TTC and Travel?

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Every pregnancy is so different but I’ve been traveling regularly since I found out I was pregnant. I did IVF and had to travel for work a week or so after I got my positive beta test. Since then, I’ve flown at least 6-7x as well as train trips and road trips. We went on our baby moon when I was 24 weeks to Europe. That was the most challenging due to the long flight but it really wasn’t that bad. I drove 6-8 hours for the past few weekends for Thanksgiving, our baby shower and a family event. I wear compression leggings, get up and walk every 2 hours (if flying) and drink lots of water. That being said, I haven’t been sick at all and am carrying quite small so I don’t have a lot of physical limitations at this point. I have one more trip planned to drive back to visit family for the holidays when I am 31 weeks and then after that, I will stick close to home. My OB says its ok to travel until 36 weeks (assuming no complications). I’ve tried to remain as active as possible when pregnant, and maintaining my regular activity and travel is part of that. Plus, a few trips have been for work and unavoidable. That being said, it really depends on how your body reacts. I’ve been pretty lucky with minimal symptoms. I will say, I did have a medical scare when I was traveling around 14 weeks. I woke up bleeding heavily and had to go to the local ER. Thankfully, I was traveling to visit my family and had been to the local hospital there on other occasions with family so I was able to stay calm. I recommend always knowing where the closest ER with OBGYN care is but hopefully you won’t need it. 

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I took 3 domestic trips my first trimester and a long trip from California to Europe when I was between 20-25 weeks for our babymoon, and it was all fine. I had a low risk pregnancy and never had any morning sickness, though.

But I’m sure you’ll hear opposite stories, so I would just use your best judgment once you are pregnant (and take your OB’s advice of course) as to whether any given trip is worth it to you. And trust your instincts. It’s pretty much impossible to say now whether you’d be one of the ones who would be completely fine or not.

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mgrd753 :  I did a few road trips in my first pregnancy and have a couple scheduled for this time around too. My only issue was sitting for long periods of time – my hips and back got really sore even at only 20 weeks. We just planned extra stops so I could walk around and stretch (and pee! Lol). 

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I traveled internationally Iceland at 5-6 weeks pregnant and was pretty miserable with nausea and vomiting the whole time. At 12 weeks I drove 1700 miles (moving internationally) and it was also pretty rough. I was still quite nauseated and had to stop and walk around every hour or two to prevent blood clots (per my OB). The sweet spot for me was between 14 and 21 weeks when my energy returned and I felt better. Definitely could have traveled during that time with little trouble. Every pregnancy is so different, but starting at 22 weeks mine was rough and I had medial issues that kept me mostly house bound. But I know lots of people who traveled between 20 and 30 weeks fairly easily. It’s kind of a crap shoot, so I would just make sure you get travel insurance in case you have to back out for any reason. 

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mgrd753 :  I traveled to Kenya, Uganda, and South Africa a few weeks ago, I was about 16 weeks. The morning sickness was over. I even went gorilla trekking which was very difficult but never stopped working out so I’m assuming that was helpful. The flights were tough because we traveled about 24 hours to get to Africa but I feel like that would have been tough without being pregnant. Good Luck with your baby journey!!!

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Vacation where? We went to Portugal and the Azores Islands for 11 days when I was 9 weeks pregnant, and a few domestic trips (plane travel or road trips) when I was in the 2nd and early 3rd trimesters. Weeks 6-15 can be tough for nausea, and months 8 and 9 are tough because you’re uncomfortable and have to pee allllllllll the time. 

It gets a lot harder to travel when the baby comes, and you never know how long it’ll take to get pregnant, so I wouldn’t put life on hold. 

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I kind of look at it considering the worst case scenarios, and see how bad it would be to deal with them.

Things to consider-

Any trimester: Will you have health coverage wherever you are?  How are the medical facilities where you are?  How quickly could you receive medical attention where you are or during travel?

First trimester:  How bad would it be to be dealing with possible nausea, vomiting, food aversions, or exhaustion in this place and en route?  How bad would it be to miscarry or experience a subchorionic hemorrhage in this place or en route?

Second trimester: How bad would it be to end up on hospital bedrest in this place?  Is this place equipped to deal with a very premature baby?  What is considered the age of viability here?

Third Trimester: How bad would it be to give birth here?  Be stuck here on bedrest?  Have a child in NICU here?

Lots of people travel just fine, but you certainly don’t need to be considered high risk for things to go differently than planned.  I personally took a few small trips during my pregnancies, but only places within an 8 hour drive where I felt comfortable.  I was a bit gunshy due to having had a first trimester miscarriage before.  I don’t think I would go more than 2 hours from home in the third trimester at all, personally.  The second trimester is usually the sweet spot where you can somewhat enjoy things with *less* risk.

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You can search my post history, I’ve got a thread about long haul flights that got some great information. The summary seemed to be, by and large, to assume that you’ll be in the statistical majority of healthy people and to be flexible. I ended the thread feeling like, if Darling Husband wanted to go for it a few months before my big trip, I’d be open to it. Since then, I’ve booked another trip that involves wine, so I’m back to being the one who is a firm “no”.  

Anyhow, Hawaii is amazing and you’ll have a blast! 

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My husband and I booked a trip to Spain back in February for this past August. We had planned on TTC in the Spring and I had no idea if I would be pregnant or not. Being my first pregnancy, I also had no idea what to expect. We conceived in May so I was about 12 weeks when we traveled. My OBGYN was supportive, just wanted me to get up and walk during the flight and stay hydrated. My husband felt badly because I couldn’t enjoy all of the delicious Spanish wine, cured meat, and cheese (I ate a little cheese and meat in moderation) but I would rather be pregnant than drinking!  I was very nervous about the exhaustion and morning sickness. Luckily I wasn’t sick at all during my first tri and the exhaustion wasn’t bad because of siesta time in Spain. I got my naps in and it was good!


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mgrd753 :  We went to Hawaii when I was 16 weeks along and it was fine! You just need to get up more than normal on the flight to walk and go to the bathroom. I was more tired than I’d normally be, but feeling much better than I was the first trimester.

To me, the first trimester felt like a 3 month long hang over. I was so exhausted, nauseaus, and just generally didn’t feel well.  Hawaii still would have been okay, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much!

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We went to Dubai when I was 17 weeks.  I felt great by then for the most part and the travel was easy.  The only thing that sucked was worrying about food restrictions, all the raw seafood I would have otherwise loved to try.  And having to sit out the desert sand dunes touring.  

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flying? i flew 3 hours away at 22 weeks with my second.  i was on my feet all day exploring the city and enjoying the good food.

i roadtripped many other places throughout my pregnancies.

if it is a cruise, double check the policy.  i think most you cannot go on after 24 weeks.

wear compression socks, get up often , either walk around the plane or if driving stop to walk around.  you’ll probably need to pee often anyway.

otherwise, really not a big deal.  i was pretty active with both pregnancies, i was 39 weeks still crawling through the tunnel and going down slides at the playground with my toddler.

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Darling Husband and I have been on two vacations so far since I’ve been pregnant with mixed results. 

The first trip I was only 4 weeks and we had just found out I was pregnant a few days leading up to the trip. Because it was so early, I didn’t have a ton of symptoms at that point, so it was totally fine until the end of the trip when the nausea slowly started to creep in.

The second trip I was 13 weeks and was pretty nauseous, had horrible headaches, and was generally exhausted. Unfortunately this trip was to Disney World so I didn’t have the best time with all the symptoms!

I was pretty miserable from weeks 6-12, so I absolutely would have hated travelling during these weeks. I wasn’t throwing up (still haven’t), but was dry heaving/gagging/wretching alllll dayyyy lonnng, had a ton of food/smell aversions, and was so tired, so it would have made for a pretty lousy trip, especially if flights were involved (but I hate flying anyway). 

I’m just one side of the coin though – as plenty of bees here have noted, they felt perfectly fine and had no issues travelling, so you could be totally fine too! I will say though, as someone who TTCed for a year and a half, I wouldn’t put any potential travel plans on hold or hold off on TTC because you could be pregnant when the trip happens since there is no way to know what the future will bring, so live your life!

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