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Sugar bee

I’d just pay for it out of pocket if insurance won’t cover it. 

Doesn’t hurt to know if his swimmers are good. And if they aren’t you can gameplan from there. 

No use worrying about it when it’s an easy test to take!

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Busy bee

DoubleD :  you can get a referral for an SE from your primary doctor just like you would get a referral for anything like blood work or urinalysis. I wouldn’t worry just yet though if he had the surgery as a child and it was just one testicle, he’s more than likely fine. GL though,  TTC is such a rollercoaster!

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Bumble bee
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DoubleD :  primary doctor should be able to order a semen analysis. It would only be if it was abnormal would you see a specialist. But honestly, you are only 2 months into TTC and it takes normal couples up to a year to conceive naturally – most people don’t get pregnant the first month or two trying.

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Busy Beekeeper

DoubleD :  normally they make you wait until you’ve been trying for a year but since there is a prior medical condition he should call and ask if it makes sense to get an analysis sooner. There are also home kits you could try. 

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DoubleD :  Hi my Darling Husband had literally the exact same thing and we were also worried but it only took us two months so even if you need to wait for tests don’t lose hope. I invested in preseed, OPKs and used a soft cup after BD. Good luck!! 

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We had only been trying for three months when Dh went in for a semen analysis. The dr. never told us not to, and in fact she said it was far easier to start there than to run tests for me. It turned out that I was actually pregnant at the time, but it was too early to test. Even so, I’m not sorry we didn’t wait around for a year before finding out if we might have issues. If your Dh had an undescended testicle as a child, I would imagine that no doctor would have an issue ordering that test, so it should be covered by insurance. And even if it turns out to be in the deductible, it’s still worth it, IMO.

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Busy bee

Some things to think about:

1.) Men have children all the time with only 1 testicle. I personally have a friend who has only 0.5 of a testical after having testicular cancer twice and easily had 2 children. I totally understand you being concerned, but don’t drive yourself mad yet.

2.) It can take a couple up to 12 months to concieve naturally. Many doctors will not agree to see you before this time. The fact your husband had this surgery though, might convince them to see you earlier.

3.) Even if you get a semen analysis done now and it comes back normal, down the line you may have trouble concieving anyway because of some untested issue on your end. Or you could still have unexplained infertility. So while a SA might ease your mind a little, there are still other factors.

Good luck!

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Helper bee
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If you want to get him tested and insurance won’t cover it until a year of trying, could you just say you’ve been trying for a year?  I don’t actually know anything about TTC and if this white lie will cause problems later on

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Helper bee

My husband has the same thing. His semen analysis was above average, with 16 million sperm/mL and a crazy 70% motility. He has one child from a previous relationship, and while we do have fertility issues, its all about my tube function and nothing to do with him – we have conceived three times without assistance. So, just because he had an undescended teste doesnt mean you will have issues – he only had the testing down because it was part of the standard tests we needed to treat my tubal infertility with IVF. But if it makes you feel more relaxed, try to get the semen analysis done soon. And that way if you do have issues you will be able to deal with them sooner. 

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Busy bee
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Science says you should be more than fine. Guys tend to have sperm to spare and one testicle is more than enough to produce a ridiculous abundance. I would try very hard not to place your worry on this issue. However, being stressed out isn’t great for TTC. It can’t hurt to check your insurance and see what it would cost and ask the doctor if they would give a referral this early. How does your husband feel about this? Because the flip side of the coin is that a stressed out dude isn’t great for TTC either. I’d make sure he’s totally on board and comfortable before pushing for early testing. It took us 3 months with our first and I remember those days passing so very slowly. I hope it goes quickly for you. 

PS If you get his results back and they’re normal, but it still takes you a while to conceive, it’s worth checking out some ways to relax and distract yourself during this process to keep it enjoyable and help the time go by faster. 

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It’s all going to depend on your insurance. My insurance didn’t cover ANY fertility testing at all, even after a year. 

We were both over 30 and had not been preventing for over 3 years (with not even so much as a false alarm), so when we offically started trying after around 6 months with no success I flat out asked my OB for bloodwork and a referral for an SA for my husband. Some doctors are super rigid on the one year, others are a bit more realxed. In my case, I’d had my IUD removed shortly after our wedding and had been religiously tracking my cycle, ovulation, and intercourse for the entire time we weren’t preventing and continued to do so once we were actively TTC so I was very aware of what was going on with my body as opposed to someone who just starts trying and isn’t tracking anything. I think that was one reason she was more apt to get on board with me. 

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I just came to say I’m happy for you that it worked out and you guys are TTC. I know a while back you had posted on the subject and there was some sort of hump you guys had to get through. I can’t remember specifics, only you wanted to TTC but couldn’t at the time.

So congrats! 

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