TTC, Grad School & Full-Time Job?

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bettydraper23 :  hi bee, I just finished my evening mba while working, planning a wedding and building a home.  Obviously this is not the same as having a child but t was busy none the less.  I’m so glad we did it this way as it was very efficient.  It was doable. 


Two women in my program had children during and it was fine. They said it was busy but def feasible.  I’d say go for it- you don’t know how long it will take to get pregnant anyways.  You will make it work. 


Also- depends on the program you’re doing. I did an MBA which is a lot of group work so you can flex your time depending on your group members and the specific projects.  Maybe you put in more work on one project and less on another etc…

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I’d say go with the plan to get the masters if thats what you want.  What if you dont do it in anticipation of TTC/baby and it doesnt happen right away, or takes as long as it would have to finish… would you regret not doing the masters?  I would do what you want now, not for something that could be.  Darling Husband and I did our electrical engineering masters while working full time too, though it was just before getting married and TTC wasnt on our mind.  It was definitely busy, but I’m glad we got it done.

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I finished grad school last year and I was so overwhelmed without TTC or planning a wedding or buying a house or anything! Grad school really demands all your attention and energy for a while. I would wait to start TTC until after grad school if you decide to go. It is just so much easier to finish school when you don’t have kids. 

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Busy bee

I’m in my last semester of a full time 2 year grad school program right now and I would not advise TTC while in grad school. Like PP said, it’s overwhelming enough on its own. One girl in my cohort did get pregnant in our second semester and got really luckly that she happened to have the baby over the summer break but honestly she’s still struggled with being away from her baby when he’s so young, having to take time off for doctors appointment, baby being sick, etc and just having to do homework with a newborn at home. Maybe wait until 6-9 months before graduating so that if you get pregnant right away you’ll still be done with your degree before the baby comes.

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bettydraper23 :  Definitely go for a Master’s, but I would wait to start TTC until you’re 7-8 months from graduation. This is what I did, and I got my BFP a couple days after turning in my edits for my thesis – it took us 9 cycles to get pregnant, but I am SO glad I wasn’t working full time, trying to finish a master’s, and preparing for a baby… Because, honestly, preparing for a baby took a lot more work than I anticipated, and not worrying about my Master’s work meant relaxing in the evenings.

Just my two cents. Once you start having babies, your career is virtually on hold until you’re done depending on how many you want and the age gaps you want.  My position lost funding a couple weeks after I returned from maternity leave, and I’ve honestly been looking for a new job for 7 months now. I have a new position, but it’s not my desired career path. We want two kids close in age, so we’re at the point that if I don’t get a job soon, we’re going to start TTC, and if we get pregnant before I find a new job, I’m stuck in my position until at least a month after I return from maternity leave again.

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I work full time and about to finish my MBA (handing in my master thesis in March) and the due date of my first baby is in April. I also planned my wedding while working and studying and did not feel like that was too hard. However, I most definitely underestimated how much being pregnant would effect me! We started TTC 9 months before my expected end date of my studies and got pregnant on the first cycle. Knowing what I know now I would probably wait TTC until after I am done with my studies, however that was never an option since we are moving to another continent this summer. I did not have any complications in my pregnancy but just the “usual” (ergo being nauseos, throwing up 1-3 times a day, not sleeping well etc) was already enough to have me struggle with my studies. Plus my program is not all that challenging and I am doing it online – anything else I most definitely would have had to take a semester off… but then I doubt studying with a newborn would be easy for me either!!

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I had my son my last year of undergrad and was working full time. When he was around 1 year old I started my masters program (about 2.5 years) and finished that also while working full time and being a single mom too (ex and I seperated when my son was around 1.5)

It’s definitely do-able, espeically if you have help. It’s possible you won’t get pregnant right away. Even if you did, you’d have a year of grad school under your belt when you got pregnant, and then you’re pregnant for 9 months…you’d only have a little bit of schooling left to finish. 

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Busy bee

bettydraper23 :  Grad school can be really challeging depending on the program, plus you will be working full time. Being pregnant is no walk in the park and requires more rest (cue falling asleep/being tired very easily, needing to sleep earlier).  Plus having a newborn doesn’t give much time between naps (for baby) to get anything done. I would second waiting until you are almost done (3-6 months earliest) before trying to have a child.

You don’t want to find yourself dropping out after having invested so much money in your education. The other alternative would be to cut your work hours, but that might not be a feasible option for you.

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I am mostly done a masters program and have an 8 month old. I’d say it would depend what you were taking and when you planned to TTC during that time… my program was 14 courses + 3 month work term + a capping course. I was working full time so taking 2 courses/semester and waited to TTC until the baby would be due after I finished all my courses. I ended up finishing my courses in dec 2017 and giving birth June 2018. I was able to take time off (my program only requires you register in one course per fall-winter-spring cycle and then I was able to take mat leave as well). I am going back in March to finish the work placement and then I will do my capping course over the summer/fall. I have heard from friends who have done it that course work with a newborn is pretty difficult, and I didn’t want to be doing courses + working + newborn so i made sure I was at a point where I could avoid those things. I feel now that I could maybe have taken a course this winter term when my son was 6 months old (still on mat leave, Canada) but it would have been harder earlier on. 

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I think it also depends on how you react to being pregnant, which is impossible to tell! The first 12 weeks of my pregnancy (currently at 25 weeks) I was soooooo sick I could barely get through my work day. I barely had energy to come home and make dinner and my job is pretty low key (read: easy).

I’m not saying hold off I’m just saying be prepared to have to make sacrifices if you do find yourself pregnant.

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bettydraper23 :  Yes doing an online program was a huge advantage and for me flexibility was pretty much the post important factor when choosing my program! But to be fair I only did the program since the US did not recognize my Bachelor degree and I wanted to have a degree recognized before moving to the US. Which means my motivation was quite low and, to be perfectly honest, all I care about is having a degree in my hands at the end. It sounds like you however would like to get more out of your studies. Of course I still learned a lot but at the end of the day did not care about interactions with my peers or viewed it as a chance to network. Plus I didn’t go to the on campus modules and often didn’t even join the online classes but listened to recordings afterwards when it fit my schedule better. However, I know that a lot of my peers got a lot more out of the program than me – so it absolutely doesn’t have to be as “bad” as I made it embarassed 

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