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I didn’t have to purchase short term disability, it was an automatic thing with my company (only partial pay though, 60%), so sorry that I’m not too helpful with those questions! But I’m assuming it’s the same as far as how it goes with your other leave – we get 6 weeks for a vaginal delivery and 8 weeks for a c-section, and although we must use our benefit time (so sick, vacation, and personal time) while we’re on the leave, we’re paid for both. So I’ll get paid my benefit time AND reimbursed the 60% of my pay during the same week/pay period until my benefit time is used up, at which point I’ll just be getting the short term disability pay. Does that make sense?

I would call the company or HR, whoever you guys do this through, and ask – can’t hurt to be extra sure! And yeah, American leave policies suck. I jsut had to start my maternity leave early, a month before my due date, because my job has me on my feet for 8+ hours a day and involves lots of walking, bending, no chance to sit down, etc., and it was starting to effect the pregnancy, and now I’m going through a giant hassle to start my leave/short term disability more than 2 weeks before my due date.

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I’ve purchased short term disability at my job. I have a 7 day wait period because I want to start collecting my benefits sooner. My STD covers 70% of my pay and I can supplement the rest of my pay with sick and/or vacation time. Under my policy I’m covered for 6 weeks if I deleiver vaginally and 8 if I have a c-section. And because I can take up to 12 weeks of FMLA I can use vacation and sick time to cover any time left over once my STD is up.

With my policy we have to have had it for a year before we can use it. I would call the company or check with your HR so they can tell you for sure. For me it’s worth it because I’ve been paying into it for a few years and I’m due in July.

With my job my STD is included in the FMLA materinity leave that I will take. So I can’t be on FMLA for 12 weeks and then be on STD for another 6. According to my policy I have to be on FMLA in order to be able to use my STD. So for you I wouldn’t think that they would run concurrently

Really STD is helpful for people who have not accumulated a lot of sick and vacation time but still want to get paid.

I used to live in Cali and I’m pretty sure you can collect disability through the state after you deliver. You would not get your full income. You would get a fraction of your income like 75% or something like that. So I would look into both and see which option would get you as close to your pay as possible while you are out on leave.

Hope what I said makes sense. If not let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

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At my last job, I purchased the SDI b/c the company had no maternity leave policy nor were they even considering it. I chose the 7 day wait. And I DO remember specifically that there was a 1 year wait period to collect. However, I did pay on it for 7 years and never got to use it. We also had a really crappy leave policy…only 2 weeks a year.

I also don’t believe it runs concurrent with your parental leave…meaning you might get paid double during that time but technically, it would be 10 weeks pay. I’m not sure about CA law though so I would schedule an appt. w/HR and go over it with them. If they aren’t sure, they can always call the insurance co. with you present to get the answers. 


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I purchased short term disability through Aflac because my company doesn’t offer it. I pay about $50 a month for it.

I would pay the extra to get the 7 day elimination period. They require you go through a period of your “disability” before they pay you, the shorter the time the less you’ll go without pay. 

Aflac only requires you have it for a month before you get pregnant. So we got it in December and I got pregnant in March so if I cancel in February (after my coverage ends) I’ll have paid $750 (15 months) and in return I’ll be paid 60% of my salary for 6 weeks (or 8 weeks for a c-section or longer for other qualifying events such as bedrest)  so they’ll end up paying me around $2,500 after the 1 week waiting period if I have just a standard labor and delivery. If my doctor takes me out of work earlier though they will pay me for longer. 

Telling your doctor that you’re TTC shouldn’t be considered a pre-existing condition. If you’re pregnant and seek advice about delivery before your one month waiting period is up that’s a pre-existing condition. You can always find out who the short term disability insurance is through and call and ask them specifically. 

Short term disability is separate from your leave at work. I will be using my 6 weeks of short term disability plus 4 weeks of vacation and a week or two of sicktime. I will be paid vacation time during the 7 day waiting period I have for Aflac. 

It sounds like you have a significant amount of paid time off accrued so if you wanted to save money you probably don’t need short term disability but if you end up getting pregnant right away it could also be free money. 

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I don’t have much advice here, othere than my supervisor for work says she has known numerous supevisees who sign up for STD prior to TTC due to the 1 year wait and not to talk about the actual birth w/ any Drs.  Also you might want to put the TTC on hold until the STD starts counting 1 yr; double check- enrollment date or 1st of next month.  It would suck bad it you got KU right away and was a few months or weeks short of being able to use it when you deliever.  


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@justelope:  You need to purchase it at least 12 months before you would deliver.  If you aren’t already pregnant that means you need to hold off on TTC for at least 3 months (a few more would be extra safe for just in case you have preterm labor and need bedrest which is usually covered by short term disability.)

I purchased with a 14 day window because I have a lot of PTO that would cover it so I preferred to spend PTO first before the short term disability kicks in.  If you don’t have a lot of PTO and can’t afford to go an extra week or month without a paycheck, then you need to pick the 7 day.  Remember that FMLA is 12 weeks and if you need more than 6 weeks to recover, short term disability is a great option so that you don’t end up without a paycheck.

Also, I did the math on mine which is $50 a month.  I would have to pay premiums for 5 years before I would be paying more for the policy than what I would receive in benefits from a single pregnancy.  You could save up $50 a month for a year and only have $600 but with short term disability you would get to collect hundreds of dollars for up to three months.  It was a no-brainer for me.

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