(Closed) TTC after a MC: anyone with me?

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@phoebephoebo:  I had a m/c this past Sept but won’t be TTC for another 6 months. We’re waiting for two specific reasons but when the time comes I can’t wait! My brother and SIL m/c April of last year and got pg the first cycle after. She’s currently 34 weeks and baby healthy!  I hear the woman is very fertile after a m/c. I hope you get your BFP and sticky baby. 

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This isn’t my first cycle after my miscarriage but I am on CD5 on my third cycle after my miscarriage. It took me 10 cycles to get pregnant, and I didn’t even know I was pregnant til I was already miscarrying.  Don’t have any advice as I am struggling emotionally with the whole TTC process. To top it off, my friend announced her 4th pregnancy last week. Wish I had some wise words for the both of us.

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@phoebephoebo:  we are not currently in the ttc process. Im only 3 weeks out since my MC, and the doctor told me to wait 3 full cycles to start. Im waiting on getting my first period since the MC. 

I totally understand the fear that you have. I have the fear of when and if I do get pregnant again, will it lead to another MC. Is it going to take 6 cycles again… 

Stay positive! Itll be the best thing for you and baby when the time comes!

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I’m currently 3 dpo on my 5th cycle trying after my miscarriage (via d and c) in july.  it only took us 2 cycles to get my bfp the first time, so this is just exhausting.  i’m very scared to be pregnant again, but i’ve decided to stay positive and hopefully the positive vibes will pay off in the end.

anyway, i’m here for you!  ttc is an emotional rollercoaster and it’s even worse after a miscarriage, so i feel your pain.  =)

btw, something i’ve noticed since my mc that i’ve just been curious about is that prior to the mc my breasts would get really sore at about 7 dpo until af.  they were also very sore during my pregnancy.  BUT since the mc, i haven’t had sore breasts at all during my tww.  i know i’m ovulating based on my bbt and opks….it’s just weird.  anyone else have that? 

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I conceived in my first cycle after miscarriage…twice.  It seems my body likes to miscarry before each pregnancy.  So it is totally possible.  ((hugs))  But yeah, you will be terrified…  


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I just started my 13th cycle of TTC, with one MC at 8 weeks in cycle 5. Another pregnancy announcement went up on FB yesterday and another little piece of my heart broke. Another friend had her baby the other day and she announced her pregnancy shortly after I found out I was pregnant last summer.

Thankfully our wedding is less than 4 months away and is taking up my time and energy and we’re also trying to buy a house so we’re trying to put TTC on the back burner for now but it’s still a struggle each month when I know we hit the fertile window yet AF arrives again. I started to do testing and started treatment for borderline hypothyroidism in the fall but after a few months the medication started making me really sick so I stopped taking it. After the wedding if we’re still not pregnant we’ll start looking into our options. 

I’m sorry for all of your losses. Going through miscarriage and struggling with TTC is a miserable thing. I hope we all have better luck soon.

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I went through a MMC as well so I definitely understand the fears. That was my first pregnancy and it only took us a couple of months to conceive, so we were completely confused/devastated when we figured out we had had MMC after having seen the heartbeat and everything at 6.5 weeks. I’m currently pregnant now but it took us 2.5 years to get here, but I have ovulation issues so that’s totally not the norm. I can say that I have been much more aware and scared this pregnancy whereas the first time around I knew a lot less about things that could go wrong. I’m currently 11.5 weeks and everything is going great. I’ve had a few incidents of brown spotting so I’ve been super paranoid when that happened but I’ve had 3 US and everything seems to be going fine, so this time around the spotting isn’t a bad thing. Every time it happened I jumped to the worst conclusions but thankfully the doctor understood what we had been through before and didn’t make us wait more than a day to have an US. Also when you are pregnant again if you are like me the at home doppler will let you rest easy. I know some people don’t like them because it could be hard to find the heartbeat on your own, but I got mine at 9.5 weeks and have listened to the hb a couple times a day which has lessened my anxiety immensely since I’m not having to wait between US appointments to know the baby is still with me. Especially I think after going through a MMC it can be incredibly comforting.

I wish you all the luck in the world! TTC after a MC is a scary, emotional rollercoaster but you’ll be glad you pushed through.

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I just wanted to say good luck to you ladies who are TTC after miscarriage. I have been there and know how difficult and stressful it can be. My advice is to just hang in there and try to be as patient as possible (which is really hard, I know). What helped me get through TTC after MC was envisioning myself holding my future rainbow baby and knowing that no matter what else I had to go through to get to that point, it would be worth it once I held my LO in my arms.

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@lindsayandchris09:  I’m so sorry to see you struggling. 🙁 I was wondering how you were doing due to both of us having the same weird experience. I’m crossing everything that you end up with a healthy little one very soon. *hugs*.

 @phoebephoebo:  There used to be a TTC after MC thread on the TTC board. You might have to search back a few pages but its there. There are a lot of sweet ladies that were one it and many go on to have successful pregnancies soon after. Hope you end up with the same good luck! Best wishes.

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I’m in! AF just started today after an early December MC (7 weeks), and so far it’s worse than the actual MC. We were hoping go get pregnant right away, but I’m actually glad to have a non-subtle period because I’m getting some closure on the MC. I was also starting to feel like the MC never happened, which might have been heightened if there was no AF in between.

I had problems with the pregnancy so basically I felt like I was living in hell for three weeks. my job actually gave me 3 bereavement days, which surprised me. I’m still emotionally exhausted and feel like a crazy person some days, but I’m finally starting to feel hopeful.

So, CD1 for me. Fingers crossed & baby dust for everyone…

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@phoebephoebo:  I have no idea! I was also told to wait 6 weeks from date of MC to have sex.. 6 weeks! I’m very unhappy with my doctor so I’m not quit sure what to do…

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I’m almost with you. Still waiting for first AF after miscarriage and then I’ll be back to join you ladies in TTC.  

I am am already anticipating a lot of anxiety surrounding my next BFP because my pregnancy was ectopic and it will be a waiting game next time to make sure everything is in the correct place before I can relax about the pregnancy. Yikes! 

Next week I’m turning 33 so it’s getting harder and harder to be patient about TTC but I will do my best to relax. 


Good luck to everyone on their TTC journey and with any luck I will be back next month to join you for real!

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