Trying to get pregnant for two months already 😢

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mrparanoid :  most fertility doctors won’t see you until you’ve been trying for a year at your age. 2 months isn’t long at all! It’s crazy hard to get pregnant despite what your high school health teacher said lol. 

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Yeah, what everyone else said. It’ll happen, don’t worry!

but she needs to be taking a prenatal vitamin NOW! Why are you trying to get pregnant if she’s not on one? That could really really hurt your baby. Seriously, get her on one TODAY. Walmart, grocery stores, and pharmacies all sell them. 

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Glad to see the bees have this one covered.

Getting pregnant is not the easy task we were all led to believe growing up. It took us 10 months (which felt like eternity, so I get it) and that was with legitimate education and science not just winging it.

The first thing you need to do is realize those apps you’re using are useless and you have no idea when your wife ovulates which means getting pregnant is unlikely. figure out how to confirm ovulation first. And get her on a prenatal, STAT.

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Also, in addition to your wife taking a prenatal, you should also consider taking a multivitamin every day.  It’s best to try to be your healthiest self when TTC.

I suggest the gummy multivitamins so you can keep them at your bedside or on your desk and not have to necessarily have a glass of water handy when you take them.

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I’m confused by you saying there are days to avoid. That is certainly true if you don’t want to get pregnant but if you’re trying to conceive there are really only days that she is not fertile, lower fertility, and peak fertility. There are only a few days a month that you can conceive: the female egg does not live long so you basically have to have sperm in there waiting to fertilize the egg when it is released or have sperm deposited soon after. 

Pregnancy apps can’t tell you when the egg is likely to be released or has been released. They only tell you when “most” women are likely to have their period start based on averages. They assume most women ovulate (release an egg) the same number of days after their period ends. For me, I never would have gotten pregnant following such an app, I ovulate much later. You and your wife will need to do more research on this (I’m not going to type more of a novel here on it) but she ideally needs to track her ovulation signs via temperature, cervical fluid and using an opk if she really wants to get pregnant uber quick. Or you can relax about it and use try to ejaculate inside of her every other day for most of her cycle. Sorry to be crude but I want to use laymen terms so you understand. 



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Everyone has basically already said that 2 months is not time to panic, and I totally agree.

While I agree that vitimins are important, it’s totally fine if she starts now. You are not idiots for not starting sooner. Do not panic.

I think starting with the OB is a great idea. When I told my OB that Darling Husband and i were thinking about trying, she said she might as well do my blood work that day. It was a very easy step in the process.

Regarding lube, there are brands on the market specifically meant to be used when you are trying to conceive.  We used one of them and all drs were good with that.

To add to the number soup, the stat that my dr referenced is that there is a 15% chance of conception each cycle, assuming cycles are normal. 

I do think that stress is the number one factor you should be considering at this time, since you are both young and have only been trying for 2 cycles. Try to make lifestyle changes that allow for plenty of sleep and relaxation.

Good luck!

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mrparanoid :  As you already know, 2 month is not long at all, with average being between 6-12 months. Especially if you are not tracking ovulation precisely, you might be completely missing the fertile window. Now if it’s something that is really stressing you out, you could go and run basic fertility testing at the dr. Most dr don’t unless couple has been trying for at least 6 months (some 12 months, and insurance company won’t cover it unless 12 months), but it’s not like dr can check how long you have been having sex without a condom for. Just say the magic 12 month number to get it covered by insurance. Unless have history of using birth control and when stopped in your medical records. 

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Surprise endings are always fun

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