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I dunno if I’m just numb to the process cause I’ve done it 8 times over the last 3 years, but it’s really not so bad imo.  It’s a week and a half to two weeks of daily shots, and then retreival and done!  It’s really shocking how fast it takes to get to the retreival and spend all that money.  And it was more “relaxing” in the sense that I didn’t have to track, temp, and “force” intercourse even if we weren’t totally up for it to maximize chances.

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We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility and they also put us straight to IVF. Said IUI was pointless. We are in the UK so our IVF was funded by the NHS (super lucky with that)

Just to give you some hope – I actualy got pregnant naturally the cycle before we started. I was waiting for my period to come so I could start the pill / down regulation.

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Just wanted to chime in and say good luck!

I also wanted to second the accupuincture solution. I know *so* many people who it did the trick for, some alongside treatment some naturally. Definitely talk to your clinic if you don’t have someone already, as many nowadays have people they’ll recommend who specialize in fertility or even IVF. If you’re already putting out the money I say go all in and do everything you can, ya know?

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MsGinkgo :  ah too bad. You could always make a secondary address with family in Ontario, wait 3 mths for OHIP and then have the funded IVF option/travel. Either way, good luck 😄 

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MsGinkgo :  if the doctor recommends skipping IUI I would probably listen to them – our docs recommended jumping right to IVF too but I was afraid and wanted to try IUI anyways. I was crushed when it, predictably, didn’t work. We did IVF with a fresh transfer and got pregnant on our first try! We have a beautiful 9 month old daughter and three frozen embryos for the future. IVF is hard, it’s physically and mentally exhausting but totally worth it in my opinion. 

I’ll add that we weren’t unexplained. I don’t ovulate consistently and my husband has a varicocele and retrograde ejaculation. As our doc put it “you aren’t always pitching, and he isn’t always swinging the bat so it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever actually make contact to hit a homerun” lol. 

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