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I only limited myself to one cup of decaf coffee or one cup of soda a day it was hard but for the sake of the baby it was worth it when I was pregnant. My son is only 7 months old now and he is perfectly fine. Not every pregnant women get morning sickness. I felt nausea and only puked once throughout my entire pregnancy. You should have a talk with your doctor and see what he/she recommends  for you do. 

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amanda3334455:  I am TTC and cut back my 4 cups of coffee to two by refusing to go to Starbucks. That was hard! I then cut two down to one. The first few weeks were hard, but I got over it. I will switch to half caf when I get pregnant.

Any reason why your doctor hasn’t recommended a different blood pressure treatment?

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I’m the same way, although I don’t drink coffee, just soda and only one or two a day, but without them I get very lightheaded and dizzy. I’m sure I’ll keep drinking a soda a day and am not too concerned with it. My mom had at least two cans of Coca Cola a day throughout her pregnancy, BFing, and we even have videos of her putting it in my sippy cup before bedtime lol And me and my brother are both very healthy when we were little and still today. 

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Are these really 3 cups a day (6-8 oz)? My 3 cups a day (before getting pregnant) were 3 16-20oz coffees a day. I worked in a Barnes and Noble cafe, so I was around Starbucks coffee everyday and drank it all the time. So saying I was addicted to caffiene was an understatement. If you do drink Starbucks coffee, I would recommend stopping. By coffee, I don’t mean espresso drinks, just their regular coffee. One tall cup of coffee from Starbucks has the equivalent of 2-3 cups of regular strength coffee and is more than what they consider safe (200mg of caffiene/day).


When I first got pregnant the nurse said it was safe for me to drink 3 cups of regular strength coffee a day (by strength I don’t mean bold or mild, that has no correlation to amount of caffiene). I, being the paranoid person I am, switched to decaf when I was trying to get pregnant (I know it’s not the same, but it helped a little). I cut down to one cup of decaf a day, or none at all, it was tough, but I figured it would be worth it. Towards the end of pregnancy when the insomnia got really bad, I reintroduced one cup of regular coffee a day. Now in my second pregnancy, I drink 1-2 cups of regular coffee a day. I really can’t comment on the low blood pressure because I actually have high blood pressure that is controlled through medication.

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amanda3334455:  I think that you just figure out how many mgs of caffeine are in what you currently drink, and keep it at that. For example, a single shot of espresso has about 50 mgs of caffeine, so you could have 4 americanos a day. 

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I would talk to your doctor or OB about different ways to treat your low Bridal Party.

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Im TTC and it has been rough for me to give up my coffee. Ive reduced to the occasional one cup. Ill be switching to the teas but decaf. Im with the other bees why not figure out something to help with bp. Best wishes to you :0)

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amanda3334455:  I’m not a coffee/caffeine addict, but I really need that 1 morning cup of joe to get me going (then I’m good for the day)! I too heard to cut out all caffeine/coffee while TTC & pregnant. We’re on our 16th cycle TTC and for the most part, I cut out ALL coffee/caffeine. Idk how I did it. I guess because I really wanted that BFP. Well BFP has still not happened. I’m back to coffee, but still with my one cup in the morning. Maybe you can cut back to just 1 cup a day, but get there by cutting out little by little, not just all at once. I would also speak with your doctor again and bring up your LBP. If they don’t want to see to help you with it, find another docotor who doesn’t just sweep it under the rug.

Good Luck! Hope you get your BFP soon!

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I did a lot of online research while I was pregnant and found that the study on which the 200 mg / day recommendation is based didn’t seem all that conclusive, and that unlike smoking or drinking which has been proven to be connected to serious harms, at most caffiene was correlated to miscarriages, maybe. So I just drank the same amount of coffee as always. When I was in 1st tri, it didnt really appeal to me, so I cut back naturally. But if I wanted it I drank it. 

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I am a diet coke addict, and I cut it out from about week 6-12ish (can’t remember exactly). I started drinking caffeine free diet coke for the taste and the bubbles, but it didn’t really do it for me. I get headaches without diet coke. I started drinking regular diet coke, and I realized I would have to drink a lot of it to be above the 200 mg. Dirty Delete is perfectly fine.

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You may need to find another way to balance yourself. One of my first indications I was pregnant was I went off caffeine entirely – it made me feel really sick. This persisted from 3 days before my BFP (around 8DPO) until I hit 9 weeks pregnant. I’m guessing 5 weeks with an aversion and low Bridal Party would be dangerous.

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I’m addicted to caffeine, but I drink more soda than coffee. When I’ve cut back, it’s been easiest to do it gradually. Start by replacing one cup with just half a cup or even 3/4 cup and go from there. That way, you won’t feel the withdrawal effects as much. I just found out I’m pregnant, so while I’m still below 200 mg per day, I’m trying to cut back more.

I’d also talk to your doctor to see if there’s a better way to regulate your blood pressure that’s safe during pregnancy.

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