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It really depends on how aggressive you want to be. It could very well be that you haven’t had good timing and it will happen naturally.  Or, you can go to a dr. and do some basic tests and continue to try on your own for awhile, but at least it would answer some questions.  Generally 1 year without a pregnancy when not preventing pregnancy is considered unexplained fertility but there are plenty of people who can still fall pregnant naturally who fit into that category. Personally, we chose a more aggressive approach and began seeing an RE after 8 months. Began treatment 11 months after ‘trying’. Now, we’re a month shy of 3 years trying, 2 years into treatment and no success. So just a cautionary tale I guess. 

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We saw a fertility dr who said essentially if you’re not using protection, and having sex a few times a week then to them it counts.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go. If you’re not ready, wait until you are. That’s your call.

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mrss9 :  what’s your diet like and what supplements are you taking? Do you have anything like pcos or endo? How long are your cycles?

I think that a full obgyn appointment is necessary. Also, I get fertile mucous every single month whether or not i ovulated. I’m 30 weeks pregnant now. You can show signs of ovulation and not actually ovulate. You can ovulate and the egg could be bad quality. 

I’m on my 4th pregnancy with PCOS and endo. I got pregnant this time and last time by changing my diet. There’s so many different variables and it can be crushing when it doesn’t happen “easily” for you. Some more info about you would be helpful but you should definitely get a full checkup.

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mrss9 :  the “one year” recommendation is the minimum for someone of your age, having unprotected sex and not yet conceived. You now fit into the criteria for intervention if you want it, however it’s very possible that you have missed your fertile window in the past. Just to let you know, a positive opk does not guarantee ovulation… some people can have multiple LH surges in a cycle. I would recommend monitoring your basal body temp in an app like Fertility Friend… if you get a temp shift then that means you’ve ovulated. Good luck!

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Before you go for interventions I would at least try temping for a few months just so that you can say you’ve tried it all. We went 8 months before I started temping with nothing- once I started to temp a month and a half later I was pregnant with out daughter. So for me, that really made the difference.

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mrss9 :  my doctor said so long as you have been having mostly regular unprotected sex for a year that it counts as “trying”. People get pregnant all the time without charting and temping and using OPKs so they aren’t a requirement. Definitely try those things if you want, but it’s also not too early to see a doctor if that’s what you’d prefer. But also remember YOU might not be the problem, if your husband’s sperm is the issue all the temping in the world isn’t going to matter. Just because you get make an appointment for your both to get checked out doesn’t mean you have to do IVF tomorrow. More information will help you decide how to proceed. 

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We conceived my son on the 3rd cycle of trying, at 33.  When trying for our second, it was nearly a year of trying before I approached my Dr about it.  I started getting worried that my age was a factor (36).  She recommended waiting another cycle and, wouldn’t you know it, I got my BFP without any intervention.

We used OPK’s for a while and had no success but never tried temping.  Because we already have a son, I knew we were capable, so that made me a little more patient.  Since you are DTD every day, I don’t know how much more you can do to try and hit the window.  I would probably approach your Dr at this point to rule out any issues.  In the meantime, I’d give temping a shot… you have nothing to lose!

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It counts medically speaking, but that doesn’t mean you have to pursue treatment or testing. Do what feels right to you. In your shoes, I’d probably run a few basic tests (bloodwork on day 3 and 21; sperm analysis for your SO) to make sure you don’t have any barriers at this point. Getting tested doesn’t mean you have to move to treatment, it’s just a way to assess what you’re working with.

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As I’m not TTC, I can’t speak to the not getting pregnant. However, I LOVE my basal thermometer. It saves the temp/time so I don’t have to memorize it or put in my app right away. (My Lazy/not-a-morning girl kinda method) I love it! 🙂


I would agree that temping is a good idea. I was on BC for 10ish years until last year. I’ve been temping ever since and it’s pretty easy to see the pattern (especially when using Fertility Friend). I think the combo of temping, OPKs, and CM charting will give you such a better sense of your body. Good luck! 

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