(Closed) TTC- on Metformin, possible Endometriosis, low AMH number (longish)

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I just have experience with the endometriosis. Endo is one of those things where you just don’t really know if it is or isn’t what is contributing to fertility issues until you have surgery. Sometimes people have it and have no issues at all conceiving. I have it and have had a very hard time conceiving, though I have no clue if it is what caused me to have the problems because I also rarely ovulate (hard to say whether the lesions were in a position contributing to my anovulatory cycles). I had a laparoscopy 6 years ago to diagnose and really was ready to take a break from TTC and have another surgery because my pain level was getting out of control especially without being on any birth control, but I somehow ovulated and got pregnant unexpectedly right when we were giving up on trying! If you do have endo and it is what is giving you issues then it is really helpful to have the surgery in order to remove any of the lesions, there is a much higher success rate with getting pregnant post-surgery so it could end up being a good thing to do. 

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I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Endo via a laproscopy in February. My specialist reccommended the surgery ASAP for me bacuase I was in such severe pain daily that I was having trouble walking. The surgery really helped me pain-wise and was way easier than I thought it would be. I had it on a Thursday morning and was back to work on Monday. I felt 90% better within about week and 100% in 3 weeks. I didn’t TTC until my wedding in August, so I don’t know if the surgery helped me with my fertility at all, especially since I only had Stage 2 Endo. Statistically laproscopy is very helpful with fertility in women with Endo, especially in the 6 months immediately following the surgery and especially if it is more severe Endo- Stage3/4 (and it is also the only true way to diagnose it).

I am also having trouble TTC. I have been TTC for 7 cycles and charting for 4, so I know that I ovulate regularly and am timing things properly, but no luck:( Endo can also cause issues with implantation, which may be my issue? I’m going to see my specialist again this month and we’ll try to figure out what our issue TTC is.

If it were me, because of your reduced egg issue I would probably wait until summer if that is when you can afford the surgery, so as to not reduce your eggs. 80% of women with have no issues TTC, but if you do have severe Endo it’s silly to waste those eggs if you plan to have the surgery anyways (which I highly reccommend). What @bloodgo1:  said about the pain/Endo severity is correct (just look at me!), you can’t really know if you have it or how bad it is without the surgery. However, if you do have severe Endo, the waiting 6 months for surgery could potentially make it worse, especially if you’re not on birth control.

If you choose to have the surgery this summer I’d reccommend continuous birth control until then- as in take one set of active pills right after the other without taking the placebo pills. This is what my doctor reccommended for me permanently because it has been shown to reduce/slow the progression of Endo, though it is not a cure.

If you have any Endo questions now or in the future feel free to PM me. Good luck TTC and I hope you don’t have Endo.


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@poetryreader80:  I have endo too. I would still keep trying. Even having low AMH- dropping a few eggs between now and summer isn’t going to deplete your reserve. I’d make the most of every opportinuty. I have heard a lot of stories where metformin did the trick for pcos. Endo can be problematic..  I was told first 6 months are you best chances after a lap to get pregnant. I wasn’t able to get pregnant after the lap but it really helped with the pain. I am moving forward with fertility treatments now. 


My advice is if you can do a lap until summer, start acupuncture. It can help with both PCOS and Endo and will eithetr help you get pregnant before your surgery is needed or if you do end up needing fertility treatments it will really help you suceed with that too. It also helps with pain, your cycles, and just about everything!

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