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Kslim13 :  Dang, maybe it’s an endocrinologist thing? I just went to one in February and he was SUCH a d*ck that after my appointment I went online and gave him a bad review. I have NEVER done that with a doctor. He was awful. He thought I was an idiot for being there because I referred myself, I’m guessing?? He swore a couple of times (I swear, but not in professional settings). It was honestly the weirdest MD experience I’ve ever had.

I got the blood tests there and lo and behold, I DO have a thyroid issue – Hashimoto’s (hyPO). He wrote a note/plan online for me to see that said, “Looks like you DO have elevated levels blah blah blah”. Like he was surprised. I soooo wanted to go in for him to give me my results so I could say, “See?!! I wasn’t imagining symptoms.” He was the worst. I feel your pain.

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Oh my God, the worst specialist I saw was a highly recommended Endocrinologist. He interrupted our appointment to talk to his wife about dinner! I’d paid a lot to see him. He was dismissive. I’m hypo and he just upped my Levothyroxine a tiny amount and told me to go back to my GP in future. He couldn’t answer sny questions i had. I left a very bad review 🙂

Anyway, we are TTC now and I hadn’t thought about my thyroid levels much. Went to GP, had a blood test, my TSH was high and she upped my levothyroxine and said we should hold out TTC until my TSH is between 1 and 2. I feel a bit stupid about not knowing how much of an impact it could have in conceiving although I knew they monitor levels closely when pregnant.

Good luck in finding a new doctor. Sometimes the ones we don’t have high hopes for turn out to be great.

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My endo is an ass. I go a few days early for blood work and then back to see him. It’s never more than a ten minute appointment. He isn’t interested in hearing anything or managing anything at all – he only cares about THAT NUMBER and getting/maintaining it in the normal range. Anything else, he refers me back to my primary care. I was very severely hyper. We were unable to keep it in the range so I had my thyroid removed. Now I take synthroid and am generally normal but occasionally go hyper or hypo and need to have my dosage adjusted. 

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I’ve been through 6 endocrinologists in 6 years, and was finally able to find one who I’m able to work with. I’m so sorry you’re going through this! Look into Holtorf medical group (they have a few throughout the US), their practice knows what it’s doing far more than other endocrinologist I’ve worked with trying to get my hypothyroidism under control.

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ok so i went through this exact same thing and know the frustration all too well. Ive never heard of getting an xray though.. never had that done. Basically I told my dr that I was planning on ttc in the next 5 mths and that I wanted to make sure my thyroid was good to go because I had had problems with it in the past, but chose not to take medication.. but now wanted to do whatever I had to do. He said I was probably fine.. and owrrying too much but sent me for blood work anyway. Side note: they dont tell you to fast before or to get it done at a certain time, but my sisters endo swears that a thyroid bood test is not accurate if you dont fast and get it done before like 10 am.. so i have been doing that and have noticed my levels are higher, which is important for them to see. Anyway, my blood test ame back and my tsh was at 13, and they said t should be around 1-1.5 for fertility… I asked for an endo rreferral right away but my dr responded by saying, you dont need one unless your pregnant. Well HELLLO I cant get pregnant with levels that high! He prescribed me synthroid, said to avoid dairy 4 hrs before and sent me on my way. 4 weeks later, I went for another blood work… still came back high, slightly lower, but high. He said maybe the meds havent fully kicked in yet, keep taking them, and do blood work in another 4 weeks. I did, still high. He then increased my dosage. Basically this guess and check went on for about 5 months.. until finally my numbers were in the normal range. Even in the normal range, I didnt get pregnant for 6 months. But keep being your own advocate and demanding things, but also know that thyroid stuff takes some patience.

If I were you, I would fill the prescription asap and start that.. thats the only thing that will really help at all. Then I would try to get the xray done asap.. and ask for repeat blood work in 4 wks, and again in another 4 wks right before your next apt. 

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Ugh, yes, I’ve had several similar experiences with endocrinologists for hypothyroidism.  I’ve found through experience that they, despite their on-paper specialty, don’t tend to know much about thyroid issues.  Instead, I see a regular doctor who is super knowledgeable and has expertly managed my care throughout my pregnancy with my second child (my thyroid issues were brought on after/by my pregnancy with my first child, so I didn’t require thyroid care for that pregnancy).  

Babycenter has a phenomenal board called “Thyroid Issues and Concerns” – I highly recommend checking it out and writing a post.  The moderators are super well-informed, give their time freely to respond to each and every post, and all have thyroid issues themselves.  They have a long list of recommended docs and will help ypu find a good one in your area.

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Kslim13 :  I took methimazole and propranolol. The propranolol helped control my heart palpitations. Once they removed the thyroid, I started on l-thyroxine/synthroid.

I would definitely call and leave a message for her nurse. Tell her you’re confused about your medication and wanted to double check before you started it. The more clueless you sound, the more they will explain. If you even hint that you were arrogant enough to do any type of research ON YOUR OWN CONDITION on the God forsaken internet, they will hit you with the forcefield and shut down on you.

Based on what I remember, since I have NO THYROID now, the l-thyroxine replaces the thyroid hormone the gland would have/should have produced had it not been a wild child.

Methimazole inhibits production when you’re overactive so of course, I no longer needed that.

I’m confused about why you’d be taking that too but she’s seen your levels. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

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Kslim13 :  I’m (asymptomatic) hyperthyroid and was prescribed medication before getting pregnant following a iodine study/ultrasound for a hot nodule (PTU for first trimester, Methimizole for after 14 weeks is the plan). Were your TSH numbers high or low? For TSH, hyperthyroid your numbers will be low (usually under .4) and for hypothyroid it will be high (don’t know cutoff). Treating thyroid issues in pregnancy is interesting- hypothyroid, your OB can typically handle it (from what I understand) for hyperthyroid, OB (well at least mine) won’t touch it and refers to endocrinologist. I love my endocrinologist so I don’t think they are all jerks. The issue with hyperthyroid and pregnancy is that HCG (pregnancy hormone) binds to TSH and makes you even more hyperthyroid and can cause miscarriage once the HCG gets higher later in the first trimester. I hope this helps! 

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You need to call them and check, as that is a medication for hypothyroidism. Also it wouldn’t be an X-ray? That’s for bones mainly, and air levels in the bowel, consolidation in the lungs etc. you wouldn’t even really see the thyroid there. Usually they do an iodine scan to find “hot” spots of thyroxine production. xo 

(*disclaimer* I am a doctor, although not an endocrinologist)

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