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I didn’t go off the pill until I was ready to get pregnant. I literally got pregnant right after I stopped the pills, like within a week or two! So, it can happen fast. And, I started prenatals about a month before. That was long enough to have them in my system… Just made sure to continue them. I also drank orange juice, all extra folic acid really helps when TTC and the first few months.

We just made a decision to try and did. You just need to make sure that your relationship is healthy. Don’t ever have a baby to repair things! And, make sure that you have extra money to support what you need for baby. You should have a shower, so that takes care of alot of the big items. But, each month it costs alot for baby. I want to say we spend between $300-$450 a month on our son now. He turns one soon, so no more formula soon! Which helps bigtime.

Also, once you get pregnant, sign up for all the different baby brands online. Enfamil is always sending $5 off coupons and lots of samples! Many of them send coupons if you sign up. So worth it with baby!

Just have fun TTC, and good luck!!!


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Hi! I went off BC one cycle ago, and I started taking my prenatal vitamin back in February I believe. We are not trying, not preventing. I am not charting, temping, or any of that—-yet.

We weren’t actually going to drop the birth control until late fall, but I stopped because I ran out and we couldn’t find a good enough reason not to have a baby if it were to happen. We have been married almost a year, and we have a house now, so it makes sense.

We are at a good spot in our marriage as well. We work well together, communicate, and love each other a lot. Plus we have both been saying how quiet our house is, lol. We will be getting a dog next weekend, but I think we would like it to be even noiser.

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I’m NPNT and won’t be TTC officially for another year. However, hubby also decided that “f it happens, it happens” and we haven’t been that careful.

I stopped my BCP back in October when we took the NFP classes as part of the marriage prep thing. I’ve been charting since then and am glad my cycle is FINALLY back to normal after 3 months of hot mess around wedding time.

I started my prenatals as soon as we got back from our honeymoon. I’m taking the Wellness Essentials for Prenancy by Metagenics. I get them cheap through a friend’s practice so that helps. In med school I learned that prenatals are good starting at 6 months up to a year before TTC. The main reason is that folic acid takes time to reach efficient levels in the body.

However, my 4 cousins had unplanned kids and never took prenatals. All kids are 100% healthy so I might just be overly precautious (thanks to school).

We’re not budgeting at the moment either since I’m planning on using cloth diapers and breastfeeding. We’ll see how that goes. We did thingk that we can figure things out in 9 months 🙂




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I went off birth control hoping to get pregnant soon after also, but I think the bc totally f*ed up my system.  Excuse the language, but it’s aggravating.  Before BC, I had 42-49 day cycles, and maybe 2 cycles in the 12 years I started my period till I started taking BC (I only took it for 2 years) that were 60+ days.  Since stopping the pill, I’ve had 2 90+ day cycles, and 1 ‘normal’ 42 day cycle.  Everyones experience will be different, but there’s just no way to know how your own body would react, but if I expected anything like this, I would have stopped months or even a year earlier.

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It is recommended to take folic acid about 3 months before conception. My doctor said it only takes a month to build up properly! And, considering I have two very healthy, smart children, he was right. 🙂

The Department of Health recommends that women take folic acid from the time they stop using contraception until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy. However, the most critical window is the three months prior to conception and the first six weeks of pregnancy for reducing the risk of NTDs in the unborn child.

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I also recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility.” It’s a great book with wonderful resources about TTC. I stopped taking BC about 6 months before TTC, but I knew that BC really messed with my ovulatory pattern, so we used condoms until we were ready. I started taking pre-natals about 3 months before TTC, but it took us almost a year to get pregnant, so I was on them a long time.

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I take Rainbow  Light once daily pre natal,  and I like it.  I’ve had no stomach upset,  even on an empty stomach.  They are reasonably priced on Amazon.

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I went off BC in August and started taking the Rainbow Light prenatals and the Rainbow Light DHA supplement immediately. We were NTNP until January because I switched jobs and we had to get short term disability coverage and things like that taken care of. Started TTC with the clear blue easy fertility monitor in January and got KU in March. 

We had been in our house for about 6 months so housing was already established. We did decide to buy a new car, I drove a Ford Focus which was not going to be easy to deal with when we had a baby in a car seat so we bought a larger car to accomodate the growing needs of our family. We did it early because my Focus was worth more than we owed. We have larger payments and wanted to be used to those also. We made sure our credit cards are all paid off so we wouldn’t have monthly payments on them but also to make sure we had a large emergency fund on top of our savings. We have one car payment, one mortgage payment and a small student loan payment, enough to keep improving our credit but not so much that we are only spending money on debt.

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@pinkshoes:  UUGHH!! I so agree with you! I just stopped taking BCP last month, currently am on CD32 with no signs of AF – can’t figure out when the hell I o’d – taking OPK and the one this morning is almose positive but not quite, so weird and frustrating! I was just telling the girls at work that had I known what I know now, I would have gone off the pill 5 years ago!



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I started taking prenatal vitamins when we started talking about having kids.  I took a multivitamin everyday anyway, so I just switched them to prenatals, there wasn’t a huge difference between the two vitamins anyway plus I was already taking fish oil so no change there.  I take CVS brand prenatal vitamins.  I had my doctor look and them and they met all of her requirements.

I went off the pill the month we started TTC.  You can get pregnant (depending on timing) if you miss a few pills so it isn’t necessary to let it get out of your system-it only takes a few days.  The thing that may be different, and I think why some wait, is to see what their cycles are like.  My cycles pre-BCP were awful, really long and irregular (anywhere from 30-90+) days.  Off BCP my first 3 cycles were regular 27 days, and I got pregnant on my third cycle.

Relationship wise my husband and I have been married for a year, dating for 11 years and have lived together for almost all 11 of those years.  We actually currently live with my mom to help support her financially and she would like us to stay once the baby is here.  If my husband finds the position he is looking for (which would be a significant pay increase) we may look into buying a place while prices are still low, but then I’m afraid my mom can’t afford this house without us, so we’ll see.  As far as money goes, we budgeted for a year’s worth of day care.  That would be the biggest baby expense for us and so we started TTC once we had a year’s worth of day care money in savings.

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I was not on BCP so I can’t comment on that. That said, like your doctor, my GP advised that I started prenatals 6 months prior to TTC. She didn’t pick a brand specifically. I’m currently taking One a Day Prenatals. They come with two pills – one is a hard vitamin/mineral pill and one is the gel DHA fish oil pill. The DHA one was bigger but they recently shrunk in down and it’s MUCH better. They initially made me kind of queasy though so I take them right before bed. I also got bloodwork and updated my vaccinations, e.g. DTAP.

As far as planning, we definitely waited until we were married. That said, we had been together 6 years and were engaged for 2, so we didn’t need to bask in the newlywed glow before we started to TTC. Haha. Budget/living situationwise, we rent (a house, not an apartment/condo) and our finances would be considered good and we can comfortably afford the expenses associated with raising a child in our area, including infant childcare and all the material goods. Ideally, we would own our home but the housing market is on an upswing and we didn’t want to overpay for a home.

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