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@MrsBaldEagle:  Hang in there! Everyone has different paths, none of them are right or wrong! It will happen to you very soon, and you will be an awesome mom! =]


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I somewhat know how you’re feeling! I’ve had baby fever for like 2 years, but DH and I are not TTC yet.  He says he wants to wait until after the holidays are over (so that if I did get PG, I wouldn’t be sick during the holidays) and we’ll be TTC in January.  

In the meantime, one of my best friends told me she was PG on my wedding day, my SIL is now PG with #2, and one of my other best friends just found out she’s PG with #2 like 2 weeks ago.  DH’s cousin just had baby #2 this week, and it seems like everyone on my FB is now PG or having a baby this month.

Sending good vibes your way, I really hope you get your BFP soon!! 


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I understand how you feel, but we’re in a slightly different situation. I am kind of like the PP. We’re aren’t going to TTC until June. But I am ready NOW. DH really wants to wait though and he will not be swayed to try earlier. I feel like everyone I know is pregnant and they are just taunting me! Facebook is the worst. All these cute moms with their cute babies. I think it makes it so much worse. I know 4 women who delivered last month alone. 

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I hear ya.  We’ve been TTC for about the same length of time but I haven’t really had high expectations….yet.  More so I just feel really self conscious when someone close to me announces that they’re pregnant.  I suspect there are some family members who just assume that we’re trying and worry that they’re feeling sorry for us because it hasn’t happened to us yet.

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Three of my very best friends are pregnant. I love them and I hate that I’m not as excited as I normally would be if I weren’t dealing with TTC demons, but I can’t help my emotions.

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I’ve also been trying since June, but I’m in Cycle 7. I’ve also had the misfortune of hearing about other peoples’ pregnancies – Hell, it’s tough sometimes being here and seeing the women who get pregnant within 3 cycles and/or months. It’s no fault of their own, I’m happy for them (who wishes this kind of crap on someone else?), but at the same time, it’s totally normal and acceptable to feel a little sorry for yourself.

That’s the line of course between mature and immature people – it’s OK not to be totally over-the-hill thrilled when you hear about someone else’s pregnancy. But there are always the charming folks who resort to passive-aggression, who find themselves happy when aforementioned preggos have obstacles or setbacks…you know the drill. Not that you’re one of them, but, well, just illustrating where the line is between being “acceptably” upset and “inappropriately” upset.

My current “downer” thought came when I heard that one of my sisters-in-law is going to start trying for her second in December. I dwelled on that and started thinking, “Bet you any money she’ll somehow wind up getting pregnant before I do, even though by then I’ll be 7 – 8 cycles ahead of her.”

The world works in mysterious and cruel ways, sometimes. Ah well. I know it will happen eventually. I drink my wine, go out and do whatever I want whenever I feel like it, unlike many parents, and live my life happily.

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@MrsBaldEagle:  I, too, felt like this when I was waiting for DH to be ready to TTC and two of my close friends and another acquaintance were pregnant. It was similar to the feeling of waiting to get engaged when others were already engaged and planning their weddings!

We’re only in cycle 2 of trying. Right now, I have one friend due in Jan, and another friend and his wife just announced and are due in May. Honestly, for now, I just feel excited for them and hopeful that we’ll be joining them soon; I think it helps that I’m not super close to either of these ladies and don’t really see them all that often and that we haven’t been trying for too long yet. But I definitely hope that we’re pregnant by the time they deliver, because man that would suck if we weren’t!

It definitely sucks to be stuck waiting while you see others getting what you want. I did think of a silver lining, though – when you get your BFP, maybe all those mommas will be able to give you lots of free hand-me-down items that their babies are done with. (Okay, that’s a pretty weak upside, but still, it’s something!)

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I only just started ttc, and I’m already feeling jealous at my pregnant friends.  I just try my best to be happy for them (I really am), and keep my thoughts positive.  Happy thoughts always help! 🙂

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I get it! We’ve been really [email protected] TTA all year. We’re both ready to start TTC, but this year has been really transitional for us so we just haven’t gotten to a place where we’re comfortable with it. We’re FINALLY about to start TTC this winter.

One of my BFFs just got married last month, and I’m bracing myself for the announcement. Another of my friends just had a baby, but she lives on the opposite coast so it’s not super in my face. But I just want to make sure I’m excited for my friend and react well/ not choke on my jealousy. lol

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@MrsBaldEagle:  I understand and I’m still in my first cycle TTC.  A coworker announced her pregnancy on or around the day I O’d this cycle and I felt a twinge of jealousy, even though I hadn’t tried yet.

I’m seeing an old coworker friend on the same day I will probably either have my BFP or get AF next week.  She’s eight months pregnant and I haven’t seen her since she first told me at about 10 weeks.  I’m already expecting having a hard time with it if I have AF even though I know that’s nuts.

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