(Closed) TTC after miscarriage. Question for those with experience.

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Was it a natural miscarriage? I had a D&C and accidently got pregnant (one time we didn’t use protection!!!) w/o a period first and it ended in MC. But I think your body goes through a lot more after a D&C. My sister got pregnant right away after a natural MC and went on to have a healthy baby girl. I’m not sure what the medical reason, if any at all, for waiting. But one thing to think about is whether you would blame yourselft if you got pregnant right away and had a MC? That was hard for me to deal with after my D&C. We waited to have one period the next time around and it made me feel much better about trying again. It’s a personal choice though. Best of luck to you!

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@MARIE901:  I’m not sure if there are any risks. I think different doctors have different opinions on the topic. Some say to wait two or three cycles before trying again. I think some of the reason behind waiting is so they have an easier time dating your pregnancy because they have a date of LMP. Waiting one month can feel like eternity. I’ve been there. Hang in there.

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Busy bee

First of all, I am so sorry for your loss, it’s a terrible thing to have to go through.

There are different schools of thought on this, some Drs prefer that you wait a few cycles, others say it’s fine to try right away.  I think the justification for waiting is to give your body time to recover so that you are physically and emotionally ready when you try again.  I believe that medically the only real risk is if your lining has not had time to thicken enough to sustain a pregnancy post-miscarriage.

I saw my Dr. about 3 weeks after my miscarriage, she gave me a vaginal ultrasound, confirmed that all the pregnancy tissue had passed and said that my lining looked great, I was about to ovulate so if I felt ready to go for it.  We didn’t get pregnant that cycle, but physically it would have been fine if we had.  

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That is the same thing my doctor recommended,some even recommend up to 3 cycles.I think it is just to make sure that all the lining were the placenta was forming is gone. That way if you do get pregnant it doesn’t attach to the not so healthy tissue.

ETA: I was glad that I had AF before trying again (initially I wanted to throw caution to the wind). But something about having the terrible period was healing to know that me body was getting rid of all the old lining and making new healthy stuff, kind of like my body was moving on.

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First of all, I’m sorry that you’re even in the position to have to ask this question! *Hugs*

Secondly, I’ve had 2 miscarriages. The first one was last July and my doctor recommended waiting until I’d had a normal AF following the MC. We took her advice and waited. The first month that we tried again I got pregnant again and that ended with another very early MC. After that we took 2 cycles off because my doctor wanted to put me on a few different medications to balance my hormones (I have PCOS, thyroid issues and low progesterone issues). The first cycle that we tried after that waiting period I got pregnant again and I am now almost 7 weeks. It’s a very personal decision whether you wait or not. Personally we decided to wait because we knew that if I did get pregnant right away and that pregnancy ended in another MC I’d blame myself and my impatience and have a very hard time living with that. In hindsight I’m very glad that we waited because both of my visits from AF directly following the MCs were horrible. I personally don’t feel, taking those into consideration, that the lining would have been healthy enough to support a pregnancy right away.

I’ve done a lot of research into it and from what I’ve found there isn’t really anything definitive going either way. There are studies that go both ways but none of them have solid evidence proving either side. It really is a decision that’s best made by you and your husband, obviously with your doctor’s advice taken into consideration. Sorry for my novel!! Good luck πŸ™‚

P.S. Both of my MCs were natural as well.

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Honey bee
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First of all, I’m so very sorry for your loss. 

After our natural miscarriage, we were advised to wait a cycle. We were told that this would make sure that all of the remnants of the lost pregnancy would be passed (I’m sorry, that sounds so cold and clinical), that they would easily be able to date a subsequent pregnacy, and so that I would have time to start to heal emotionally as well as physically. Unplanned and unwanted pregnancy losses are traumatic, and our doctor wanted us, and me especially, to have time to grieve it. 

That said, we had been trying for almost a year the first time we got pregnant. We took our doctor’s advice into consideration, and we talked about taking a month, or even two, off, but Darling Husband and I jointly decided that we didn’t want to waste any more time and instead chose to try again right away. 

So there are good reasons to take a month off. That said, I do know people who have gotten pregnant again right away, and went on to have successful pregnancies. Ultimately it’s a decision you and your husband need to make together. 

I will add, however, that my first period after my miscarriage was hell. It was longer than usual, horrible cramps, and very heavy. In retrospect, I’m glad we didn’t get pregnant that month, and gave all that a chance to get out of my body. 


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So sorry for your loss : (

I had a natural (early) miscarriage and my doctor wanted me to wait a full cycle before TTC again for the same reasons that @FutureMrsMcK:  mentioned.  It was hard to wait to try again, but we did follow my doctor’s suggestion. 

I got pregnant on cycle 3 actively trying again (cycle 4 post miscarriage) – it’s a healthy pregnancy and I’m almost 28 weeks now : )

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@MARIE901:  I’m sorry for your loss. We had an early miscarriage at 5 weeks, and our doctor actually explained the whole “wait one cycle” deal as it pertained to us. According to our doctor they typically say that because if you don’t wait a full cycle inbetween it makes it more difficult for the doctor to date your pregnancy.

Because the doctor said there were no real risks for us in going forward TTC in our miscarraige cycle we did and we are now going on 8 weeks with an awesome heartbeat. Definitely talk to your doctor about whether or not it’s important for you (based on your individual circumstances) to wait the whole cycle or not.

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