim” for a specific gender, but I sometimes catch myself fantasizing about having a boy first – but only because my fiance has always been such a great big brother to his three younger sisters, and I would just want any little girls (or boys) we have afteward to have this awesome big brother who is just like their dad…

I mean, of course if we have a son, I’m sure he’ll still be awesome and like his dad regardless of the order in which he was born, so it’s a bit silly in the end isn’t it 😛

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@Kate0558:  I always had this “I need to have a boy first” in the back of my mind. Or I only want boys. I convinced myself I would be so disappointed if it were a girl. I am a big sister, and I always thought having a big brother would have been so cool and I was jealous of girls who had big brothers. But, on the flip side of things, I had a little brother, and I did a hell of a job protecting him growing up.

Now that I am pregnant, and I think a lot of pregnant women would agree, you tend to focus on having a healthy, happy baby rather than happy, health girl or happy healthy boy more.

TTC is stressful enough without worrying about what gender your baby will be. You have a 50/50 chance of having either or. They say there are things you can do to make the boy swim faster (my mom was notorious for saying hold your legs in the air and it works) but I don’t buy that.

You are most certainly not the only one with a gender preference, but I would suggest trying to throw it out the window and focus on having a healthy baby. Everything will turn out wonderful either way.

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My DH DESPERATELY wanted a boy, and we’re having girl #1! When my Dad DESPERATELY wanted a boy, e got three girls! Then when he stopped caring, he got his son!

So hopefully you’ll get your girl!

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I’m not sure what I really want first, sometimes I think girl, sometimes boy. So really I could go either way. It’s the second one that I will spend more time thinking about as I’d really like to have one of each. My mom swears my brother is a boy because of the whole “boy sperm is faster and then they die” theory. Maybe our second time around we’ll take a shot at that theory and see if we can’t get the other sex. As for this baby, we’re only 6 weeks today so I guess we will see what happens!

As others have said though really you have a 50/50 chance so try  not to get yourself hyped up for either one!

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@BrandNewBride:  Haha…DH really wanted a boy and told me we would have all boys because of all of this “family history” and only “1 girl since the Civil War” and all this stuff.

So I said just because he said all that…we were going to end up with a girl.  So…we’ll see.

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