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Sugar bee
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Congrats on the wedding and TTC.

Short answer to your question is no you don’t need to do this. For most couples just having sex 2 – 3 times a week will be enough. It might take a bit longer than you think (we have it drummed into us that the moment we have unprotected sex we will get pregnant) but the vast majority of couples will concieve within 12 months. If your periods are regular then you should be fine (I am assuming you’re not on hormonal contraception)

The long answer is – if you want to you yes you can temp as well. There is a very clear shift in your resting body temperature after you ovulate. It cannot predict ovulation, but can confirm it has happened. I, like many women, use this as a method of contraception as well as to aid conception.

To do it, you need a basal thermometer (a digital one with 2 decimal places) and you take your temperature the moment you wake up (before getting out of bed) and record it on your app. Most of them will have a way of using that to show when you ovulate. You need to temp 5 out of 7 days a week for the apps to have enough info. If you want (or you are using it for contraception) you can also use ovulation predictor pee sticks to measure you hormone levels. Combined these will help you to pin down you actual fertile window.

Without these data points, your app is giving you a fertile window based on averages and not your own data.

In My Humble Opinion – don’t go down this route until you have tried for a few months. It can add so much stress to the process. Just have sex reguarly and enjoy being newlyweds.

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Honey Beekeeper
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The thermometer doesn’t help in that it can only tell you after the fact of you ovulated.   So if you use that you try to time sex, its too late by the time it gives you your ovulation data.  

But in any case if you’re having sex regularly 2-3x a week, you’ve probably got your bases covered.   And if your cycle is a regular 28ish day cycle,  its probably safe to say you ovulate around day 14 to 18 (in case you have a short luteal phase), and the app is probably predicting correctly.  

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Helper bee
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missviolet92 :  I think if your periods are regular and you have sex every other day or so throughout your cycle then you should hit your fertile time anyway without having to take your temperature each morning! We tried for three cycles like this without any luck so the next month I started taking my temp and we got pregnant that cycle 😊 It doesn’t tell you when you’re about to ovulate (you’ll need opk sticks for that, although the cycle I fell pregnant they never actually went positive so make of that what you will!) But taking your temp will confirm you HAVE ovulated so you know when your period is due and whether you have a shot that month. To be honest my husband had no idea I was even taking my temperature as he was asleep at the time haha. 

If you haven’t charted like this before then it’s likely your app is slightly off- women can ovulate anytime from around cycle day 8 to 30 depending on cycle length and it can very month to month. The cycle I concieved I ovulated around cd12 but the month before that it was around cd20 so if I’d only concentrated on the week I thought was fertile I would have missed it!

I’d take it relaxed and easy for a couple of months, have sex as much as you can and if you want to step it up then try the opks and temperature taking. Best of luck!

ETA I’m 32 too 😊

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Bumble bee

100% not necessary. I’ve had three pregnancies and never temped. It might be helpful down the line if you have trouble trying to conceive, but for now I’d just try to have sex every other day, especially focusing on the fertile window in your app. Good luck!

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I would recommend using OPKs or temping. I have a very regular 28 day cycle and according to my app I ovulate on day 14. Since I’m so consistent I assumed that it was accurate. I didnt conceive the first cycle so I started using OPK and discovered that I ovulate on day 11 which means I was missing my window. I’m sure if you BD often enough you would be safe but with our schedules we really had to be aware of the dates and not leave it to chance. We conceived our third cycle when I used clear blue advanced OPK. I’m now at 9 weeks. Good luck!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I used OPKs but never temped. While my periods were fairly regular (although longer at 30ish days), I don’t ovulate until like day 19-20.

That being said, you could always just try a few months and see what happens. Chances are if you’re having sex every other day during that 10 day window you’ll probably be fine.

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I started out using an app like you (regular periods) and that did nothing for me and we were actively trying for around 6/7 months with this method. I got frustrated and started temping and that made all the difference, once I started temping I fell pregnant within a month and a half.

Some people are super fertile/lucky/whatever and don’t have to put in the extra “work” with temping and OPKs and the like but some of us need the extra help. What temping did for me was help me to pinpoint the exact time I was ovulating (much later than any of my apps predicted) so that I could time sex in the best way. Having sex every other day is a great plan for short term but as a lot of us current and former POAS bee’s can tell you, it’s hard to keep up sex every other day for months on end and it not start to feel like a chore. 

Since you’ve never TTC before I would say if you want to there’s no reason why you can’t start off just seeing where the wind takes you. But if you find that isn’t working for you then you can try some other methods.

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I was going to be 34 when we started TTC so, like you, I wanted to get it going as quickly as possible 😉

Anyway, before TTC I started temping (for 3 months) in order to #1 make sure I actually WAS ovulating and #2 figure out around when in my cycle it was happening. Those 3 months gave me a good idea as to when I always ovulated (for me it was Cycle Day 11). Then when we actually started TTC I stopped temping as I wanted to try and “relax” and see what happened, just focusing Cycle Day 11, but also just having fun. It worked and we were super lucky and got pregnant right away (our son is 3 months old today!). I’m glad I temped in preparation because otherwise I probably would’ve assumed I ovulated closer to Cycle Day 14. 

Also, using OPKs made me very anxious. It was too clinical and stressful in my mind so I didn’t plan on using any unless we still hadn’t gotten pregnant after about 6 months of trying. Also temping is just waaaay easier. 15 seconds in the morning and done!

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Buzzing bee

slomotion :  Same here


I was always like clockwork with my periods, pretty much from day 1 as a pre-teen. When we decided to start trying last year, I figured we’d just BD a lot during what I assumed was my FW, and we’d be pregnant in 2-3, 4 months tops. We are healthy, no known issues, active, non smokers- etc. NO reason to assume it would be a struggle. After we hit 4 months, I started temping, then around 5-6 I started really using OPK’s and going off of CM. Still nothing, so my point is– you don’t know until you’re trying just how much information you’re going to ultimately need. By the time I got my BFP– I was temping, charting, using pre-seed, OPK’s, acupuncture, pre-natals, had every blood draw my dr would do, had an HSG, etc.

Hopefully that is not your experience but really, temping is the easiest of all of those things pretty much, so don’t let it scare you off. I’d set an alarm way earlier than I would ever *actually* plan to get up (4:50am) so it was easy to take it, roll back over and go to sleep on the weekends or hit snooze during the work week. 

I also felt like knowing so much about my body was really cool, in a way. Seeing subtle temp shifts and patterns develop became something to reference, especially once I started talking to my doctor about my options as it took longer to conceive. I already knew when I was Oing, I was tracking CM and knew mine was not great quality, I knew I had a good LP length with high temps… it can help eliminate a lot of guesswork down the line if you already have that collection of data.

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Bumble Beekeeper

missviolet92 :  totally not necessary! I did IVF and never temped once in my life. My doctor said so long as I was having sex several times a week that we were covered – no need to attempt to time it perfectly. Once the banging-like-bunnies method didn’t work for a year we went to the doctor. For starters just have fun! 

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Bumble Beekeeper

Realistically, if you don’t get knocked up quickly, TTC will probs begin to feel clinical to you whether you’re temping or not. I had this fantasy that TTC would be full of magical passionate lovemaking, but it soon started to feel like a slog. Since you’re just starting and don’t have any obvious reason to worry about your cycles, I think it makes sense to forego the charting for now, but if a few months go by and you’re starting to get frustrated, I’d bite the bullet and pick up a BBT thermometer and some ovulation pee sticks. Personally I found charting to be empowering – I learned so much about my body and it felt like a cool science project! But it’s def not “sexy,” so I get not wanting to go balls to the wall right off the bat. good luck!

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I temped TTA pregnancy in between my kids and it is really easy once you get the hang of it but if you have regular sex every 2-3 days throughout your cycle then you probably don’t need to do anything special to get pregnant.  But if you have sex less often, temping to find out when you typically ovulate is useful.  If you want to start off relaxed, just start off by having regular sex and that is good enough for most people to get pregnant easily enough.  I had fairly regular cycles but I ovulated around CD 15-16 and had a 9-10 day luteal phase so I ovulated more towards the end of my cycle than the beginning (so O’d on day 16 and my cycles might be 25-26 days).  If I’m only having sex once or twice a month I could miss the egg.  So many apps for me could be wrong but a lot of apps just predict a 5 day fertile window (you actually only have a 5 day fertile window, not 10, but if the app is overestimating and you have sex throughout the 10 days you are probably good so it might work better for you).  Another easy thing is just to pay attention to your cervical fluid and if you have the fertile kind (watery, egg white) then have sex that night.

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