TTC in the next few months?

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jz0909 :  only 6 dpo so it’s definitely in my head. I’m surprised at how chill my husband was/is about it. I’m the one who really isn’t ready right now, even though I’ve been wanting to start for a while. He said the same thing as you about feeling silly if it happened by accident before we were trying!

À friend who is ttc right now also warned me about sadness when AF comes. I wonder how I’ll feel this month and if we will consider moving up our schedule too. 

unlikelybride :  sorry to hear. Fx for next month! 

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We might be in for September. We’re still debating but my estimated O is 9/26 and our wedding is 9/29 so we might just go for it this month and see what happens! Although my cycle was wacky last month (about 6 days longer than usual, probably stress induced)…so not really sure if we’ll have a good chance this month either way. 

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I got my first positive OPK! This means my little tracking app has been pretty accurate in telling me when I’m ovulating. I’m using this cycle as a test run to track and see when I ovulate and next cycle we are going to start actively TTC!

Really we’ll start going for it next week when we’re in Hawaii but early October is when we can realistically make anything happen. I’m a little scared! But also feel super ready for it. I almost ordered a little custom onesie online but I’m afraid to jinx it. But I also want to have it ready if I can give Darling Husband the good news soon 🙂 

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NMom17 :  That’s such a crazy feeling! I’m going through that right now. Just confirmed ovulation, so as of now we can officially ditch the condoms for the forseeable future! One more period before we start TTC and that means there’s a chance it’s going to be the last one! I know it might take longer than that, but still 😀 

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TTC Start Month : ASAP (but combination of fertility window + physically being with Darling Husband isn’t expected until November yell)

Usual Cycle Length: Not sure, had an IUD for 4 years and then got pregnant before having a full cycle in July and now have had a miscarriage (which makes your cycle wonky) so I have no clue what my body will get up to!

Cycles trying: 0 (got pregnant unintentionally in July but now REALLY want a baby)

Baby #: 1

Age/SO Age: 31/32

BFP Plan: Folic acid + doing the deed, but not tracking as I’m way too disorganized for that

Fears: Another early pregnancy miscarriage/blighted ovum

Excited for: Making it through the scary first trimester…can’t think of anything past that point

Team Green?: I say team green, SO wants to know, so we’ll probably compromise and be team green tongue-out (I feel strongly, SO doesn’t)

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TTC Start Month: Nov 16 (weekend getaway)

Usual Cycle Length: unknown…haven’t had a cycle since my daughter was born July 2017

Cycles trying: 

Baby #: 3!!! 

Age/SO Age: 30/30

BFP Plan: If my cycle returns before then I’ll start using FF app and using OPKs to try to get a handle on my cycle, but if not I’ll probabky start using OPKs right before our trip. Already on prenatals since I’m still breastfeeding  

Fears: Losing the baby, or another preemie/NICU stay 

Excited for: Newborn snuggles, seeing my older two with a baby 

Team Green?: Considering it. We found out with the first two, a boy and a girl, so we are thinking of being surprised!

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Accidentally won my eBay bid for an Ava bracelet! I guess the highest bidder didn’t pay, so I won instead. Oops! I was just playing around, wasn’t even quite sure I was going to get one. Guess I made that decision after all. 

Anyone else recently get one?

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Argh…..! So this is our first month actively TTC, and my stupid body is conspiring against me! For the last 6 months I’ve O’d on cd 20/21 like clockwork; now when it counts it’s gone haywire! 

Noticed some ewcm on cd15, so jumped my Darling Husband. Am temping, and FF has now given me crosshairs on CD15… annoyed that we’d probably missed this month, as we didn’t BD in the days before! However, my temp rise was slow from CD16-18, then has shot up this morning (cd19) although CM is gone. We did BD on CD17. My suspicion is that I actually O’d yesterday, so fingers crossed the timing is ok…

It’s only month one, and I’m already stressing about BD timing….! Sorry for the rant! 


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augustbee2018 :  That’s confusing! My cycle is always like clockwork too and I really have my fingers crossed that it will behave next month when we start trying. My husband is leaving for a work trip about a week after my normal O-date (around CD16), so hopefully it doesn’t get too wonky/late!

I hope you managed to catch it this month!! Fingers crossed for you!

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NMom17 :  yes, I paid 220 including shipping. I feel that’s a good deal considering even with the discount a new one plus shipping would have been 255 even after their $20 off coupons. 

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I love hearing about all you other October trying ladies! It’s almost here!! We are currently in our last fertile window before trying. Darling Husband tried very hard to convince me to try this month but I have my heart set on October. I can definately feels the nerves kicking in. How can one month be soo far away but so close at the same time!!! tongue-out

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