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I use a generic tablet (Zovia) and haven’t had any side effects with it.  However, you do have to remember to take it every day.  Cost typically depends on your insurance if you have any.  The least expensive tablet that I am aware of is Sprintec.  It is available at Walmart for $9/month. 

If you don’t want to have to remember to take a tablet every day, Nuvaring may be a good choice.  I’ve had many patients who like that form of birth control.

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@mh.albania: Hmm..well, I take the pill, and to be honest, it’s only a 2 or 3lb. weight gain. I take Zovia, and it’s great! I don’t have the side affects that other pills do (mood swings, sex drive loss..). It is a pain to have to remember to take all the time, but I feel like it’s the most convenient for me. The cost is free for me, because I have double coverage with my insurance..

I don’t know about other BC, but I have a friend that did the shot, and had 3 blood clots in her feet within 6 months of use. Pretty scary. 

good luck!!

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i have a nuva ring and love it. so easy. didn’t make me gain weight like when i did depo as a teenager. because you absorb it the whole time it’s in, you have less fluctuation which prevents hormonal moods swings that some pills cause. everyone has different reactions to medications, but for me and a lot of my friends, the nuva ring has been great.

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I use OrthoTriCyclenLo.  It’s pretty expensive.  The doc said the generic wasn’t the same and I shouldn’t use it.  I’ve been on it since I was 16 and haven’t had any side effects.  I think it’s actually supposed to help prevent ovarian cancer.  I do pretty well remembering to take it, I set an alarm on my phone lol.

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If you’re worried about remembering to take a pill, I would suggest the NuvaRing, the Shot (Depo Provera — lasts 6 months at a time), or the Patch (change once per week, instead of every day). You’ll probably also get a lot of Bees on here suggesting natural family planning — but that only works if you’re REALLY committed to it, and I question how easy that would be for you if you’re traveling a lot, don’t know if you could remember to take a pill, and don’t want the bother of condoms (all of which are valid concerns, but which would probably negatively affect your ability to chart your temperature every single day, watch for changes in cervical mucus, and always be aware of the date/point in time in your cycle).

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I’m on NuvaRing and I freaking LOVE it. So low-maintenance, totally unnoticable, relatively inexpensive, and effective (as far as I know!).  I did the patch and hated it, took pills and couldn’t remember to have them at the same time everyday, and would consider another option if there was something that sounded better than the ring 🙂  I actually keep it in for 30 days, 3 rings in a row, and only give myself 4 periods a year, which is awesome.  I’ve been on it for years and have no plans to change.

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i’m also on the ring and love it. it’s easy and i have seen no side effects. my stomach is really sensative to things– i’m supposed to take allergy meds but i dont.. but with the ring i dont have any of those problems, obviously.

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@mh.albania: I’ve never noticed a difference in sensation between ultra thin versus regular condoms…but I have experienced more breakage with the thinner ones. (Just a word of warning; also, be careful, because some brands of spermicide can damage condoms and/or your vaginal mucosa). Also, I assume by “withdrawl time” you mean the length of time between going off hormonal birth control and getting pregnant? Because it’s actually really popular for there to be no delay at all, especially with the low-dose hormones they use nowadays.

ETA: Not to say that you should definitely use HBC…it’s just that you seem pretty insistent that you don’t want kids UNTIL that time is up…and condoms (especially ultra-thin ones) and spermicide aren’t very statistically in your favour.

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I’m on Depo Provera because I’m not very good at remembering pills! I LOVE IT. Side effects say that most women gain weight from it, but I actually lost weight. At first I was noticeably “dryer” when I had sex, but as my body adjusted, I went back to normal. Best part is…no period! I used to have outrageously heavy periods, which is why I got on it in the first place…not anymore! 🙂

It’s nice not having a period, especially when you’re busy all the time!

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Every 12 weeks, not 6 months as you posted for the Depo shot 🙂

I’ve been on it a long time and it’s been great. Now a little anxious to come off and see how things go without being on any BC!

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I like Nuvaring.  I have less side effects on it than others.  The only problem is, you can’t stock up on them.  They need to be stored in the refridgerator if kept longer than 3 months.

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I’ve used condoms for years because BC wrecks my hormones.  I’ve had another gf who did that as well.  I personally would buy different ones and we would try to find out which ones we liked best.  I discovered that the Japanese were the thinnest while American’s were the largest.  Did you know that maybe in the last decade, the primary method of BC in Japan was condoms.  Condoms aren’t what they use to be.

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