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dahlia0601 :  I am Bipolar 2 as well and was diagnosed and put on Seroquol and Sertraline during my first pregnancy. My psychiatrist explained that not only is it reasonably safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but the potential for a manic/psychotic episode during pregnancy is much more dangerous than medication. It’s normal to have anxiety about meds in pregnancy. Plenty of people will tell you that it’s best to stop taking all meds, which may be true for some types of anxiety and depression, but bipolar is a whole different animal. A non-teratogenic medicine is the best bet in these situations. 

I am now TTC again and will continue taking my meds throughout. I was told that I could attempt to taper down to a lower dose if it made me feel better, but the current dose I am on is the most stable I’ve been in years and I don’t really want to mess that up. 


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I am not bipolar but I have a few diagnosed anxiety disorders. The pregnancy hormones agreed with me and my anxiety was actually much better when I was pregnant, though I did take cymbalta throughout the pregnancy. My prescriber started to wean me from the cymbalta about three weeks before my due date so the baby wouldn’t have to withdrawal from it when she was born. I had a HORRIBLE time coming off of it which apparently is common with cymbalta, so she put me on Zoloft for the rest of the pregnancy.

I’m on low doses of Wellbutrin and trintellix with the goal of going off of them when I get a positive pregnancy test (ttc next cycle). If I have trouble, there are pregnancy safe meds to take

However, all ssri’s that used to be category A, like Wellbutrin, have been moved to category B’s.

I know bipolar meds are completely different but I thought I would weigh in as you asked about anxiety.

Good luck with everything!

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I am not diagnosed with bipolar, but I have depression & anxiety. I started weaning myself off meds about 8 months ago in preparation to start TTC in May. I am currently on lamictal and am also 8 weeks pregnant. Like another bee posted, my anxiety and depression is pretty much non existent with these pregnancy hormones! Hopefully it stays this way. 

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Diagnosed bipolar II, I took lamictal and abilify my entire pregnancy and everything turned out fine. My Darling Husband was on latuda (bipolar I) and he said it was a lot milder than lithium.

Honestly after the baby came was harder for me than being pregnant (though my anxiety was super high). Now I’ve got postpartum OCD which my Dr prescribed zoloft for (which is worrisome in itself for obvious reasons). Point being hold off ttc if you’re unsure about your mental health in anyway, just in case. You are your priority right now because once a baby comes along you have to take care of yourself in order to take care of your baby.

I’d be more concerned about being stable before you get pregnant, don’t worry so much about the medications, doctors usually know what they’re doing. If you’re really that concerned make sure you have a good chat with your prescribing dr about the risks of taking it during pregnancy. 

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I don’t have bipolar disorder, but I do take lamictal for epilepsy. Lamictal can also be used as a mood stabilizer for people with bipolar disorder.  I’m on a much higher dose than one would be for mood stabilization, and my neurologist is fine with me continuing to take it during my pregnancy. It’s a category C drug, but really the only downside is a slight increase in the risk of cleft palate. He had me taking 1 mg of folic acid before TTC. Now that I’m pregnant I take 4 mg a day. I have to have my blood levels of lamictal monitored every few weeks, but that may be something specific to epilepsy. 

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mrsclaymls :  they are also finding that some medications that are big no no’s are only damaging in the first trimester, or the last trimester etc. some might not be safe at the beginning but can be safe towards the end

Best wishes to you, I’m glad they are monitoring you closely!

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Hi! I don’t have experience with that particular med but am currently at the beginning of the TTC journey and have been okayed by my OB to stay on my Lamotragine (for mood stabilization) and Lexapro (for severe anxiety). I had to get off the benzo I was on, but she has assured me that she feels very safe about these two meds and that it is MUCH safer for me to stay stable on those meds than to grow my baby in the level or cortisol I would have unmedicated. I have had to work through a lot of feelings of guilt about not being able to be totally chemical free during this process, but my doc told me to remember that I am a person and not just a vessel which honestly made me feel much better. Good luck to you! 

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